Letters from the week of November 10, 2005

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Letters from the week of November 10, 2005

Building code: Regarding C.J. Janovy's "Get Some Balls" (October 27): She neglected to inform readers that Jon Copaken would naturally want a downtown stadium as well as anything else we can stuff downtown. He is the Copaken in Copaken, White & Blitt. Why does that matter? Well, CWB has quite an interest in revitalizing downtown. It owns two of the bigger buildings that have lost tenants the past few years, the Town Pavilion and the 12th and Walnut building, which are connected by a skywalk, and the huge parking structure next to it. Copaken may be a great guy with good ideas, but it's obvious that he sees dollar signs first and foremost.

Copaken's building(s) would benefit immensely, filling all the empty floors that are currently in both buildings. If I agree with her ideas or not, it would have been nice if Janovy would have listed Copaken's interest in the article.

Steven M. McGinnis
Kansas City, Missouri

Open Source
System of a down: Regarding Kendrick Blackwood's "Beating the System" (October 20): I'm so glad he wrote this article. Not because Robert WitbolsFeugen is my father but because I've been learning so much in the past years about these law breakers in the system.

The public can easily understand about what's going on because of your writing; even the nonpolitically savvy person can understand without losing attention.

Blackwood is very informative, and I hope there are more articles like this to come.

Teminka WitbolsFeugen
Kansas City, Missouri

Mafia Hit
Men with hats: Regarding Nadia Pflaum's "Gritos Bandidos" (October 27): Please don't write this type of stuff, 'cause what does it do, really? Besides having people start fighting because you feel as if a person that sings a song really wants to live the life.

Just think about it, before people start writing about you. It's all just music, a form of entertainment. That's it.

Anthony Tinoco
Via the Internet

Foot Soldiers
Cold fusion: Recently home from school, I read in the Best Of Kansas City edition of my beloved weekly (October 6) that Quixotic Performance Fusion was voted Best Dance Performance or something. By whom, I dunno, but I am willing to bet by someone who either didn't attend the performances and/or didn't do their research properly.

Too many things irked me about this, primarily that co-founder and artistic director Anthony Magliano was not credited at all in the capsule extolling the greatness that was and is Quixotic. Also quixotic to me was the gush given to Oz McGuire. Now, while Oz did provide some materials to the multimedia artists for the performance, it was excellent but minimal.

I believe credit should be given to those who deserve it. I don't mind being snubbed, but Mr. Magliano, my fellow multimedia artist and one of the brains behind the production, should be dutifully noted and attributed.

Thank you,

Mark McKeown
Valencia, California

Texas Instrument
Holly go lightly: I caught a glimpse of what looked like Buddy Holly on the Performance page of the October 27 issue, and I began to read. Not because I am a fan of the late musician but rather because I have recently been paroled from doing what felt like three years hard time in the utter hell that is Lubbock, Texas, and I am always curious what those who have even heard of the place think of it.

I laughed out loud at the description of this backwards town. It is on par with my own feelings of the place. It truly is a funny sight to see this town grasp so tightly to its native son as a way of validating its existence. I agree with the Mac Davis song — happiness truly was Lubbock, Texas, in my rearview mirror, as I'm sure it was Holly's.

Alisha Patterson
Kansas City, Missouri

Rant 'n' Roll
Treble in paradise: I was downright blown away that the Pitch didn't cover anything about the reunion show of the Last of the V8's. There wasn't much promotion of that show, like there has been in the past with reunion shows such as those by Parlay, Tenderloin and Coalesce, but I will tell you this: There were just as many people at the V8's show as were any of the other "reunion" shows this last year. (The only one I missed was Tenderloin, so I can't honestly say about that.)

I just think there's a good damn rock scene out there that you guys are completely missing. It's almost depressing for me to pick up a Pitch anymore. In my opinion, the Pitch mainly focuses on indie rock/emo bands. There are quite a few other bands that I think you guys should look into writing about: the Ramalamas, the Lust-R-Tones, the Smashtones, Hydrafader, BooganMod, Seconds From Disaster and more.

I have seen the scene in all the areas, and the one that I think needs a bit more respect is the rock scene. You've only written about the Federation of Horsepower once in the last great while, and why's that? Because they went to Texas, and that was something. Did you know that the Ramalamas have been down to Texas three times now and are going down there in December and also are playing South by Southwest next year?

The Lust-R-Tones are amazing, yet I never hear anything about them through you guys. There are even some really good shows that only come around once or twice a year that should get some attention. Bloodfeast (Misfits tribute band), Rat Salad (Black Sabbath tribute band) and KC5 (MC5 tribute ba

Name withheld by request


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