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Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): You have an untutored ability to build consensus. You don't simply see another's perspective; you can see all perspectives. Sure, it makes decision making more challenging. However, with Joyous Venus moving through your sign until October 8, your abilities have been enhanced. Do not think for a moment that just because some connections have fallen out of balance that all is lost. You've magnetized these situations, so you can correct them. It is sort of like having two people who do not get along unless you're in their company. You bring them together, but do not show up. Therefore, they are forced to grow up. Or leave the very public place you invited them. Does that sound manipulative? Well, you can be that way in direct proportion to how much your two friends have bent your ear over not getting along. In essence, please do not take for granted your mediating ways. Value how much your peacefulness aids all of your relationships.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): My bad. Or should I say, "our bad"? Death with its scythe travels with us. Got another singer who's met the grim reaper. Vesta Williams. She used to be a backup singer for my favorite, Chaka Khan. Point? "Congratulations" was her biggest commercial hit in the 1980s. She sung (sang) a story about a woman who found out that her ex was getting married (she wasn't invited). The whole buffet of feelings, with which I'm sure you can totally identify. Vesta (the asteroid connected to the Roman vestal virgins), belted out a tune called "I Promise Love." Well, with Mars in Leo and your other slower (but, oh, so competent ruler) Pluto in Capricorn, your intelligence regarding what truly matters (hint: It is love) is being dramatically tested. In your quietly rebellious mind, you've got to adjust what you were taught to match what's happening now. It's time to accept that's love, at least for you. Lose control over whom you think you should desire. Geek with the big bank account? Out-of-town or newly divorced lover? Not here to judge, it is just how long do you want your nights to be? It's been said of your sign, you walk alone and naked through the world. It's not the living in your birthday suit that gets to you, after too time has passed.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): I realize that now I have entirely more competition than I did 15 years ago. You have so many places to read your horoscope. Not interested in telling your future or fortune, I want to get you thinking. What does your free spirit want you to do today, at present? With the more than smattering of planets in Libra, your 11th house of free love, or what the SCOTUS held, "I know pornography when I see it," you've got a bright (and loving) future ahead of you. Intense passion must be cultivated, sometimes. You cannot always insist on turning long-standing acquaintances (or friends) into lovers, if only for one night. Just realize with glans and clitoris Mars in much, too much compatible Leo until mid-November, you cannot go all Cherelle/Robert Palmer (Rest. In. Peace.) "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On." Know that Leo is fixed (as in focused, obsesses, stalked) fire (even more so, when you-all don't accept how to get your groove on doesn't always mesh with your immediate society). You've got the best philosophical planetary alignments for one-night stands, old flames and turning strangers into long-term lovers. Damn. Can I be you for a while?

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): I admit, I can be hard on you (yes, I called both of your sex a variation of whore). Like Louis Gossett Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman, you play the role of Richard Gere's drill sergeant. Out of all the 12 stories (excepting Pisces), yours is the most karmic. Karma, in a simple reduction, is intensity. Be intense or extreme about something or someone, you're in a karmic situation. Oh, it starts (karma, that is) at a 'reap what you sow,' but how do you know what you've sowed? Point? Being in a "karma" or a karmic relationship has much to do about a lot of things your ego would rather not discuss. Much like cute Cantor or Perry don't want to discuss their hair management programs. Oh, I've digressed into the political, nonetheless. None. The. Less. You are so MUCH more than what you've presented yourself to be. My last question hovers around the 2000-year-old Immaculate Conception vs. the not throwing stones at a lowly prostitute. Where have you sold your authentic soul? And, please reread the last sentence to realize that it is redundant ... there's a start, if you've missed that ... .

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): Mangled long-range plans have been akin to flying to Kansas City via Chicago to Memphis from Detroit. This flight pattern makes no sense, unless you want to see Beale Street or the Lorraine Motel (where Dr. MLK Jr. was assassinated 43.5 years ago on October 4). It's about what turns you on, also known as "partying with a purpose." Let yourself be turned on. Let your physical body be as receptive as your large mind. I know you're what my Contract Law professors meant when they passionately uttered the phrase "meeting of the minds." I'm giving you my "best efforts" each and every week, I know what you need to hear via sound waves and my words, but I'm not going out like this or that. You've got to be ready to learn how feeling trumps logic almost every time when there's an agreed-upon philosophy within the relationship. You don't have to go out of your way to speak from your heart. It can be a short-range trip, not a convoluted long-range one.

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): To much "static" cling in your relationship? Pretense works for you, huh? With the individualistic Mars moving his way through your sixth state of health, psyche/soma and daily routines, you have to bother with the details for the next couple of months. Magic will only work if you show yours first. Effort makes it seem like you care what we think. Oh, you didn't get the memo? Your halfhearted efforts have been peeped from their inception. Wanting to increase your paranoia, truly I say to you, e-mail blasts have been sent about your less than authentic ways. Your water has been too surface-oriented. We desire more depth. Have you got any? Oh, but sure you do. You have been swimming between Lake Erie circa 1978 and Lake Superior 19 years later. Oh, please Google it, and get back to me. If male, take Ecstasy and arch while abdomen caresses mattress. If female, tend to the button between your 1st and 2nd chakras. You stick excessively; you stink, no matter what your genitalia does or does not poke or absorb.

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): I'm from Detroit. "Of the straits" is what this city, founded in 1701, means in French. Other than the pun on the word straight, I get what it means to being moved to love someone else. Do you? If you don't have enough straight love in your life, what the eff is up? And, by the way, I mean that last question for any lover. There are some loving (or non-loving) aspects that are universal. Straight love is honest love, no down low, extra marital or teasing to see what I can get kind of love. How much honesty can you handle? More importantly, how much honestly have you expressed? No fake orgasms allowed (oh, understand with the pragmatic need for condoms, we men can fake an ejaculation, too ... ) Cease and desist on this false humility. Be your real, straight and true self, even if you only go forward at stop signs.

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Back in the '70s we had Earth, Wind and Fire. They produced the girl (oops, woman's) group the Emotions. The women brought in the water. All four elements were represented. Praise be! The best of their yang love was given to us by the brothers of EW&F. You are trying to bring something or someone to earth, that is, you want that sublime connection. That's in your matrix. Whether it's the blue or red pill, you've got much happening. Wanna get pregnant? Shouldn't be a challenge, unless you secretly don't want to be a mother anymore. Wanna make the board of directors cream their collective pants? Maybe you have to do more personal work. Personal work can turn you into a shining star or make your wonderland boogie. All you have to do is admit to yourself what you'd like to change from the inside out.

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Venus has begun her trek as the Evening Star. You can see her shine brilliantly at sunset. April 3-August 6, 2012, she will be in your sign. In order to get the most of this rare movement, you must look backward first. You go back multiples of eight ... 2004, 1996, 1988, 1980. Ascertain where you've been and with whom. Understand that, for the next 10 days, you have some of the best love coming to you from the goddess of love. Letting yourself express this love openly builds your karmic assets, paying it forward. See if you cannot locate the running themes of beginning anew in your closest partnerships. A recommitment, as it were. If single, entertain flashbacks to an old flame or two. This is a current time for letting the good times roll. To show off or develop a latent talent. Self-determination and confidence exhibited now make for a better spring.

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): I'm your oh so compatible water sign, and that means, we give too much away. Entirely too much away. Keep the girls or boys to yourself. In other words, it is important to keep parts of yourself private. Yes, it can be easy to realize how to do this when it comes to your private parts, but you are aware of how much heart you hold, right? At fall's beginning, you want to go even further into your secret self. Sometimes you allow yourself to be shamed into giving when you ought to be receiving. Simply put, resist the habitual temptation to allow bloodline to make demands upon you that you call out if a friend asked for the same. Sure, blood is thicker than water, but one solves our thirst (unless you're a vampire). Use more objectivity to get those familiar relationships back into balance.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Love is non-negotiable. Love is what it is. Love is what you give. Love has an energetic component. Stop thinking your spirit out of existence. You see what you see, but what about what you feel or sense? Take the Great Lakes for a symbolic lesson. Lake Superior compares to Lake Erie, how? Physically, one has more water, period. Whatever. Water works for you only, when and if, you choose to have a mutually beneficial relationship. You have a dominant spiritual relationship with love from an open past (you know a relationship that ended mutually, that is, you stayed friends). Have you every had no need for speaking? Have you felt this way before? You may have thought you were dreaming. Find a pre-aforementioned sentence and then decide to focus on it. Negotiable. Authentic. Extending. Making your spirit work from a steady stream of love and light. Hello, beautiful, you, feelings and all. Have said lover at showing up.

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Yes, last week I gave you some saccharin stuff about journey and destination. And, you paid little mind. You went back to Susan Miller and her well-quantified ways of talking about the planets. What you may not understand is that I'm not about telling you how the planets demand you to behave, as much as I want you to play the role of Prometheus. Foresight Man. Prometheus, as it's told, gave Zeus a false offering and still saw the future of Zeus eating the castoffs. Fool the gods, please! You have the ability to co-create your reality, once you realize how there is no reason to feel uptight and you can turn emotion back on, like you've turned it off. Prepare for your "coming out" party, be that for its obvious meaning or for a more subtle one, letting your partner take more of the lead. Submissiveness doth not mean you are an airhead or a woman from more than 60 years ago. Submission can illuminate an ideal of immense proportions ... that is shared between two consenting adults (period). Or an adult to an ideal, thought or path ...

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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