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Josephine Isn't Bitter. No Way.

Posted By on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 at 3:28 PM

Crystal K. Wiebe reports:

Clearly, Josephine Collective, the band of Johnson County boys who are signed to Warner Bros., weren’t pleased to learn that another local band beat them in a contest to play the coveted Homegrown stage at KRBZ 96.5 FM the Buzz’s upcoming Beach Ball 3 concert at City Market.

I couldn’t find any vote tallies listed at the Buzz’s Web site, but, according to a sarcastic MySpace bulletin Josephine posted today at 2:18 p.m., unsigned power poppers Life In Jersey (who do actually live here, not New Jersey) got some 18,000 votes in the online contest, while Josephine racked up a measly 1,000. Life In Jersey also beat out local acts Five Star Crush, Republic Tigers and Making Movies.

Josephine seems to think the contest was a sham. And, yes, 18,000 is a suspiciously large amount of votes for any local, online contest. Regardless, it’s still way cooler to see an unsigned KC band – rather than some guys who are already on a major label – get the chance to open for a bunch of big-deal acts like the Used and Shiny Toy Guns. Josephine gets to open for the Used multiple times next month, anyway – when the two bands go out on tour together.

That’s not consolation enough for Josephine, though. Exactly 40 minutes after announcing the contest results, someone from the Josephine camp posted another rambling bulletin, bitching about Kansas City’s unsupportive scene and even hinting that the band wants to leave. Well, good riddance, then, crybabies.

In case you’re not friends with Josephine on MySpace, both bulletins are pasted below/after the jump/past this picture of JoCo.


Bulletin number one:

Subject: Friends!@ Romans! COuntrymen!!

Body: lend me your ears. i lost mine. wanna know when i lost them. when i just heard this news...

Josephine Collective will not be opening the Buzz Beach Ball show with The Used. we regret to inform you that this means we will NOT be playing with the Used AT ALL in our home town of Kansas City seeing as our september tour with them skips KC. we're really sorry folks. try coming out to STL!@@

also, go give a big congratz to Life in Jersey, the band that did win, and not only won, but by 17,000 votes!!! whoa!!

yeah really.. we had 1,000 votes and they had 18,000. we got our asses kicked. i mean they don't even have 18,000 friends on myspace.... we don't even have 18,000 friends on myspace. they must just have a HUGE fanbase around here...

well anyway thanks for participating in the shaft! thatnks for the sham. see ya all next Friday

Bulletin number two:

Subject: p.s.

Body: bitter tastes only taste as sweet when it's night time and no one shows up./

our scene sucks (KANSASCITY). we have no venues. no one helps each other out. it's all a battle. where's the appreciation? where's the attendance? where's th ingenuity?

where's the beef?!

and also. it's time to leave for a long time. it's been So amazing being a kansas city band for this long but the problem with hanging around too long is people start to take you for granted. i think we're going to stop playing so many shows around here and focus on getting our name out and around. most bands think things like this but have NO BALLLSSSSS and would never say it. i will. a lot. we're gonna do this thing.

(anyone who supports us...thank you. you're the reason i love playing shows. you are not however the reason i make music. i make it for me. because creating something, bringing an expression such as a song into the world and watching the ripple it's unreal. i love music more than myself. my existence is gray without it.)


your life is boring and so are you. sitting on your computer downloading fgree music and making fun. laughin at the kids who are out there doing it. you're gonna be workin at the fuckin quik-e-mart while they're in Cabo livin it up under a margarita umbrella.

the world is HUGE. there is so much out there. so much fun to be had. if you're not having it then i don't feel sorry for you.


remember when me and you and my band used to be best friends? remember when we used to hang out at shows and you didn't believe the hype? you just knew that we were good kids who were down with what you were down with. yeah??

well i haven't changed. you have,. you started listening to all your friends. you got a big head and started thinking, "I can do that better than they can. why are they benefiting? i mean they aren't that good."

we're a bad ass band whjo isn't afraid to say so/ we're a nice group of guyas who's down to chill with anyone. we're lovers. YOU ARE THE HATER.

so if you're over yourself yet here's some advice. SMILE!!! big as fuck and cheesy too. look all those assholes in the eyes and say, 'hey dorfus cunt sticker. you've got no gall. you're a big ball or rolling sliudfge with no spine and no aspirations and no heart and no soul and no passion. you're a lump and a bump and a draw on society and the talented people around you so go get buggered you four eyed fuck."

which side are you on? art is exploding!

GO LISTEN TO THE ROLLING STONES!!! stop listening to this bullshit music that has no heart! what are you doing?!?!?!?! you're wasting it!!

pleased to meet you! hope you guessed my name.

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