Friday, October 31, 2008

The Republic Tigers on Daytrotter

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Illustration for Daytrotter by Johnnie Cluney

LINK: The Republic Tigers' Daytrotter Session

For those not familiar with Daytrotter, it's a Web site that centers around a studio in Rock Island, Illinois, where up-and-coming indie (usually) bands stop in while on tour to record a few off-the-cuff tracks for posting on the site. Previous KC-Lawrence bands to have trotted through are Dri, Ghosty, Drakkar Sauna, Koufax, Mac Lethal and Fourth of July.

Along with posting the songs, Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller writes long, impressionistic, half-mad essays about the recordings. Here's an excerpt from the Tigers sesh:

Even [Adam] McGill has a hard time falling into a sustained definition for the songs that appear on the band’s debut full-length, Keep Color. There is a flux and a wane to it and that has more to do with the towering breadth of the songs that the Kansas City band has written. It’s hard to believe that someone sitting somewhere in Kansas City could have written songs that sound more like the monsters of English bands like the Oasis’, the Coldplays, the Keanes, the Travis’, the Mews and lesser knowns and forgotten such as Kula Shaker and Space. The music that was born here in the heartland, given its life by The Republic Tigers, has elephantiasis in a way is not unsightly or a medical anomaly.

Yes, he really did just write that about elephantiasis.

Anyway, the recordings sound pretty good. Well done, Tigers.

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The Friday MP3 Dump: Ryan Adams, They Might Be Giants and Mos Def

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Every weekday, our exclusive Pitch Wayward Blog science men spotlight fresh, hot and legal free downloads from around the Web. But in constantly trolling for the best free music, there are always a few things that don't make the DL cut. Here are this week's second stringers and late additions.

MP3: Ryan Adams, “Like a Virgin (live Madonna cover)” courtesy of Chromewaves

PODCAST: They Might Be Giants Halloween Special

STREAM: Mos Def, “Life in Marvelous Times,” The Ecstatic (out 2/10 on Downtown Records) courtesy of RCRD LBL.

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The glory days of Halloween candy

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Last year I wrote a Pitch feature on my lifelong love for candy, partly reminiscing on the childhood sugar orgy better known as Halloween. I'm old enough to have trick-or-treated, back when neighbors still gave out shiny red apples as a treat -- before the big razor blade scare of the 1960s made handing out fruit and unwrapped candy dates practically an act of terrorism. I never liked the apples, though, and invariably tossed them out of my bag so I'd have more room for the good stuff. And when I say good stuff, I mean full-sized candy bars and treats, not the stingy "miniatures" of today.

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Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 10/31

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The British Military is now offering its personnel a 62-page book of recipes, with an introduction by Gordon Ramsey, to spruce up meals in the field. (AP)

If this isn't an infomercial already, it will be soon. Would you like to earn extra cash? $2,000 or even $5,000 a month all without leaving the comfort of your own home? Then all you need to do is open a karaoke bar in your living room. (Time)

The latest trend in hotels: building the most fashionable ones you can on the least fashionable spot you can find. For instance, The Liberty Hotel in Boston. Until recently, it was better known as Charles Street Jail. (Portfolio)

Times are tough but for the most part, restaurants are doing fine. What a crazy world we live in when the normally volatile restaurant industry turns into one of the safer industries. WSJ)

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Housing market hits those without houses, too

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The beleaguered housing market is making an impact on homelessness in a way that has nothing to do with foreclosures.

Jackson County charges a $3 document fee on real-estate transactions. The county's Housing Resources Commission distributes the money to shelters and agencies that work to prevent homelessness.

The fund did well when home sales were robust and low interest rates encouraged refinancing. But in 2006, the county spent $796,000 while receiving $533,000 in fees. The county expects to receive just $388,000 this year.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Is It? It's Here!

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I'll have to give City-Bluz an honorable mention here. He took a look at this week's "Where Is It?" photo and guessed that it was the two-year-old Hawg Shed Bar-B-Que in Buckner, Missouri.

Actually City-Bluz, it's the new, three-week-old Hawg Shed Bar-B-Que in Lexington, Missouri. I ate there last week and it was delicious. The ribs not so great, but the brisket and barbecued chicken were first-rate. The baked beans were rich with molasses and I ate a whole basket of deep-fried okra. And you can't beat the prices!

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A cake with a secret message

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There are more ways to decorate a sugary frosted cake than the typical "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations." Take, for example, this unusual way to combine art, mystery and buttercream frosting.

Living on more than bread alone

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We’ve told you about Pastor Eric Williams of the Calvary Temple Baptist Church twice in the last two years. He was one of the first ministers willing to openly discuss HIV infection rates, and he's one of the driving forces behind the week of prayer for victims of the virus here in Kansas City. Now his church is starting another health project to help people, especially children, get access to the same tools that keep their wealthier peers from going to the doctor with a case of diabetes.


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Daily Briefs: Barack Obama's Amazing Discoveries

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Asshole consumers are dragging the economy down by prioritizing their "food" and "medicine" purchases over small luxuries like blood diamonds, stairlifts for gliding easily between the floors of their houses or ride-able miniature Silver Spoons railroads for luring young children to their back yards, the bottom has totally fallen right out of the market for those, you guys. Oh, and here's a replica of King Tut's throne, which you can purchase for $895, or — if you order two — $875:


The kinda' mainstream New York Times says, "Consumers are clearly in retreat, and the economy is suffering. The year-over-year increase in real G.D.P. is 0.8 percent, the lowest for any four-quarter period since 2001." GAZE UPON KING TUT'S MAGNIFICENT THRONE, consumers, and consider that credit is getting cheap again. To quote a wise, twisted, evil man, "The American way of life is non-negotiable." But zero percent financing is available through MAY, 2009 if you act quickly. After the jump, naked photographs of Kansas City Star columnist Mike Hendricks. Click here or, because I absolutely can't think of anything else, click on Zardoz:


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The Download: New Topp Boom MP3

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Local Symbol Heavy producer Topp Boom knows the importance of voting, so to put a little extra swagger in your step next Tuesday, he’s posted a disco-funk Election Day anthem. Download it below along with his 2007 Halloween mix. Wait, if you’re going to tack on the Vol. 1 addendum, aren’t you obligated to a sequel?

MP3: Topp Boom, “Let’s Vote! (Topp Boom Disco Mix)” (Symbol Heavy)

MP3: Topp Boom, Tricks & Treats: a Monster Mash-Up Vol.1 (Symbol Heavy)

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