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Re: “Going off the grid with five scene players at their favorite low-key venues

Can we get some hip hop coverage in this bitch? Natalie Gallagher will cover a punk rock house show but turns her nose up to local rap music. One of the few times she wrote about a show, she trolled it by putting the words super-group in quotations before the group's name ( Yawn Johnson). We're not dumb, but sadly we are used to disrespect. This city has a lot of talent. Ces Cru/Strange Music producer Info Gates just released a new album (Make things,do stuff) last night! And Brett Gretzky, Dutch Newman, and the Abnorm all released classic albums within the last year. If you want, I'll buy and mail you copies of all three. I guarantee you'll like Brett Gretzky, because they're not only talented but white. I'm not even a part of the local scene, but it's fucking disgusting how little respect this paper shows to the most talented musical artists this city has to offer. Mac Lethal on Ellen does not count as hip hop coverage. The only reason I read this hipster doofus article is because Britt Adair is a nice person. Going off the grid? Jesus! Put down your hula hoop and do some reporting that doesn't involve your own social circle and comfort zone, because contrary to popular misconception - black people and hip hop Stans do read.

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Posted by LarryDavid on 05/01/2014 at 8:40 PM

Re: “Kansas brothers win lottery, buy drugs, blow house up

This dude can write

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Posted by LarryDavid on 02/26/2013 at 7:46 AM

Re: “The Jay-Z and Kanye West Hipster Posturing Timeline

Oh,and Linkin Park asked Jay to work with them.Funny thing is,I don't even particulary like Jay but you should really take more pride in your work.It is obvious that you don't respect rap or black music in general.As if some shitty Steely Dan sample used for the worst track off of Graduation is the cause for Kanye West's success.I REALLY DO FEEL THAT YOU ARE A RACIST.Every sample mentioned is by a white artist.You could've mentioned Curtis Mayfield,Otis Redding,or many other black artists that are sampled on those albums but you chose white artists in order to denigrate Kanye,as if he isn't the genius behind those albums(he doesn't even play an instrument!!!).If I were to apply your logic,then Will Ferrell and the Blades of glory sample are what makes Nigga's in Paris a great song.So let's get this straight-if a black hip hop artist samples another artist,credits them,and gives them shit tons of money,then they are not an artist but a thief and a hack,but if Led Zeppilen,the Beach Boys or many of the other numerous white artists throughout music history steal a riff or whole song from an old blues artist(i.e. black man),don't credit or pay the original artist,then they are still artists and respected?It's okay for Portishead to sample but not Kanye West????You sir,are a RACIST and a lazy,ignorant,journalist.SHAMEFUL,goddamn,SHAMEFUL!

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Posted by LarryDavid on 11/29/2011 at 1:37 PM

Re: “The Jay-Z and Kanye West Hipster Posturing Timeline

I stopped reading the article because it's author is ignorant of his subjects.Kanye West is Jay's protege?In what world?Yeezy's a better m.c.(has been since dropout) and a brilliant producer.He has more in common with Prince and Brian Wilson than Jay-Z and he's been reppin Portishead and Fiona Apple since day one(you know,back when most of the rap establishment was saying he was gay for wearing a pink polo).The thing about Yeezy is he don't give a fuck.When his second album came out he called out other rappers for using homophobic words in their lyrics even though he knew it would just fuel the homophobic gay slander.Do you even listen to rap(?)or music at all?So Jay-Z recognized a growing trend of music critics fetishizing southern rap in 2005 and that's why he recorded Get Throwed with UGK and Jeezy?Um,yeah,Jay broke UGK into the mainstream when he put em on Big Pimpin back in 98.Granted,they released their first album in I believe 89 and their classic Ridin Dirty came out in 96 but nobody in the mainstream was bumpin that shit til Jay put em on.And as for Jeezy-Jay was the one that signed him(!)when he was president Def Jam Left or South or whatever that shit was called.The only hipster I see here is you.You came up with a hipster idea for an article and then either ignored the facts or didn't bother to check em.So you don't believe Jay-z could possibly love Grizzly Bear?That's probably because your'e racist or just a jackass.Not everything is a calculated or strategic move done to court press.The type of people that would be impressed that Hov listens to Grizzly Bear still ain't gonna bump his shit(for the most part).And Kanye isn't tryin to earn people's respect by name dropping Portishead.He's doin it because he wants to give props to the artists that have influenced him.To quote Outkast off their first classic album-"Are you an OutKast?
If you understand and feel the basic principles and
Fundamental truths contained within this muzik, you probably are
If you think it's all about pimpin hoes and slammin cadillac do's
You probably a cracker, or a nigga that think he a cracker
Or maybe just don't understand." Now,I'm gonna go back and finish your piece of shit article while you try and come up with some kind of defense for your ignorance.You hipster doofus.

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Posted by LarryDavid on 11/29/2011 at 12:51 PM

Re: “Ryan Dunn tribute video is touching, despite Jackass star jumping in a vat of poo

I love Jackass but this guy sucks.He was doing over a hundred while drunk.I got no sympathy for him.Meanwhile,Bam's crying like a bitch just to get back on t.v..It was so fake it reminded me of Steve Guttenberg sobbin for anyone with a camera back when Phil Hartman died.These guys are all idiots.Everybody in the nation should be talking about the consequences of getting wasted and driving,not mourning this guy.Well,I'm off work,peace Pitch bitches(no disrespect).

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Posted by DukeaDogname on 07/03/2011 at 10:17 PM

Re: “Melvin Jackson accused of raping unconscious woman, whom he thought was dead

I'm not even gonna read the comments cause it's all gonna be about "niggers."Any of you pussies talkin shit behind a desk should go out to 34th and Troost and show some balls.If you hate black people that much and your'e that tough-back it up.At least join the Klan and show you have the pride to stand up for your beliefs.I hope all your children die at the hands of a white man.

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Posted by DukeaDogname on 07/03/2011 at 10:08 PM

Re: “Glenn Beck says New York Times columnist's comments about Missouri, Kansas could lead 'to death camps'

Bill Maher is only slightly more funny than Glenn Beck.I agree with Maher's politics but find him annoying and smug.Kansas/MO do suck fat preacher dick though.

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Posted by DukeaDogname on 07/03/2011 at 9:59 PM

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