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Re: “Edward Bagley Sr. accused of forcing woman with mental illness to be his sex slave

Everything Ed Bagley did to this female, other females seek to have done to them. "Electric play," "breath play," genitals getting nailed to boards are all "edge play" BDSM practices. The female in question carried her own firearm, had her own cell phone, had her own computer, and her how internet account. Ed Bagley and his wife spoiled this female. They gave her everything she wanted. Photos take at her Taboo shoot clearly show her enjoying the most extreme S&M activities. She has a smile from ear-to-ear as she shoves her own hand and forearm into her rectum. No charges were brought against the Taboo magazine females who tortured her in extreme ways during her Taboo Magazine photo shoot. There is no practice too extreme that is not practiced by "edge play" practioners of BDSM. During a scene "subs" always look like they are in agony. They shriek, cry, plead for their master, they release blood curdling screams. After they are thankful to their master that he didn't stop. They only experience sexual pleasure and orgasm when accompanied by pain. See photos of the alleged victim here.…
See her smiling and joking around in her videos. Look at the outtakes.

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Posted by FrankTruth on 02/05/2012 at 2:03 AM

Re: “Bradley Cook pleads guilty in Missouri sex slave case

It is common practice for prosecutors to overcharge, for prosecutors to alledge all kinds of crimes, to throw all kinds of mud hoping something will stick to the wall. There is not a shred of proof that any of the sensational allegations made by the prosecutors in this case are true, beyond what can be found all over the world in BDSM "edge play." I don't think BDSM edge play is safe or sane. I don't believe oral sex or anal sex is safe or sane. I don't believe homosexuality is safe or sane. I don't think the issue here should be what you are I feel is safe or sane. Middle-age, intelligent, female CEOs into BDSM seek out males who will shove knitting needles through their breasts, sew up their privates, shock them them high voltage devices, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Males pay females to nail their privates to boards or castrate them. There was a famous music group the genitorturers. You can't assume that any act was not consensual based on the belief that no rational person would consent to having that done. Before you say no one would do that, check-out what a "Prince Albert" is. There is not a shred of evidence in this case to prove that Ed Bagley ever had sex with this girl before she was 18. They guys who have already pleaded guilty in this case did so out of fear they would be railroaded. One of the guys may have tried to kill the prosecutor and the alleged victim in this case. He was willing to plea to anything to get out of those charges. What is left is the testimony of a girl who has a low IQ and is easily manipulated. Ed Bagley did manipulate her. Now her mother who abandoned her at a young age, the FBI, and some fanatic female anti-human trafficking crusader are manipulating her. She is just a pawn in a larger game to convince the public that human trafficking is rampant in the United States. Ed Bagley never should have done what he did to her. But he never broke the law. He never shot her dog. He never had sex with her before she was 18. He did entice her into becoming his BDSM "slave." Real white slavers do not force their captives to sign slave contracts. There is no compelling evidence in this case to lead anyone to believe that the female in question thought her slave contract was legally binding. There is every reason to believe she knew she could leave any time she wanted. It appears that she consented to everything. In long term BDSM relationships there are times when Doms and Dommes do not always respect safe words because they know their partners better than anyone. When a submissive's safeword is not respected, and the submissive is not okay with the situation, she will always let her Master or Dom know he did something wrong. That is the point where most submissives walk out of a relationship when their trust is violated. All evidence points to the fact this female could have left this relationship anytime she wanted. The fact that she did not do so or make a big stink is evidence of tacit consent to the whole situation. Even mentally ill, mentally deficient adults have the ability to express approval and disapproval. And to all observers it appeared this female was happy with her situation. Any one condmening Ed Bagley might want to look at photos of her taken by the Taboo photographer where she smiling from ear to ear while she has shoves her own fist up her own ass, and smiling and laugh as some female tortures her every way possible. You can't look at those pictures and say she was not consensually into heavy BDSM. And if she wasn't then the female at Taboo Magazine who tortures her, and the staff of Taboo Magazine ought to be prosecuted.

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Posted by FrankTruth on 12/25/2011 at 8:05 PM

Re: “Bradley Cook pleads guilty in Missouri sex slave case

The reality is, everything that occurred was consensual. The so-called alleged female victim had her own cell phone, gun, and computer. She worked at a strip club and voluntarily appeared in Taboo magazine. She had never been deemed incompetent by a court of law. She is legally able to sign a contract. She lived with co-worker who observed everything. Her master, Ed Bagley, and his wife did everything in their power to make her happy. She told others she was happy, and never communicated to anyone she was anything less than happy with her life or her living arrangements. There is no compelling evidence to support the most extreme allegations made by the prosecutors in this case. The guilty pleas in this case were made under duress because the defendants feared they would never be able to get a fair trial because jury members would never believe things done in the world of BDSM are consensual. The fact is everything this guy did to her is routinely done in BDSM by both males and female to other males and females the same age as the female in this case. The only difference here is the defendant is trailer trash, and there is an organization involved out to make a name for themselves, and their cause which is "human trafficking." Even though this case really has nothing at all to do with human trafficking. This case has nothing to do with white slavery. The female in question knew what she was getting into. Even today she wants to continue working as a stripper, but the FBI won't let her because that would damage their case, and their claim that Ed Bagley forced her to work as a stripper. Ed Bagley never would be prosecuted except he called an amblence for her when he though she was suffering a heart attack during an electric play session they were engaged in. Ed Bagley, being the idiot that he is did not know how to engage in safe electric play. He used a dangerous crank phone generator instead of a tens unit, violet wand or a dog training collar. I don't believe he shot any dog. Nor did he engage in BDSM play with this female before she turned 18. She was having sex at a young age with much older men long before she came in contact with Ed and his son. The sad fact is you peope believe allegations without knowing any facts. You are probably all a bunch of serial killing, ax murdering, pedophiles projecting your own guilt on others. Either that or you are very naive. Either way you should be deported to N. Korea or Iran where it is normal to presume people guilty without any supporting evidence. Yes, many males and females into BDSM engage in "edge play" where female privates are sewn up and male privates are nailed to boards. I think it is sick, and should be illegal. I think oral sex, anal sex, and homosexuality are all sick, and should all be made illegal. Only sex that leads to procreation should be legal. But I am against selective enforcement based on false, sensational allegations. There are hundreds of guys like Bagley videotaping what they do and putting it up on the internet, and putting it in magazines like Taboo. None of these male or female perps are being prosecuted, so why should these folks be prosecuted? The bottom line is this. The town folks who knew this female, and all those who worked with her both male and female will testify she appeared happy with her life, and never complained till Ed called an ambulance to take her to the hospital over what appears to have been a consensual act of gross stupidity.

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Posted by FrankTruth on 12/25/2011 at 7:24 PM

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