Belief Is Not Required 

Major Planetary Note (MPN)

June 24, 2012, marks the first of seven extremely challenging contacts between individual liberties and iconoclastic Uranus (free spirit self) in Aries (warrior, self-directed) and psychologically driven Pluto (soul depth self) in Capricorn (prime minister, political).

Basic Meaning of MPN

Aries and Capricorn want to be starting something from entirely different motivations. Talk about acting out, then you know an Aries person who sees himself being placed in a box, aka being labeled. Talk about repressing the desire to act out (certainly in front of co-workers), then you know a Capricorn person when she cannot have a long-term strategy serviced by exceptional tactics. On an idealistic tip, our world can become that underlying vision of "make love, not war' of the mid-1960s (once everyone is included equally, of course).

Thought Food

Contemplate: We allow the roles to control our lives, instead of our lives controlling our roles.


1. Fire-sign alert (Leo, Sagittarius and Aries): How can you be a hero in your life?

2. Water/Earth (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Cap and Pisces): How would you save your own free spirit from playing roles to which you are unsuited? End repression now!

3. Air (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini): How can you have realistic optimism for your future and those connected to you?

Hint: Search your sign to see which karmic soul mate will support your free spirit and which ones will judge first, ask questions later. Oh, remember to look at other signs to see in what way you're likely to aid others in dancing loosely and where you could be playing the role of hypocritical minister. (Channeling the premise of Footloose, are you Kevin Bacon or John Lithgow?)

Water Element

These next several years, Pluto wrestles with Uranus' freewheeling ways. You must find ways to judiciously use your soul security and intuition for the common good. In political parlance, government can do well by its people.

Cancer, June 21-July 22, initiating feeling (soul)

What can I say to you that you don't already know? Unless you're in a major state of denial brought on by some salacious grief, you suspect how much you have been at the wheel driving this yacht called "life."

Who helps you act out in an untamed free-spirited manner?
Because they are your opposing sign, and you both seek security. You search for security from an emotional, and often beyond rational, perspective. And Cap, from an impersonal professional role. Who silently judges in a trans-rational way, seen or felt, yet almost impossible to prove but endlessly discusses?
They can do this by demanding that you behave from an objective perspective when you want to wallow. I say, wallow ... but please time how long you contemplate your navel.

Scorpio, October 23-November 21, concentrating feeling (soul)

Whom do you trust enough to open yourself completely?
These humble and constructively critical souls will act as your best communal publicist. In other words, they'll put the best spin on your most inscrutable behavior (that's witnessed, of course). Your privacy will be protected as long as you remember ...
Gemini can behave as your nemesis in direct proportion to any consciously hypocritical judgments.
Internally meditate on the consciousness of Christ, "judge, lest thee be judged.' It's the whole glass-house and obsidian thang.
If your stubborn waters (feelings like holding grudges and being resistant to any idea that's not yours, women warriors included) reign supreme, Gemini needs to whisper in your ear to help you act from your integrity.

Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting and learning feeling (soul)

What are your touchstones? It is not, I repeat not, a time to "have your cake and eat it, too." No matter how many orphans you shelter or quilts you make, you will regret going against your vows. Taurus will protect you. But only when honesty is your North Star, like an African-American slave in Texas circa 1864 (that nether time with slow communication). It was not until June 19, 1865, that Texas human chattel knew they were free (sort of, freedom of assembly was frowned upon). Taurus alleviates any of your guilt, if your motives align.

Aquarius will not be so generous of spirit. These eccentric (and often geniuslike folks) tell you when you have an eye or nose boogah (gook in these places). These late January to February people will also give you a well-needed dose of objectivity, when your source beliefs have become fanatical and extreme. Listen to them carefully with less preconceived notions. You'll need them in the upcoming three years. Oh, I didn't tell you that Uranus and Pluto square off until March 16, 2015? My bad. Feel free to make a constructive comment at this column's end.

Fire element: Scorched earth, that's you over the next three years. Be careful lest you burn us all, including yourself. My younger sister visited me last year for Father's Day. Tracy hooked our whole household on HBO's Game of Thrones. One character screams, "Where are my dragons?!" Must watch to get the subtle aspects, but suffice it to say, know where your creative powers lie, symbolized by the "dragons" ... !

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spirituality (fire)

I want more interaction like I have with Wahabah (Facebook reference from last week). Will you give a brother a comment or two? Feedback is good; constructive feedback is better. This Leo gives me some of my best feedback. From an oppressed group(s) to another(s), your call brings additional response. Hallejah! Mazel tov! Ojala!

Who will sustain your special spirit over these next three years?
Sagittarius can act like Sen. Barack Obama of four to five years ago and emphatically say, "Yes, we can!" So open your suspicious heart and give Sagittarians more than the benefit of the doubt. Realistically and enthusiastically promote them and their constructive causes. Who will the borderline part of yourself accuse of sabotaging you? Virgos play this role in your life. You imagine Virgo has no good love for you. But nothing could be further from the truth, as said truth will be played out in third dimensional reality. Virgo will act as if they know what it is like to be you, human flaws and all. Believe them, after you believe yourself and a miscellaneous Cancer or Scorpio. (Pisces need not be heeded or believed, as they tend to oppose Virgo's Vulcan logic.) Do you want to make your story right or do you want to be loved fully and deeply?

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting and learning spirituality (fire)

As I've stated in Question 1 in this column's introduction, who's your hero? Or, better said, how can you be your own hero? Fire signs, such as yourself along with Aries and Leo, need stories to tell. Big fish stories, stuffing bras and jockstraps kinds of stories, these be you. The more insecure, the larger the toilet paper or sock. The sign that will keep your Costco budget under control is ... wait for it: Leo.

Now, the proverbial shoe drops. The sign who does this through a look, gesture or dismissal is Taurus. They perseveringly look to your financial bottom lines, completion of degrees or a ginormous trust fund. Without a long-term goal, do not court (hookups r ok) Taurus. Unless you enjoy reveling in their boot on your spiritual neck, leave these late-April to middle-May people alone. Charm only lasts so long with them.

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spirituality (fire)

I'm desiring those inspired moments of "clink!" and "ready, set, go!" that you give so effortlessly aka cheers! However, to keep with the astrological theme ... this Uranus/Pluto has Scorpio/Aquarius written all over it! Think Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald singing "On My Own." You know all about it because a codependent Aries is no Aries.

Translation: Know thyself, hello, Delphi oracle, but more importantly know and own yourself first. (Pun intended. Don't get the pun? Think birthers.) Through knowing and owning yourself, then you can truly be with others ... how you affect them. Your own sign is the one that will challenge you the most. Aries working on other Aries works well.

After you know yourself, you must work within society, a group of people who at best are indifferent but mostly internally hostile to you. So, if oppressed, you have got to get to know those in control. Women know where the smarmy men are. People of color and/or the poor know more about the privileged. Capricorn is the sign that will call you out if you are acting outside of your integrity. Love knowing your own first while not getting caught in any hierarchy of oppression ...

Earth Element

Look to Earth- and Venus-ruled Taurus for your warrior monk inspiration. What?! You need a vision, just like last week you needed three little words that pack powerful meaning: Know your worth. Be the fill-in-the-blank wonk that you were born to be.

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting and learning earth (physical)

Who'll keep you from intellectual destruction, excessive anxiety and being your own worst enemy until March 16, 2015?
Scorpio will.

So what, your least favorite sibling or first cousin was born around Halloween? Those days of the dead ain't easy on these emotionally deep, and sometimes twisted, souls (talking about Scorp, not you). These highly discriminating people will help you stay away from your self-loathing tendencies. Who will feed you if you become hysterically worried about the plight of Japan and the Pacific Rim? Capricorn will. These quietly lusty folks (Pan is a guardian of theirs) can healthily remind you of how many ways you have survived tragedy in this life and others. You have an untapped ability to get what is needed in the moment, a fruit of the human spirit (aka long-suffering). The mountain goat gives you a methodical step to your shared happy ending. May your ending not be an archipelago (Japan) sliding into an ocean ... ? Unless you haven't learned a major lesson between martyrdom and masochism, you'll be playing the role of Japan.

Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth (physical)

Oh, you. You are aware that you can take that long walk home on a tightrope like a worn-out carnival act, right? Those born of the Cancer tribe can earn some exceptional karmic brownie points through helping you not repeat the sins of your father. These parental mishaps (mothers love imperfectly, too) do not have to visit you. With a few feeling connections acknowledged without any of your exacting perfectionism or ambition, you can beat the early childhood neglect. Who'd remind you to preserve beyond being a complacent production of those wack jobs? Aries can and will. Like our president, do not listen to naysayers who claim that experience is the major criterion. It is not. Take a risk, act like Shirley MacLaine, get the fruit on a limb and take that camino (Spanish for walk) - that's two book titles by Ms. Shirley.

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

Believe it or not, the sign whose motto is "I believe" is the one who will support you over these next several years. That major member of your support circle is Pisces. It will not be something that you can predict. You will have to learn how to allow the mystery of human connection to be revealed in its own sweet time. Sure, these folks may go to emotional extremes. Your innate logic will not be damaged to consider their unique viewpoints.

The last five weeks have been conspiring to get you to see the complexity of interaction. Resist your temptation to be reductive, that is, making life simpler than it is. Sagittarius comes in to ensure that you stay on path, not humiliating others or getting humiliated. Their humor and insightfulness may hurt at first. However, upon reflection, you'll find that their (sometimes) unsolicited was spot-on.

Air Element

It's about knowing how much fighting spirit you have within yourself, and then how much you want to express. I tell on my musical taste yet once more: Go to YouTube for Diana Ross' "I Ain't Been Licked," written by the late Nick Ashford and the ever vivacious Virgo Valerie (loving the alliteration) Simpson. You are back again, that is, you have returned to your more authentic self. Yea!

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

Hands you thought would hurt, they will not. These are some of the lyrics to "I Ain't Been Licked." The sign that will lick whatever you suggest is ... Aquarius. Aquarius gives exceptional tongue generally, but specifically for you. These star children represent your most outgoing and outlandish thoughts that you rarely dare to express, even to yourself. As the sign that was born to learn real communication, you can be too shy and retiring, like a Florida person visiting his estranged siblings from New York.

Continuing with the Ashford & Simpson theme, the sign that keeps it hanging on will be Scorpio. Like the crab's (Cancer, another water sign) pinchers, Scorpios can have a relentless need to get even (and shorty) and a deep need to see their dark balancing act. The more evolved ones of the sign know how to be loosened from this egocentric act that only Leo, Capricorn and Libra can top. Mostly. Because given the right amount of privilege, any sign can think they're so vain that the song (life) is all about him or her. Treat these private people with respect and during these next three years you'll have a port in any storms (real or imagined).

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual, starting relationships

How can you have realistic optimism for your future and those connected to you? This is Question 3 in the introduction. Your scales must stay balanced between realistic optimism for what is to come and what others expect from you. Oh, don't go coy on me. And, more importantly, don't go coy (read: delusional) on yourself. The universe counts upon your channeling a moderate perspective where compromise is not a Southern Strategy and/or a yoga teacher acting very unspiritual-like.

The sign who keeps your scales between 48 percent and 52 percent is ...
Aries. These plucky people will act to keep your indecisiveness under control. Let them, but only if they have decisive answers that have been thought out.
Who'll not bow to your brand of obsessive focus and control?
Cancer. They will give the feeling perspective when you've overanalyzed. But they will not support rationalizations that parade as feelings. This is not Thanksgiving where you get to play an aged host who has not counted his blessings. Return to your own reservation. In other words, where have you been unjustly treated (and everyone knows it) but you self-destruct anyway? The closer you were born to October 23, the earlier this mistreatment occurred.

Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating mind

You may not say this or admit it to yourself, but you'd like to be the hero of your life. Not an intellectual one but a fiery Patrick Henry or "the British are coming" kind of hero. The sign that will foster this not-so secret fantasy is Gemini. Their twin ways allow you to have a threesome without the, shall I say, practical and emotional complications. What's a little bit of sports fantasy between a couple of repressed friends? It is called fantasy for a reason. It happens within the mind. Give one good reason ala Tracy Chapman that a sexual diary needs to be judged. Gemini does not judge journals. Give them and your partner reason(s) for more fun. You will not be disappointed, unless you do not heed this sign's scrutiny.

Your judging sign until March 16, 2015, is Pisces.
Yes, I believe in miracles, virgin births, guides, undines, fairies and angels. Pisces is your down-to-earth energy guide. They are here to get to the state of whimsy. This state exists somewhere on the border of Alabama and Mississippi. Panola, Alabama, to be exact, is in the neighborhood of whimsy, where my great-grandfather was born. He made his relative fortune in Detroit. Love what you do, then fortune smiles and follows you.

The Rising Sign, aka Ascendant, represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what is in store this week.

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