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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #9: Struttin' at the Stray Cat

Posted By on Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 4:53 PM

The latest dispatch from Christos and co.'s Anarchy Tour comes from the keyboard of DJ Jamel Rockwell.

Rockwell: What's Good, KC? This is Jamel Rockwell handling the tour diary for the 1st and of July. Tuesday nite we did our thing at the Stray Cat in Tempe, AZ, and it felt good to be on the stage again.


The reception was more than positive, and we made a few Industry contacts, one of which might help immediately. We met famed Cali indie MC Xololaxinco (i hope to god i finally spelled that right). Not only did he leave the stage smokin' when he was done, but he's also offered us a set at his gig in Austin, TX, this weekend in addition to the show we have scheduled for tomorrow.


In fact, everyone we've told about goin' to Austin says the scene out there is pretty live. Combine that with a July 4th show (we're swapping the show in Houston for this one), and we're bound to see fireworks of some sort, right?

Video: PL at the Stray Cat

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #8: Out of the FatBeats and into the fire

Posted By on Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 2:20 PM

The continued exploits of Anarchy Tour-ists James Christos, PL and Rockwell ...

PL: Well... First off, let me say "rest in peace" to Michael Jackson. His passing marks the end of an era. I don't believe that I'll see an entertainer/performer with as much to offer the world in my lifetime. I'm not saying this because he passed. If you know me, you know I loves me some MJ music and shows! I only regret not giving him his roses while he was still here. So, to Prince I say, "You the man! Your music is! Thank you!"
PL (left) and Rockwell mug on Melrose outside of FatBeats
  • PL (left) and Rockwell mug on Melrose outside of FatBeats

EVERYTHING pretty much shut down, when MJ passed, so it was not going to be possible for us to get a show in L.A. for a couple of days -- a couple of days that we couldn't afford to wait or feel like we were wasting ... So we made new plans to head to Phoenix a little early.

Before leaving we stopped by Venice Beach, to fill out our paperwork to become official Venice Street Performers. WORD! While there, we had to "bathe in the waters of Lake Minnetonka!" (Get your movie quotes up.)

PL before the healing waters of the Pacific
  • PL before the healing waters of the Pacific

After that, we headed to Melrose, where we met Johnny at the "World Famous" FatBeats Records & Tapes. The mood was somber here also. Check out the video of the Rockwell interviewing Johnny [after the jump]. Once our L.A. promotional whirlwind was finished, we hit the highway. More like the highway hit us... Classic L.A. 3 o'clock Friday rush-hour. NICE!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #7: Escape from (South Central) L.A.

Posted By on Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 3:04 PM

Track our ongoing, exclusive series starring James Christos, PL and Jamel Rockwell here.


Christos: What up KC?!!! Last time I wrote we were in LA. We're in Phoenix now. But I'm gonna give you a rundown of what happened when we were in LA. We'll just call this entry "Escape from LA".

As soon as we arrived in town we turned the news on only to see Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. A few hours later he was pronounced dead. That immediately killed the whole excitement of being in Hollywood. Still we pressed on and got ready for the show that night.

We were scheduled to perform at a Spot Called Planet Blowed. So we're driving looking for the spot, and the neighborhood's landscape started to shift. I wasn't quite sure what area we were in but I knew it wasn't Hollywood (or the glamorous part of LA). So I called my uncle (the one that was supposed to be driving for the tour), and told him we were in Lameirt Park. He was like, "Oh you're in South Central."

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #6: Tragedy in L.A.

Posted By on Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Editor's Note: Due to a missed connection, this entry of the Anarchy Tour Diary, which was sent on Friday, is being posted on Monday, June 29. It will be dated to the day it was sent for continuity's sake.


James Christos: What up KC?!!! We pulled in to L.A. yesterday. Got to my peoples' crib, turned on the TV and saw Michael Jackson being taken by ambulance to UCLA Medical Center. We were watching it on the local news so it was very surreal. It was live. And nothing could have prepared us for what was to transpire within the following couple of hours.

I usually love coming to L.A. But the whole city has a really weird vibe to it right now. It just doesn't have the same energy. Maybe it's just me. Shortly after hearing of Michael passing away, we had our first setback of the tour. As usual, when the King of Pop is demanding the spotlight, everything else comes to a halt. We were no exception. So with this diary entry I'll just pay my respects to Mr. Michael Jackson and give my condolences to the Jackson family. I'm gonna save reporting the tour misfortunes until Monday.

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Anarchy Tour Diary #5: Pics and videos from the Mission Ale House

Posted By on Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 8:59 AM

Kansas City hip-hop rebels James Christos, Jamel Rockwell and PL have gone out West for a jaunt called the Anarchy Tour. Follow their exploits here and only here.


James Christos: Well...we killed it last night!!! [Wednesday]. It was the perfect way to start off a tour. I was back to musical roots. I almost cried at the sight of the people that came out to see ya boy do his thing. It was a good crowd and they were very receptive. We sold some merch, got to mingle, and make some new friends. It was perfect. If the rest of the tour is half as good we'll be doing all right.

While we were in the Bay, I also had a chance to hook up with my step dad, DJ Surge. He's been DJing in the bay for as long as I can remember. He finally got to see me rock a show. His approval meant a lot.

Christos and stepfather DJ Surge
  • Christos and stepfather DJ Surge

Oh yeah, and the craziest thing happened. After the show, this cat named Jason came up to me and was like, "You rocked that shit man." I was like, "Thanks. Do you wanna buy a CD?" He said "naw I wanna buy the jacket off your back, and you can give me a CD." I couldn't refuse the man. So I'm less one jacket and one CD. That was ill.

Hope it doesn't get cold in the desert!
  • Hope it doesn't get cold in the desert!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #4: on Haight-Ashbury, meeting Wale

Posted By on Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:09 AM

Today's first installment of Christos and crew's Anarchy Tour Diary actually arrived yesterday evening, while I was at the Record Bar waiting for Phoenix to come on. Add 24 hours to the day references in JC's dispatch below.


Christos: What up KC?!!!

James Christos here checking in from N. Cali. Yesterday me and the crew hit up San Francisco. You know I had to take my dudes to Haight and Ashbury. They loved it. well at least until they were denied entry to the "Vapor Room." But you can believe that PL is working on acquiring the proper documention to get in next time we're in San Fran.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #3

Posted By on Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:49 PM

Wayward hip-hoppers James Christos, PL and Jamel Rockwell hit the road last week for a DIY-style tour. Point your browser to the Anarchy Tour Diary to keep up with the anarchal madness. The latest installment, sent in earlier today is short but crucial and comes from PL.


PL: Well, we've been in the Bay (San Jose mostly) for a couple of days meeting, greeting, promoting, and doing our own tourist thing. But, TONIGHT IS IT! The rubber meets the road... The first true test of our mettle, away from home. We'll be rocking at the Mission Ale House (97 East Santa Clara, San Jose, CA) thanks to Bay Area DJ/Promoter Audio Dru and his weekly hip-hop event The Cypher. If you or anybody you know is in the area, tell them to come check out some KC hip-hop, laced heavily with BBQ sauce! I'll let you know how it went. KC WORLDWIDE! @KCPL

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #2

Posted By on Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Our wayward hip-hoppers James Christos, PL, Jamel Rockwell and the Pyrex Kids hit the road last week for a DIY-style tour. Point your browser to the Anarchy Tour Diary to keep up with the mayhem. The latest installment, sent in earlier today... [emphasis added throughout]


"What up KC?!!! James Christos checking in from the road. Just a little warning...on my entries, I gotta keep it 100% so imma write how I talk. Now that we have that understood, here's the real on everything that's gone down so far:

First off, Pyrex Kidz dropped out from the tour. This shit takes bread, and they was short. No hard feelings, though, it's business. We'll still continue to work together.They may catch the second leg of the tour. After the Pyrex Kidz glitch, I was informed by my driver that he wasn't going to be able to go. What!!! Found this out hours before we were supposed to pull off. But You know me, I'm DIY anyway. So I stocked up on the Red (cheap version of Red Bull found at Aldi) and got my Ass behind the Wheel!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Anarchy Tour Diary #1

Posted By on Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM

The guys on the Anarchy Tour are sending us regular updates regarding their DIY style time on the road. Here's the first installment.

Well... We made it out of KC around 11 pm on Friday (June 19). It was Saul Good, until Goodland, KS, when this took place:

Phone rings

PL: What's up? Where are y'all?

U.R.: We turned.

PL: Y'all turned? Where?

U.R.: When we got to Goodland.

PL: You weren't supposed to turn until I-15 in Utah. Where y'all at?

U.R.: We're about 50 miles outside of Minnesota.

PL: Uhmm... There's gonna have to be some changes to the schedule, because y'all won't make it to Cali in time for the shows.

U.R.: ...

Christos: Tell 'em we'll catch 'em next go around.

PL: We'll catch you on the next go around.

U.R.: Man... You sure?

PL: Yeah.

U.R.: Alright. We're gonna head back to the city then.

PL: School. See y'all in a month!

Oh, this looks like it's going to be exciting.

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