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Re: “While Stand Up KC pushes for higher wages, fast-food companies still have it their way

If they get paid more they will lose their free gubberment handouts. Rent, groceries, and healthcare alone will more than wipe out any raise. No matter how much you make, Obama has devised a plan that will keep you poor. Affordable Health Care is designed to eliminate the middle class.

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Posted by Michelle O. on 09/17/2014 at 10:01 AM

Re: “While Stand Up KC pushes for higher wages, fast-food companies still have it their way

They feel that they should be paid more because the corporation makes a $hit-ton of money every year and that is not fair. Welcome to any job at any company in any country in this world.

Here is where I'm torn. I get you think you should make more money- there isn't a soul alive who doesn't wish that. Hell, look at the football players who make 5 mil a year and hold out for 6. I make a decent amount now and yes, I want more and when I make that 'more' money- I will want more-it is what people do. Here is the thing I think people forgot about- You have to EARN that 'more' money.

I didn't care for the pay I was making in my old job where I was working 40hrs a week so did I protest and demand they all but double my salary for the same amount of work? Nope- I went to school at night. And yes- I paid for it. Now before you come at me saying 'not everyone can afford school'- Yes, you can. You will most likely get some grant $ and maybe a couple loans but at least you are actively doing something to better your life instead of standing around demanding someone else do it for you.

I'm 34- Min wage was $4.50 when I was working in the Sonics and Little Caesars in Wichita- I was 16/17 and was willing to work as much as possible, because I learned quickly that I like money. No matter how much I have, I want more, but I also understood that I wasn't going to get rich flipping burgers and frying tots. * I know what a crazy idea right???* So I knew it was a means to an end. I went to school. I 'upgraded' to cooking in a restaurant for $7.25 an hour in 1999-2004. I took out student loans to help pay for school*again- crazzzzy idea right?* I graduated from school finally and got a job making just over $32 grand a year. It was fine, but I wanted more money- so I applied for other jobs that paid more and I got it *again...crazzy idea*. I had a job that was good, but I still didn't think I was making enough so I went back to school WHILE working 40+ hrs a week*another crazy idea* so I could better myself and once I graduated for that, I applied for jobs that made even more money and got it. I make a pretty decent salary now and I'm happy, but I want more just like you. The difference is that I had these crazy ideas where I KNEW that in order to have a better life I would have to work for it because no one was just going to give it to me.
Maybe that day off you took to protest would have been better served applying for better paying jobs, or listening to a instructor at a community college- all crazy ideas I know but sometimes those crazy ideas might just work.

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Posted by Jake Elliott on 09/17/2014 at 9:22 AM

Re: “Is Esmie Evil?

I hope she will recover in years to come, I have to beleive it is what her mother would have wanted for her. I think the drugs were the biggest problem going here. Good luck Esmie.

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Posted by Chris on 09/15/2014 at 11:04 AM

Re: “Pioneers Press attempts a radical experiment in literature and living

"It exists in this total bubble. I couldn't take it seriously after a point." Pretty disparaging comment coming from a guy who left town to continue publishing the same kind of material in the same industry that he left behind in Portland. "You move there, and everything you could possibly want is there, and you play and play and play until you turn into a donkey." It sounds as if you're perpetuating the joke that Portland is where 30-somethings go to retire, which is far from the truth. 30-somethings come here looking for change that never comes and wind up bolstering our already burgeoning suicide rates. Gnade, you are very lucky if you truly were able to leave Portland behind with the false impression it's all fun and games. I admit I'm envious that I've lived my entire life here and haven't once made anything of myself until I put my guitar and my craft beer down and made a concerted effort to keep a job and build a skill set. They say success comes with sacrifice and perhaps the bountiful social scene of Portland was the sacrifice you made to find success in sleepy Norfolk, but do we really deserve your disdain? I can only assume you're pandering to the bigoted East Coast perspective that the West Coast is lazy with the convenient support of our radical image. What's your next move? Allow me to guess; Detroit?

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Posted by Tony Zielinski on 09/13/2014 at 10:46 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

I am truly impressed that The Pitch has brought this out, Kudos to this reporter. I am likewise impressed that so many have openly made educated and founded comments in regard to KCK my hometown and the place that I love!!! We can do better we just have to be brave. Thank you so much!!!

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Posted by Janice Witt on 09/11/2014 at 9:36 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

When I worked for the newly formed UG in 1996-1999 I presented to my supervisor Ed Smith some research on vacant and tax delinquent properties. Working with the tax assessors office and codes department, we found over 2000 tax delinquent properties between 18th St and 3rd St and between Quindaro and I 70. Some of these properties were tax delinquent for more than 15 years. One was tax delinquent for 70 years. One individual owned over 200 of these properties.

During this analysis we looked at lots that were vacant; which could be combined into "buildable lots" more than 25 ft wide; etc. The idea was to develop plans working with neighborhood groups to foster development and add affordable housing to the area. Title to most of these properties was "clouded" with ownership uncertain and many couldn't be sold by owners because ownership was never transferred to heirs by owners that had died, or heirs couldn't be located. It would required that the properties go through the courts to clear the titles for development.

During the process we looked at utilities, including water, sewer, electrical, streets to evaluate capacity to handle additional loads. It seemed all the utility companies were prepared to buy in to new development with little or no incentives.

I found a developer interested in working to develop a 144 unit apartment complex just north of 7th and Quindaro. Concurrently I was able to get the interest of a grocer for a 50,000 sq ft grocery store at the NE corner of 7th and Quindaro. Working with several neighborhood groups the plan included efforts to retain some of the old facades of the "old town" while new construction could be incorporated.

During the last of my employment with the UG, ED Smith was transferred to another department. Lavert Murray was placed in charge of Community Development and became my direct supervisor. At that point all work on the project ceased. Lavert prohibited me from working or meeting with community organizations and I was prohibited from accessing my files. My desk was moved to a closet on the 6th floor.

I created three binders with all the information accumulated, including addresses and geo-maps of data collected, proposals for up to 1200 new homes, the grocery store and small business development. The software with maps, data, tax information etc was placed on a CD in the binder. One binder was presented to Lavert, a second presented to Mayor Kay Barnes along with my resignation. The third was left at the otherwise empty desk I was assigned.

To find out that Lavert had his hand in the hotel debacle is not surprising.

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Posted by A.j. Quigley on 09/11/2014 at 8:17 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

From downtown KCK you are a 240 second drive to downtown KCMO. There is no excuse for a lack of corporate office development. The only announcements they make for downtown groundbreakings are for 1-2 story small not for profits, and UG office relocations.

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Posted by Phil Thomas on 09/11/2014 at 8:49 AM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel


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Posted by Janice Witt on 09/10/2014 at 9:57 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

For God sakes don't give the money to the church's, that is a hole nother money pit that never makes it to the people it is intended for. The church's grow and so does the poverty count. Nope!!! not to the church's please.

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Posted by Janice Witt on 09/10/2014 at 9:53 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

What did they expect, this was set up for failure and fodder. The Northend of KCK is a food and fuel desert. Not one grocery store or fuel station. It's crazy to me that on every corner there is a liquor store and a storefront church. They should give away the land to developers for free. Restart a plan Under the Nehemiah HUD Community Block Grants Program, This could support the construction of new modular homes in the NorthEnd sections of KCK, many programs all around the country have MPDU's (Moderate priced Development Units) these would be developed by local Church Congregations, a consortium of over a dozen or so congregations, this would involve churches to contribute donations into a revolving construction fund while HUD provides below-market rate mortgages to keep the homes affordable to occupants. The Unified Government can assemble the land and provide it to the developers at a nominal cost or no cost to facilitate construction. This would put tax money back on the books to pay for city police fire and infrastructure improvements. Something has gone wrong in my Hometown of KCK. Someone is steering these monies into the wrong pockets, and self enriching themselves to the point criminal corruption.

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Posted by Peter McGhee on 09/10/2014 at 5:37 PM

Re: “Cliff Drive: perfect for running, biking, hiking – and driving your trash

Ive lived in the KC area for 40 years and have never had the guts to venture beyond the gates at Cliff Dr on the Paseo side. @Bryan Stalder: The fact that you ride your bike back there and havent been shot, stabbed, or at least mugged, is really impressive.

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Posted by cmcmcm on 09/10/2014 at 2:54 PM
Posted by Corruption on 09/10/2014 at 2:44 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

Thank you for this piece. Local politics is so hard to follow and this story sheds light on some really important information.

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Posted by Billy Brame on 09/10/2014 at 1:08 PM

Re: “KCK got a pile of federal cash to invest in its downtown. Most of it went into a money-pit hotel

When I ran for office I mentioned this corruption. Glad to see someone in media seeking the facts.

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Posted by Janice Witt on 09/10/2014 at 12:18 PM

Re: “Cliff Drive: perfect for running, biking, hiking – and driving your trash

I understand why Parks & Rec is tired of supplying volunteers...NOrtheast residents don't care themselves. Eventually, you tire out of the effort. One of my mottos in life: I won't care more about you if YOU don't care about you. And that is what Cliff Drive and the area is all about...not caring about your heritage, your home, your neighbors, yourself. It's just a cheap place to live. A shame, but harsh reality which I can accept. Especially because I don't or wouldn't ever live there. I feel sorry for the people of Northeast who are stuck there, or who really do care. Not enough of 'em.

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Posted by Deacon on 09/08/2014 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Cliff Drive: perfect for running, biking, hiking – and driving your trash

I implore each and every Kansas City citizen to drive over to Cliff Drive (during daylight hours of couse), park the car and look out over the garbage heap on the NOrth side of the stretch there off the park. You won't believe your eyes. I'll bet if all collected, you'd have 5 huge industrial Deffenbaugh or Ted's dumpsters full after it is all cleaned up. huge dumpsters full is how much garbage over the edge of Cliff Drive and the park's border overlooking the Bottoms. Don't believe me? Go look for yourselves. I mow city parks...I've seen it all.

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Posted by Deacon on 09/08/2014 at 12:17 PM

Re: “Cliff Drive: perfect for running, biking, hiking – and driving your trash

This is no big surprise, folks, I have been a KCMO city park mowing contractor for years and in the 2008-2010 timeframe, mowed Cliff drive city parks and acreages. It's always been trashed up and decaying. Nothing new here. The residents are poor, non-caring, trashy people themselves, live in hellholes, they simply don't care about Kansas City heritage. This is just a cheap place to live for them, and the residents themselves are the ones who "piss the bed and lie in it". You and I simply drive by once in a great while and marvel at all the trash and graffitti and filth, then drive home to clean surroundings. Northeast KC is an open trash bin for one reason...the residents have no pride in their own surroundings.

Perfect example when we were mowing the big 44 ac park there at Lexington and Troost, across the street of my trash collector employees was picking up trash along the border and a carload of Hispanics dumped a chicken dinner feast out the window a few feet in front of her, knowing that she'd pick it up. Who does that? Answer: Northeast slum residents with no pride in themselves or their neighborhoods. If the people of the area who live and work there every day don't care, why should we? Where I live, we care and maintain our parks, not a piece of trash sits for longer than a half hour before a walker or runner comes by and throws it in the trash bin. That's how you maintain a park or historic stretch...just do something each day. Sadly, Northeast is populated with people who do not care.

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Posted by Deacon on 09/08/2014 at 12:12 PM

Re: “The Wolf Creek nuclear plant might melt down - in court

Can anyone explain or does anyone have any explanations, theory or opinions as to why Kansas City has higher gamma radiation averages? Compared to Wichita, KS, Jefferson City, MO, Springfield, MO?

I just don't get it.
Distance from
KC to Wichita - Aprox 200 miles
KC to Jefferson City - Aprox 150 miles
KC to Springfield - Aprox 165 miles

KC 1 month Average 288
KC 1 year Average 259
KC 4 year Average 211

Wichita 1 month Average 211
Wichita 1 year Average 206
Wichita 4 year Average 204

Jefferson City 1 month Average 144
Jefferson City 1 year Average 149
Jefferson City 4 year Average 142

Springfield 1 month Average 139
Springfield 1 year Average 130
Springfield 4 year Average 136

Posted by Teeko on 09/08/2014 at 9:22 AM

Re: “Cliff Drive: perfect for running, biking, hiking – and driving your trash

Stunning there can't be a better solution here. This is a treasure any city would be proud to polish and show off; I'm moving from out of state and stunned to see the neglect, or lack of effort, of the forested land in NE by city agencies.

- Like another commenter said, why not close the road from dusk to dawn? It doesn't seem to be part of the petition... Why not?

- Whoever runs the cameras that are there, fess up. Can our reporter ferret out some more info about this? Tell us who monitors, what you see. Then the problem can be looked into. Or are these fake cameras for show?

- Enact a restriction that vehicles towing trailers are prohibited at all times. Any trailer-towing could be immediately cited. It is a scenic drive, not a highway, and recreational use is paramount.

- enact weight restrictions (no vehicle with GVWR greater than 12,000 pounds). Any contractor dump truck (these are 20,000 gvwr and up) would be immediately suspect and subject to at minimum a ticket, all the police have to do is see a big truck go in and it could be cited. That would warn away a certain class of large trash-hauling behemoths.

The hi-tech solution would be to put traffic motion sensing. There is traffic sensing at almost every signaled intersection in the city, don't tell me it is to hard to do it on one street. The motion sense could at a minimum measure traffic patterns through the park. It could be designed to tell if incoming vehicles are overweight, perhaps, or detect long-wheelbase or three-axle trucks (dumpers and trailers). It could activate a monitoring system or alarm to a patrol car, or activate the camera surveillance in a particular area, or activate night-time lighting that would make it obvious when cars are moving, and draw attention to vehicles at night.

- at any rate, the deterioration of the road foundation directly indicates the road should be weight-restricted.

- install "alert blue button" stations every quarter mile or so,. These are the same ones installed at universities and in parking garages to give someone an "alert, please help" message, perhaps turn on some lights or activate a camera. They are used in parking lots where there have been issues with patron safety. Why no here?

Seems like the $3.4 million and $1 milion have gone to be spent on... Just what? Did that money go down a rabbit hole? Into another project?

Like I said, this is a tourist and local neighborhood asset, a gem if it is kept up. Do it or lose it.

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Posted by Visitor on 09/06/2014 at 12:47 PM

Re: “That new new Westport: A party district grows up

and I can see them counting, hitting dislike just because I would if I was a minority in this ropic of conversation. So why not just call it hip hop, period...???

Posted by hip helper on 09/04/2014 at 9:18 PM

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