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Re: “Edwin R. Hall's MySpace

Hall should be lynched. He has waived his right to a trial hasn't he?

Lynching in the south was a "crime" in response to the most barbaric of crimes. I have little doubt that the countless "innocent" nigras strung up on trees throughout the 19th and 20th centuries raped or attempted to rape white women. The lawyerous monkey-see-monkey-JEW blacks forget thousands of white men were strung up too.

But that's the point of black-jewish complaint. Negroes and the jews who constantly chime in on how "oy, horrible" the south was don't think raping white goyish women is a crime. They infact incourage it through rap-sales. That we object to the bestial rape and murder of our folk is the crime: "racism"!

The stigma attached to lynching should be removed. We can do this by mob lynching white degenerates such as Hall, again establishing the supremacy of biblical law and order, inducing real "shock and awe" (not that Bush jewish bullshit) on our criminal society. That will tell the other nations (races) within the united states territory not to fuck with us and that our laws are absolute.

It will make blacks and jews (and their Shabbos goy pets such as Bush and the congress) ph33r us once again. In a true government of the people the government should fear the people.

US Soldier, why are you "fighting them there" if negroes are incouraged by jewish-funded rap to rape your women here?

You should be at home defending your folk, not gay Israeli men and their bank accounts.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/14/2007 at 1:46 PM

Re: “Edwin R. Hall's MySpace

rumplemary, "American Culture" would classically include an understanding or at least a taste for the anglo-saxon American system of law which includes "innocent until proven guilty" along with congressional declaration of war instead of presidential dictate. Obviously as a society, we no longer want any of that.

There is no modern American culture. Just seperate peoples artificially joined as servants for the Israel-serving Mil-Industrial leviathan.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 10:51 PM

Re: “Edwin R. Hall's MySpace

They have based his guilt on his look.

Just as a Russian skinhead attacks a Georgian. He doesn't care if the foreigner has assimilated to "Russian values". To the Russian bigot the Georgian's skin color is guilt of possessing a different culture.

Edwin Hall looks weird, he is a foreigner as far as the average American is concerned.

We are entering dark medieval times once again. Where people are judged just by how they look. And I am NOT against it. Besides to do so is futile. This modern age of "coming together" and "anti-racism" stands against hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and the primal nature of man is awakening worldwide by some strange cosmic force. The world is in a psychosis as they answer the old gods who have reformed in the clouds.

People are programmed by their genes to be TRIBAL, not rational.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 10:37 PM

Re: “Edwin R. Hall's MySpace

LoneWolf: you are witnessing the fallacy of your democratic upbringing, the rabble aren't going to bother with it, not that it is even natural to them.

"Universal" platitudes of law, rights, and fairness mean nothing; these people were raised in the American school system where they "learned" little beyond "not to judge a man by the color of his skin", over and over and over again, with no room left for learning the foundation of what was ONCE republic and rules that ONCE guided it. If they even picked up anything they quickly dismiss it as a "racist system for keeping the brotherman down".

LoneWolf: Worry about your own folk and your own existance. American universalism is dead. If you have no culture and no alliegences (family is a good start) beyond "America" you're royally effed because this nation of mass-ignorance only now loosely connected through wars for lies and the lying rich people who wage them is going down.

Appealing to American values is utterly useless, we are a nation in name only.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 10:15 PM

Re: “Hall's MySpace Page, Part 2

The guilty till proven innocent crowd are practicing tribal law.

Tribalism was the law of the land in Europe prior to the 20th century.

Ideology was written on the skin. When a Greek incountered a Persian he knew he was peering at a completely different and perhaps adverse culture that was hostile to his own. Prejudice is natural and can not be removed from hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. And before you think prejudice is "Evil" (how could it be evil if it is instinct), we would not be in this bogus war for Iraq fighting for another tribe (Israel). If it weren't for this "anti-racism" B/S peddled by the same Israeli dual citizens, we would NOT be at war, but at peace in our secure lands.

I admit this guy looks different than my tribe, so I am instantly suspicious of him.

Forget black/white racism. People are racist tribally. But I say it is perfectly natural. I cannot condemn this pre-justice even though it is completely against "democracy".

Since Bush has ruined our economy, ruined our national cohesion by refusing to secure our border, put hundreds of thousands out of work, cut national healthcare, rewarded companies that shipped their workforce overseas, and engaged in genocidal war not of our interests or saftey all for his darling "Chosen People" (Israelis) the American populus has been forsaken by this administration and is left with nothing to turn to except family and bloodkinship ties. I expect more prejudices in the future.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 6:02 PM

Re: “Edwin R. Hall's MySpace

Hall is not a Nord or Germanic dumbass. I said he was Australiod or Armenoid (degenerate jew) mix.

The soul is completely viewable in a Nord or Germanic, or in a symmetrical Slav such as Kelsey. I see nothing in the degenerate Hall. Exactly why we are a superior species, because we are soulfull, brotha.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 12:32 PM

Re: “Hall's MySpace Page, Part 2

Marriage is not a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. That this MARRIED couple did not conceive in their first 3 years is just creepy. Usually the desire to "just be friends" hits in the 50s, not at 20. The demon spawn, child of cain, was supposed to "save" the marriage. Now damien's curse is upon the earth.

The dude must have been trying to hide his pervese psychosexual behavior in the cover of wedlock.

Posted by anti-zog on 06/08/2007 at 12:21 PM

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