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Re: “Summer Guide: Three full months of KC's best hot-weather events

thanks for the list, ole' Pitchy

Posted by scroat belly on 05/29/2014 at 11:05 AM

Re: “Surveying the damage of Kansas' 2014 legislative session

FromCharles Front Porch


I have read so much and all negative about the Tea Party and recognizing we cannot find the truth in the mainstream national media I must ask myself who I am?

I am pro civil rights. I have the knots on my head from Police Billy Clubs to prove it.

I am against abortion but only because the father of the child has no rights.

I can accept gay marriage but not until there is some sanity. At the present time you cant tell if they are married if they step 10 feet pass a line. How under present law can you ever get divorced?

I believe I can pray anywhere any time even in the front of others or at Little Johnnies school.

I could care less about the color of someones skin but I will not give them rights I do not have because of the color of skin.

I believe women are equal to men in Gods eyes but we are put on earth for different reasons and with different responsibilities here on earth.

I believe we as individuals and our government cannot spend money we don’t have.

I believe the Constitution of our great country gives me the right to own a gun and carry it in my pocket to protect myself from others. I pray we don’t reach the point where I have to use it to protect myself from my own government.

I believe in capital punishment. If you are that evil I could care less how we take your life be it either hanging, firing squad, electric chair, gas,the guillotine or lethal injection. If you hurt in the process so be it I remember the hurt you caused others.

You didn’t sweat or go hungry to start my business so don’t tell me how to run it. If I run it wrong the market place will tell me and I will go broke.

We must all pay taxes. Take note of the word all. Enough is enough. Government should be good stewards of my money. Romney was right.

My first political campaign was in 1956 against Strom Thurmond. My family could not support a Dixiecrat because of the racial component. We could and did support States Rights. I can find little difference between the Dixiecrat s MINUS the racial component and today’s Tea Party.

Yes, I am old and have lived under the rule of three very bad presidents, FDR (another 100 generations will suffer) for his sins, Carter and now Obama. I have never voted for a Democrat on the national stage and probably never will. I have voted for some at state level where I had to choose between two evils. The Democrats left the common man in the late 50s and early 60s. The GOP is making the same mistake today. We are a two party system and should remain so. I see the tea Party as being the Dixiecrat s of the 21st century so I am now a modified Dixiecrat, Tea Par tier trying to turn my party, the GOP, around. The Democrats failed to listen and it cost them big. If the GOP fails to listen it will cost them also.

If I had been around in 1776 I would have had my musket loaded and waiting in the dark for the Red Coats. I pray I will not have to wait in the dark with my deer rifle waiting on the Feds to come, however, I will if that is what it takes to take our country back so I ask you. AM I A TEA PARTIER? If so I am very proud to wear that label.

Charles Melton
816 572 6736

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Posted by Charles on 05/29/2014 at 10:58 AM

Re: “June has 30 days. We have 30 favorite breakfast dishes

RJ's is good but to leave off Jerry's is pretty much sacrilege! Jerry's offers fresh hash browns for crying out loud! Good list though. And, personally having tried both I would pick the pancakes over the chicken and waffles any day at Neice's.

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Posted by foodsnob on 05/29/2014 at 10:48 AM

Re: “June has 30 days. We have 30 favorite breakfast dishes

What about breakfast at Jerry's on 103rd at State Line? Awesome breakfast;something for everyone.

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Posted by Crash on 05/29/2014 at 10:03 AM

Re: “Surveying the damage of Kansas' 2014 legislative session

I can refute every ignorant point the Bitch is making here, but even if i used simple terms they wouldn't get it. It's obvious they don't understand human nature, the constitution or basic economic principles.

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Posted by Truth on 05/29/2014 at 6:56 AM

Re: “Surveying the damage of Kansas' 2014 legislative session

I can only say that this is NOT serious journalism. Reporting is supposed to be non-biased but this just smacks of a very liberal agenda. As a Kansas resident I do not agree with some things going on in Topeka, but, I do agree with the education reform and I believe no teacher is going to be removed for the examples used in the previous letter. I am concerned with the revenue issue but I am willing to give it a chance because it works in several states like Texas and South Dakota. I just think this is a very poorly written article however and the English teacher this writer had in Journalism school should be fired. That last remark was a tongue in cheek joke.

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Posted by Harris House on 05/28/2014 at 6:04 PM

Re: “June has 30 days. We have 30 favorite breakfast dishes

How you could have overlooked the burnt end hash at R.J.'s Bob-Be-Que Shack in Mission flummoxes me.

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Posted by John Galt's Smarter Democratic Brother on 05/28/2014 at 2:13 PM

Re: “June has 30 days. We have 30 favorite breakfast dishes

Ginger Sue's in Liberty. Awesome pancakes! Quiche and so much more! Come north for some good food and good times!

Posted by mjonana on 05/28/2014 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Surveying the damage of Kansas' 2014 legislative session

Let's not forget the education "reform" passed that removed due process. Any teacher can be fired for any reason at anytime.

It's supposed to allow firing of bad teachers (which was always possible in Kansas).

Expect to see bad teachers defined as those that don't promote intelligent design, assign a Harry Potter (or any number of immoral books) to read, or fail a popular athlete. Maybe a teacher's significant other is not the correct sex that promotes healthy family values around impressionable children. Basically anything an administrator or board member finds objectionable will be part of the bad teacher purge . Then again, we'll never know the real dismissal reason, since school districts are no longer required to provide a reason to fire.

Yes, we know this was all for the children. I guess that's why it was steamrolled through just before spring recess in an all night weekend session. Why are the noble laws these conservatives are so proud of the ones that are rushed through with no advance notice for debate and in the dead of night?

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Posted by Kansas Ed on 05/28/2014 at 12:08 AM

Re: “Badda Bam!

GLEN CUSIMANO - CASED SOLVED. KCMO police aren't very smart or efficient. pay attention

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Posted by stacey on 05/23/2014 at 1:05 AM

Re: “Buy This School

If you are really interested in Norman grade school, you will have to your own leg work. Information is free. The hall of records is a place to start. You can find out who owns it , the price , property taxes. Is it on the historic register.? Small business association can help. Look into grant loans . The library is a wealth of info.. ?'s make a plan , you will need in esters. Taxe I'd, on the internet ask ?'s. Do everything your self first, eventually you will need a lawyer. Ask ?'s where you go keep a note book on the info you gather. The library may offer grant classes. You can ask college students that are specializing in what you want to do for a low price or nothing if it will help them with their grade. They can set up your accounting. Find out what it takes to do what you want. Your in vesters will want to know the return on their money. In Cincinnati there are a lot of school that been turned into a performing arts. Go for the free info first be fore you have to pay out. I went to Norman school in the 7th grade I only lived a few blocks away, my teacher was marvelous, I still have her picture. I would love to invest in your project when you get that far.

Posted by Patricia Swayne on 05/22/2014 at 7:30 PM

Re: “The New Fred

There once was a man named fred, who now is very dead, that phelps guy is now in hell, giving the devil some head.

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Posted by Ken J on 05/18/2014 at 12:12 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

A SPLASH of LIFE is not a problem nor is it crumbling down

I made mistakes and I admit that, but I can't turn things back. Now people like to make comments but don't know the facts, and the first person comments is total in accurate on what he is saying cause the roof had a major hole in it in back of the 2 story building, the 2nd floor had a major hole in it and the 1st floor had a major hole in it in the back part of the 2 story building. The back building had major roof damages throughout cause the rafter was bad. The building on the roof had no outlet for the water to flow through when it rained so the water stayed in on place which caused the damages. I am not an architect Engineer, but I been around construction and learned things. In fact I started a Grocery Delivery company called 262-FOOD in Johnson County to help the senior citizens in my early 20's which the writer didn't tell you. I am in the Screen Actors Guild and I worked in lots of movies with the top stars in Los Angles that who you would know them by name which the writer didn't tell you. He told you about He told you about Leawood and about how my parent's still alive but didn't tell you about how my mom is going through cancer problems too and is very serious. I am not irate just upset that I get told 1 thing and then they do something else. The writer, Seth Hunter, Vicky Smith and you don't know me. GOD knows me. The people I meet everyday know what I am about and being a survivor of 20 years for brain cancer should tell you something. I have a pupose here to people closer to people closer to GOD and that is what A SPLASH of LIFE is about LIVE & SURVIVE LIFE while providing me my own place to live in happiness which most everyone wants in their lives in. I don't need to lie or try to mislead anyone. Now most people are just looking in things for how they will benefit from it like Seth Hunter and Vicky Smith. I am not afraid to tell how it is. The writer did not tell about how all the back buildings was replaced and fixed by me which I paid for all the material and had the work done, and that I have the material sitting at the building ready to fix the front building just can't do that till get building permit which is not easy as most people like me thought. I am a 20 year Brain Cancer guy. The person that wrote this didn't tell everything about me and in accurate on stuff here First I was trying to find my own place to buy cause I lived in 3 different apartment buildings and MAC property came and bought each one and each time MAC Property kicked us all out without help or recourse. All these moves was hard on me and I couldn't take that no more so I decided to try to get my own place so I wouldn't go through this ever again. I found a house that I was interested in and it did need work to be done on it and I was looking for a pre approved mortgage that could buy the place and pay to fix the problems. The house sold 2 days before the I was pre approved for this type of Mortgage. I had the highest Credit Score cause I pay all my bills on time for which why I was pre approved and had lots of credit in my name. I kept for a house that was in the area of my pre approve mortgage amount and didn't find any that be where I wanted. I saw a House for sale in Craigslist and had a pic of it and I liked it. I called and made arrangements to see it. When I went to see it, I met the guy Bill Drummond and he showed me the house. The asking price was $ 70,000 and was needing a lot of work. This was out of my financial range on the house and to fix up price over my pre approved mortgage offer. Bill Drummond told me about the building across the street. I really liked it from the outside. I only got to see parts of the building and their was lots of stuff in the building and it was dark. I was not told that this was a dangerous building, or that it was to be torn down. I was in a desperate situation and needed my own place. I saw potential for me to have a place to live upstairs and have a community thing on 1st floor and make money to pay for place. Cause I was told this was the art district and Emerald City it was and they had art shows once a month, I liked that idea. Few days before I bought the building I saw a red tag put on the building. I called Bill Drummond and asked him about it. He said an inspection was done and that a couple things had to be done. 1 was the yard next to the builing in bacl\k had to be taken care of and cleaned up and 2 the building way in the back, the bricks had to be fixed. A few days later the red tag was not there anymore and so I was interested in the building. I went to Home Depot and bought a weed eater and weed eated the whole yard cause the grass and all was so high a lawn mower would had been able to get it done. I took care of the 1st problem. Now the property next door was not apart of the building but I had the intention to buy it and was told it would sell for $ 3,000. I took care of the 1st problem. Bill Drummond and me was in the yard talking about a tree that some branches needed to be taken care of. A guy came that Bill Drummond knew named Noah Winkler. Noah Winkler started talking about helping to cut the certain branches down. Then he said he did construction work and that he would help and we agreed on a price for him to do the whole job. The price he offered I know was a awesome price and he said he was doing it for that cause I am a brain cancer survivor. My biggest mistake was paying him in advance. I paid for the building and 2 days later Dawn the representative of the Houston Space Society Inc came picked me up to go sign a paper at Bank America Notary for to put the deed in my name, which this was the 1st time the paper was shown and all I knew it was to be for the deed to be put in my name. All the time I was told the taxes were paid up by Bill Drummond, but they weren't and I was an idiot and didn't read or have the paper looked over cause I trusted like all I have been doing all along. The back building bricks got fixed after a lot of problems and all I wanted was to make progress and get the building fixed fast. Bill Drummond called Jim Clark on the cell phone speakerphone in the house across the street from my building and I was there and they talked to each other and Bill Drummond told him that the yard was taken care of and the bricks on the back building was fixed. Jim Clark said great keep up the good work. I was told by someone to call the tax place to get the taxes lowered on the building which I did in front of Bill Drummond in the house and they said they was coming out in August to look at building anddo a tax reassessment. Nobody with the city told me that this building was to be torn down ever. Seth Hunter was not involved in the deal and had nothing to do with it. Seth Hunter his partner and Vicky Smith was just always sticking their nose in things and was trying to disturb the different people that was helping. The Tax people never came. Work was being done and then on August 22 2013 an inspector name Baker came and gave a paper to stop work on the roof on the building till got a building permit. All along I have been trying to get a building permit without any luck. Went to court and Bill Drummond talked to the judge. The inspector said I had pictures of things and said I had them done and I didn't cause they was done before I even bought the building which they were done way before for support of the floor above on the 1st floor of the front building. I told the judge I been trying to get the permit but I couldn't afford it. The judge asked the inspector how much it would cost and he said like $ 200 and $ 200 is nota problem for me but it would not cost only $ 200 cause before a Building permit to be issued an architect Engineer has draw out plans and all I have been doing is replacing the bad wood and fixing the roof and not making changes. All work has been stopped since except small things that I been doing to make the place look nice outside and beautify the area. People walk by and say they like what I have done. The day I was starting to paint the building with the paint I bought from the habitat place was suppose to be red and anything bought from the habitat place is non returnable and is not free like one person commented. I have spent over $ 2,500 in paint. The paint turned out to be pink. I had no problem with that and I felt it was meant to be. Seth Hunter comes running over saying no jerry don't do it don't do it, I said do what. He said don't paint it pink. I explained to him the situation and that is what I am painting it and that was that. After that I was being attacked with more problems. Only a couple of people didn't like pink all others around loves it. Seth Hunter has discriminated me and the pink building and has caused a serious financial burden on me the project and my health. His property across the street is not in the Manheim park district. Set hunter and Vicky Smith tries to give everyone problems. Only 2 code violations has been given, one was cause the bad stuff from the building was placed in the parking lot cause Noah Winkler said he worked a deal with the owner of the parking lot. That was taken care of. Then the 2nd violation was the bad wood was being put on the next to the street and was be picked up by the city bulk pick up but they stopped picking up and the city person called me and we talked and he said keep doing what I was doing cause I told him my situation and he said he would have it taken care of and he did Now the deed was never put in my name till December when I was to go to court on the no building permit that morning. I said that the building was not in my name cause in the city records printed out said that the Houston Space Society Inc was still the owner and the inspector quickly pulls out the new deed which I knew nothing about saying to me one minute your saying the building is in your name and a another moment you saying it's not, which I didn't know Dawn Eckel didn't take care of the deed. . I called the tax person in January 2014 to find out about the Taxes for 2013 and told him the situation and he said he would look into why the tax person never came out in August 2013. He called me back and told me it was cause she didn't put the deed in my name at that time so they couldn't come out for me cause it was not in my name. I was also told the taxes was paid up by Bill Drummond all along but they were actually not and I read after the deed paper Dawn Eckel written up and she wrote a whole bunch of stuff on their that I don't understand. My problem now cause my mistake for not having someone to read it cause I was never shown the paper till after at Bank America when doing the signing, which was supposedly just for the deed. I have paid all the back taxes and 2013 taxes and all taxes are paid up by me, and the tax guy has fixed the reassessment on the future taxes to be lower now. If the building was to be torn down their should no taxes to be owed on a building to be torn down. All work is stop, while I am trying to get a building permit which requires a drawn diagram of things being done and measurements by an architect Engineer before a building permit will be issued and all this cost thousands of dollars and not just a couple hundred as the Inspector Baker told the judge in court under oath on December 16, 2013 at the 2:30 court session which is perjury under oath and making allegations That built the supporting frame in the building. Yes I am looking for support and help everywhere. Volunteer help Financial help, and help to get a grant so I can accomplish this goal and make the community better. But I not looking to hurt steal or cheat anyone. It is easy to criticize others, and yes you might own your own home, but an over 100 year commercial building that was neglected by the previous owners is a challenge and which I am not doing a half ass job. I am replacing all the bad wood and revitalizing. I have skill cause I been around major crustion sites and have knowledge. The work has stopped cause a Building Permit is recquired and it ain't easy or cheap to get one. I have drawn out a plan for to make the side brick walls on 2nd floor of the front building to be more secure and to last another 100 years. I am not all talk, I am real and the intentions are real. For the people with negative thoughts just move aside and let me help myself and the community that like what I am doing. The lies and aligations will be dealt with in due time. The main thing is getting the building revitalize so artist, musical plays and all sorts of shows can be performed and Reception for people that can't afford those exspensive reeception halls and people that can't throw a big party at their home can rent and throw one here. A once a month art class, A once a month food pantry. This is not about MONEY. This is about the COMMUNITY.

To Bring People closer to People closer to GOD

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Posted by Jerry Crowell on 05/17/2014 at 10:39 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

A SPLASH of LIFE, Bringing People Closer to People Closer to GOD

LIVE & Survive LIFE and I am a 20 Year brain cancer survivor and been in the white light twice and am here for a reason

Nothing was free or donated and over $ 2500 in paint Money went for fixing all 4 back building and front material 2x10x25 rafter boards at 35 bucks each Roofing CDX Boards at 30 bucks a piece OCB plywood 20 bucks a piece insulation sheeting 15 bucks a piece Tyvec insulation plastic 189 bucks a roll Roofing Paper 25 bucks a rool Roofing black liquid tar in 4.75 gallon containers 59 bucks a can flooring material 6x6x12 ibeams and posts 40 bucks a piece 4x4x18 post 40 bucks a piece 4x4x12 posts 25 bucks a piece

Commercial electrical supplies for front building and all 4 back buildings 15,000 bucks

Plumbing supplies for front building and back 4 buildings $ 4,000 bucks

Hardware supplies over 1,000 bucks

Lighting fixtures 500 bucks

Equipment 4,500 bucks

Gas to run generator

59 bucks per delivery charge from Home Depot

And don't forget the Sales TAX

Interest from Home Depot for Project Loan 20 percent

Labor for for fixing brick work and replacing all bad rafters and roofing and flooring on all 4 back buildings which the article failed to mention

Also having to pay the previous owners back taxes.

Paint Material Electrical Plumbing Fixtures Equipment Labor and Taxes ain't FREE

The 1st comment from Brad Day don't know what she is talking about. So many people walk by say that they are so happy what I am doing and say I have made so much improvement and only 2 people hate the color which is Seth Hunter and the lady that called to report the building was being painted Peach. Seth Hunter came running over saying No Jerry don't do it don't do it, and I said do what, and he said don't paint it pink and that was last year and this year he came over and said I will pay to have your building repainted. I have informed many people about this and you or him will like the comments they made about him. How can someone like me able to do it. With the best credit any one could have

I do know what I am doing just to many people try to cause trouble and yes I made mistakes and 1 was paying the first guy in advance to do the whole job and he just wanted to be a forman and their is no foreman needed cause this is not a JE DUNN project.

Yes I made mistakes and I admit it but it don't stop me from Doing something for my future and the communities future.

The few people that think they know me and don't like me don't really know me and does not compare too all the people that do know me and like me and what I am doing.

In-fact the article failed to tell

That when I was in my 20's I started up 262-FOOD in Johnson County a grocery delivery company for the senior citizens.

That I am in the Screen Actors Guild and that I worked with the biggest stars in Hollywood

The building is A SPLASH of LIFE and it is GODS project and is not a nuisance.

A SPLASH of LIFE, Bringing People Closer to People Closer to GOD

LIVE & Survive LIFE and I am a 20 Year brain cancer survivor and been in the white light twice and am here for a reason

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Posted by Jerry Crowell on 05/17/2014 at 1:11 AM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

I'm confused. This building was in better shape when he got it last year and he had that young homeless couple staying in it. I also know Jerry has spent nothing on the building. The paint was donated and how would a guy who gets 700 a month come up with 80k?

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Posted by Brad Day on 05/15/2014 at 5:48 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

drag shows at the children's community center? ooookkkkkaaaaayyyy

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Posted by a polar bear on 05/15/2014 at 12:58 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

poor decision

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Posted by DOG backwards on 05/15/2014 at 9:05 AM

Re: “Part Top Gun, part Super Bowl: The ultimate busman's holiday in KC

The Tech N9ne video from that film is a good one, too!

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Posted by T Bernard Moore on 05/14/2014 at 9:30 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

I think this article might do more damage than good. I'm not saying this is the case, but the way it's written makes it sound like he's simply made bad financial decisions and is asking for donations to rectify that. Like, where did the additional $72,000 he's invested go if not toward the roof repair and the tuckpointing? Also, has this in fact been established as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization yet? I hope his intentions are good, but I don't foresee him being able to raise too much money if he can't show some kind of legitimacy aside from signs in his windows. I wish the article had provided more details.

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Posted by Hyde Park Sceptic on 05/14/2014 at 12:53 PM

Re: “Jerry Crowell dreams big for his crumbling pink building on Troost

I'm all for preservation, but some buildings are lost causes for the 99%. This guy has no skills, no money, no connections, and this project is much too big for him.

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Posted by Sid Much Rock on 05/14/2014 at 10:19 AM

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