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Video: Ruby Isle, "So Damn High" (Stay Free Maxi Mix)

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Ruby Isle is totally bomb. Half Mark Mallman, half Dan Gellar of I Am the World Trade Center, the duo makes dancey-pantsy fun. They've got a new album coming out soon on Kindercore, which is their 2008 album Night Shot remixed. Hence the title Night Shot Remixes.


The compilation has remixes from Immuzikation, GraveRobbers, La Chansons, and The Gold Party, plus it has some remixes of never before released covers of the Strokes and Stevie Nicks.

After you watch the video for the Stay Free Maxi Mix of "So Damn High" (directed by iPod commercial genius Ben Conrad), download the Strokes cover. It will make you want to boogie.

MP3: Ruby Isle, "Someday" ft. Kathie Pony Hixon Smith (Onslaught of the Aquamen Remix)"

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The hottest tail in Kansas City

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Holly Starr and one lucky dog.
  • Holly Starr and one lucky dog.

Who's hotter? Holly Starr's dog or Bryan Busby's cats? I have no idea. But Wayside Waifs' Hot Tails of Kansas City has pitted well known locals pets against each other to raise money for the shelter. Starr and Busby are lending their names to raising bucks for Wayside Waifs (each dollar counts as a vote). So far, Starr hasn't raised any money. Busby has received $70. The leader so far is Bailey Allen, Kansas state Sen. Barbara Allen's dog, with $1,225.

Wayside Waifs' goal is $50,000. So far they've raised $2,165. Voting ends October 22.

Credit Wayside Waifs for finding ways to use social media and the Internet to raise money.

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Best Of Extra: Mixmaster Susan Avery stocks your liquor cabinet

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​Behind the bar, Café Europa cocktail guru Susan Avery -- profiled in this week's Best Of issue ("The Mixmaster") -- balances classic style with curiosity and restless invention. But she's no snob. When we asked what to put in our liquor store shopping cart to start a good home bar, she offered some down-to-earth advice.
All right, then -- how about scotch?
Something good and all-purpose, Avery says; she recommends keeping a bottle of Dewar's on hand. You'll need club soda for guests who don't sip neat.
Blended whiskey? Avery suggests Seagram's VO.

Bourbon? Maker's Mark.
Gin? Bombay Sapphire.
Tequila? She doesn't name a brand but reminds you to have Cointreau and limes (or, if you must, lime juice) on hand if you're going to reveal your tequila stash.
Rum? Bacardi Silver. ("If someone wants a mojito," Avery says, "she can bring her own mint.")
What about vodka, the lifeblood of Avery's excellent martinis? Grey Goose, perhaps?
"I don't like it at all," she says, laughing. She prefers Svedka, the quintuple-distilled Swedish brand she uses for her infusions. She also likes potato vodkas, such as the Polish brand Chopin.
Your company probably won't stay friendly if you don't feed them. And Avery -- like her husband, fellow industry veteran Lazer Avery, who tends bar at Bluestem -- actually prefers wine to liquor. So start your bar stocking, she says, with good everyday table wines: a Sauvignon Blanc, a Cabernet, a Merlot. Don't be afraid to buy big, as in 1.5-liter bottles of your favorites.
Oh, and one more thing: "Always have Champagne or a sparkling wine in the refrigerator, in case someone has something to celebrate," she says.
Great tip: remembering that drinking can signal optimism.
(Photo by Angela C. Bond)

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Win Tickets to See the Kings of Leon & White Lies

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As you may or may not know, the Kings of Leon will be performing in Kansas City at the Sprint Center on October 13, with openers White Lies. is giving away tickets, and you can find their contest page via this link.

Ooh. White Lies are so moody.
  • Ooh. White Lies are so moody. has an interview with White Lies (their first North American interview, actually) done at SXSW, which can be seen -- along with a second interview from this year's Lollapalooza -- at the band's page.

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Stephen Colbert applauds Pat Roberts for coming 'out of the closet'

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U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts' request for 72 hours so that lobbyists can review, er, change the proposed health-care legislation was applauded mocked on last night's edition of The Colbert Report.

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The Word - Out of the Closet
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMichael Moore

Wonder why Roberts would want extra time for health-care lobbyists to see the bill? He does have 529,899 reasons.

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Best Of Extra: Get your autographed Gary Lezak photo

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Windy and Gary Lezak
  • Windy and Gary Lezak

Catching up with the Best of Kansas City 2009 Readers' Choices over lunch, you guys' choice of Best Media Personality -- KSHB Channel 41 meteorologist Gary Lezak -- struck me. Lezak's worthy of the honor (we picked Twitter machine and KMBC Channel 9 morning anchor Kris Ketz) and hard to dislike.

Plus, I remembered my tour of Weird Stuff Antiques last week when I stumbled across an autographed photo of Lezak -- and his old weather hound Windy. Not sure how old the photo is but it's from Lezak's days at Fox 4 -- and when he had a full head of hair. I'm kicking myself for not asking how much for the photo.

Lezak personalized the photo, writing "To Marilyn," which is a nice touch. Definitely something we'd expect from the Best Media Personality.

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Slideshow: Flying Saucer Founders Brewery Tasting

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On Monday, the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in the Power & Light District hosted a beer tasting with selections from the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This year, Founders will roll out approximately 23,000 barrels of beer aged in gypsum mines (by contrast, Boulevard Brewery will produce about 141,000 barrels) for distribution in 14  states. Michael Bell, Founders' director of sales, called his products "big, complex, unique, oddball" craft beers. Click here for a slideshow that will make you feel like you were sampling them alongside Pitch Clubs Editor Berry Anderson.

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Best of Extra: 8 other Places to Break Up

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The Power & Light District was the clear choice of readers who voted in the Best Place to Break Up category, which makes sense: In the span of a single night in this packed entertainment district, it's easy to see a number of make-outs

and break-ups -- sometimes from the same

couple. And if you have a breakup in one bar, you can head next door to find a rebound romance.

Looking through the rest of the results, our completely unscientific analysis of overall voting patterns revealed some other intriguing choices. Here, in no particular order, are Pitch readers' strong recommendations for other Best Places to Break Up, along with our theories as to the logic:

Buzzard Beach -- Since you always need an escape plan, the wrap-around deck is the perfect way to blend into the crowd after a break up.

The Riot Room -- It's dimly lit and loud, so people probably won't be able to hear the shouting of your new ex.

Nara -- Sushi always makes for a classy send-off.

Westport Flea Market -- Sleeping in the burger mobile is better than sleeping on a friend's couch.

Tanner's -- The ultimate place to prove you're not too chicken to break up. 

PF Chang's -- The food and service are smooth, even if you can't figure out how to say, "I just want to be friends."

Winstead's -- The tub of ice cream is already there; you just have to insert your spoon.

The Drop -- Get it?  

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The Bunker's best-selling tee is full of KC anti-pride

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The Bunker's Drew Barr holds up the store's best-seller.
  • The Bunker's Drew Barr holds up the store's best-seller.

Anti-pride. That's the best way to describe this town's inferiority complex. It sounds like a bad thing, but consider this: Commiserating is probably the number-one way that people bond with each other. And though we're the first to complain amongst ourselves that Kansas City isn't a Boston, Chicago or Denver, let someone from out of town tell us that our town sucks and we're ready to brawl. It's like complaining about someone else's mother -- they can do it, but if you do, God help you, sucka.

That's what's great about The Bunker's best-selling T-shirt, which bears the slogan, "What happens in Kansas City ... doesn't matter." Store owner Kurt Scholla came up with the riff on Las Vegas' motto and the tee's design and gets them printed by Cleveland-based Jakprints. They go for $24.

"It's a lighthearted jab at how we're a very big small town," says Drew Barr, who's worked at The Bunker since the shirts first debuted in 2004. "I love it here. It's just that nothing big happens here very often."

Two other house-made tees are big sellers: "Don't Mess With Kansas, Either," and, "Put Me Outta My ... Missouri."

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If Bonfire Wasn't Enough For You

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Even though AC/DC had to postpone their KC date, they have something that might cheer you up.


It's called Backtracks, and they're billing it as "the ultimate box set." Sonic Spectrum's Robert Moore hyped me to this via a Facebook link, and I've spent most of an hour going through the craziness that it offers. For $199 plus shipping, you would not believe the amount of shit they're offering.

First up, the music: a CD of studio rarities, two CDs of live rarities, the third DVD in the Family Jewels series, and a live DVD shot in Munich. There's also a 164 page coffee table book loaded with photos, an LP featuring the "unique" studio rarities (i.e., the songs that aren't just demos of old songs) on 180-gram vinyl, and a bunch of memorabilia reproductions like posters, buttons, and temporary tattoos. It all comes packaged in a box that looks like a guitar amp.

Oh, and the head on the top of the amp box? It actually is a working guitar amp. Only one watt, but still...a working fucking guitar amp as part of a box set? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than anything ever done. To top this, somebody's going to have to include a piece of the true cross or create sexbots.

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