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Major Planetary Note (MPN): New Moon in Cancer, Wednesday, July 18, 2012, near midnight CDT

Basic Meaning of MPN

Every 28 days, the Sun, Moon and Earth align in one of the 12 signs. These are excellent startup times. Imagine that your venture capitalist has given you the money for your new business. Where would you begin to invest it? Energy is no different; we are just taught that it is. Money, personal feelings, time, even our thoughts all want to be invested at each New Moon. Each sign has a script it reads, and Cancer reads from the past, your personal history. Cancer, however, has to honor the past and its family of origin without getting lost there. We must learn that we are a product of our past, but not a slave to it.

Thought Food (contemplate): Imagine a day when we are literally blind to what makes us physically different as humans. There is no Republican "Southern Strategy." There are no gender wars. All citizens can get married. Each person has the same access to education. (I know I could have enjoyed law school if our research was done on computer. I cannot tell you the numbers of times cases, which I needed to write my briefs for class, were ripped out of the legal books, therefore slowing down my research.) We will have evolved to a point that families are determined by those who share similar aspirations and empathy, not blood lines.


How can you acknowledge your gender, race, class, sexual orientation and educational background without having it define your future?

If the "personal is political," can identity politics be overdone?

When will politically active churches lose their tax-exempt status? (Helping everyone vote is one thing; wanting to legislate your faith for everyone else is quite another. Are you aware that the entire state of Mississippi has only one clinic that performs abortions, and it's in serious danger of being closed? Last time I checked, abortion was still a legal medical procedure.)

Water Element

Cancer, June 21-July 22, is initiating feeling (soul)

It's New Orleans, and it's Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll! With pragmatic Saturn communicating to your potentially raw Cancer feelings, let clear thinking be your guide to how much pleasure you can realistically expect in a 24-hour day. You'll certainly receive less of it if your mind has locked your soul in a state of lack and abandonment. You've got the power to make your reality better. Stay focused on the gambles you'd like to take in the now. Imagine the past has no hold on you, unless it's a reflective cautionary tale about how to get more joy in the present. And don't be thinking about no Ash Wednesday or Lent, either!

Scorpio, October 23-November 21, concentrating feeling (soul)

When the heavenly chariot of Helios (how the Greeks describes the Sun's trek through the skies) travels through Cancer's highway, you may relax and restore yourself. Yet, for the next several days, there's somewhat of a bumpy ride. If you are carrying resentments and a precisely negative focus, Helios will need an off-road four-wheel-drive vehicle. Stay on your path of appearing calm and in control. It is not necessary to play the role of teacher, priest and spiritual guide all at once. If asked for your insight, OK. If not, joyously stay in observation mode. Some folks around you have not learned how to differentiate the message from the messenger. In order to truly enjoy these interesting times, you must mask your insights. Roads and hell and good intentions do not make you radiant; they make you the focus of someone else's resentment and jealousies. Your well-timed smile does wonders for staying on your chosen path, no matter what it may appear like to those who think they know you.

Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting and learning feeling (soul)

Although you are a child of expansive Jupiter and otherworldly Neptune, Mercury retrogrades can affect your relationships in a serious way. It is as if for three weeks you and your significant others speak different languages. Until August 8, you must reorganize your work space. Sure, you can by removing excess clutter. But yours is a soulful water sign. Physically straightening up your desk is a symptom of what's wrong. You must go on a quirky vision quest. Find your original inspiration, not only for work but also for why you serve others the way you do. If you are expecting a rescue, it's not gonna happen. These next 20 days (and each day has its own anxiety and drama potential), you must save yourself. Speak your language of what you can realistically and logically deliver. Cease trying to explain yourself to folks who probably will never like (or, more importantly, not believe) you in the first place. Go back and read Cancer's message. Apply 70 percent of it to you.

Fire Element

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spirit, aka individuality (fire)

Within 30 days of your birthday, you retreat into your mind and spirit to reflect upon your last year and life (depending on your age and depth). Suffice it to say, we all do this before our next year of aging shows up. This is one of the reasons for a birthday party. Setting the record and the goals straight, which is moving forward. This New Moon has all the makings of increasing your self-determination. I said self-determination, not a mulelike stubbornness to show us who's the boss or defending personal citadels that have no true meaning. No faux outrage, please! Imagine that your life resembles the Palestinians; you want others to recognize you as an independent state, but done peacefully and culturally. (UNESCO, the United Nation Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, determined that the Church of the Nativity where Christians believe Jesus was born has been determined as an endangered World Heritage site. It's on the West Bank. This act can be considered a recognition of Palestinian culture and their right to statehood?) A Cancer New Moon accentuates our clannish natures, but it can also demonstrate the larger human family connection. As the sign that follows Cancer, you teach them and us to fight battles that mean something to your ethnicity, while acknowledging that others have the same claim to their origins. Some of the best peace within relationships comes from the most intense anger. A lukewarm smile beats out a scowl, personally speaking.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting and learning spirit, aka individuality (fire)

Read Leo's message first. Yes, I realize that I often ask you to read another sign's message before your own. You are an intuitive, synthesizing, energetic fire sign. This means that your enthusiasms sometimes have no limits. By getting different viewpoints before you fully form your own (i.e., your personal message), you have more to broadcast to the rest of us. At this moving from the personal dimension of Cancer (Leo begins on Sunday, July 22, @ 6.01a CDT) to the interpersonal dimension of Leo, you can act as an ambassador to inspire us to think beyond our own personal sandbox. You can remind us of what's truly important in the big picture, a lofty big picture. Picture yourself as a finalist in the Miss Universe contest, and your questions are about the difference between Japanese Internment Camps of the 1940s and reparations for former descendants of American slaves? Or should there be a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine? Should marriage equality and immigration be determined by the federal government or by state rights? Your attractiveness emanates when you ponder the larger issues facing our time. We need your willingness to put your foot in your mouth. It is better to keep the conversation going through goading and directness than to avoid confrontation and you lose your closest allies and friends.

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spirituality (fire)

You cannot fly off the handle because you've been holding on to some resentment. The last several weeks have not been easy for you to speak up as quickly as you think things up. Let the Mercury turnabout in Leo (until August 8) keep you reviewing the unfinished creations from your past. Look backward and review how much you've grown and, more importantly, how much more you have to say. Take action on what your other two fire signs refuse to. Remember, it is Leo who wants to manage, direct and control (unless they are the cerebral and overly introverted type). It's Sagittarius that wants to be all things to all people. Be true to what is presented to you in the immediate moment. Act accordingly.

Earth Element

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting and learning earth (physical)

One of your rulers backs his thing up, yet again. Mercury has left the building, but this time in a custom-made Ferrari. You have all the makings of getting your exact luxury item that you've been patiently waiting on. Understand, though, that you have a compartment in your soul that makes you long for a simpler and less materialistic time. Remember when people wrote letters, had land lines that they answered, and waited for others to finish a sentence before jumping in with their overvalued two cents? Can we have a little history without the segregation and oppression that came with it? These next six weeks are tailor-made for you to honor one aspect of the past that you want to keep alive for the future. Vinyl records, anyone? Calligraphy? Sweet tea on the veranda? While growing up, my mother would stand at an entrance door until I opened it. (How do you think I got all these knots on my head? It took bumping into the doors before I learned.) If this is too much to ask, then try this: Return at least one e-mail with a phone call instead.

Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth and its structure (physical)

I adore Capricorn women. Besides having two Capricorn sisters, I just love your earthy and responsible ways. Don't get me wrong just because Stevie Wonder and I were both born in Detroit. I don't be doing no blind love. It is easy for Capricorn to become controlling, materialistic and status-seeking. But when you come from a salt-of-the-earth demeanor, you are every bit as charismatic as Leo, as sensitive as Pisces and as sexy as Scorpio (men, too). Saturn traverses his final trek in challenging Libra until October 5. Over the past three years, you have been learning how important it is to model the behavior you desire to see in others. All eyes have been on you, watching and judging to see what kind of legacy you want to leave (hello, First Lady Michelle Obama, born January 17). The planets are giving you a three-week hiatus. As long as the bending of your role models' rules is done in private away from nosy folks, behave like Bacchus returning from a monastery that had a bad grape harvest (they ran out of wine).

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth and her pleasures (physical)

I adore Taurus women. Besides having a Taurus mother, I like what Venus does for you. Unless someone never gave you what you ask for on special days (Xmas, birthday or anniversary), you do not grasp for things. Expect good things, yes, but you have too much class to grasp. This Mercury retrograde sits nine weeks in Leo, your fourth house of home, real estate, family and food. Be you a foodie or not, check out your relationship to why you eat what you eat and when. It may be time to formalize your relationship to food, a restaurant, blog or cooking from a conscious (even more organic) intention. I started cooking before the age of 10 because my mother did not like to (and she loved too much black pepper when she did). Resurrect the stories around meal times. Institute a no-phone rule at mealtimes. In short, new traditions that you create and hold on to determinedly will make the major difference in your fully enjoying life from the inside out, instead of reading your clues from the outside. When the outside has too much influence, you have an empty stomach no matter how much you've just eaten.

Air Element

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual (air) and forming new relationships

Talk about fire (blood) and water. Vampires and family were discussed last week. It is a paradox, as are most spiritual teachings. You want more money (bread) then cast it onto the waters, and it'll return to you tenfold, so the Bible says. Cancer, like you, Capricorn and Aries are cardinal signs. You want to get the world moving. Your soul builds up to a breaking point, where you have to be bad, that is, hurt someone close to you. You must act beyond your overwhelming need for security. Like Aquarians, you have to be that "wild child." However, unlike Aquarians, you remember who and what was left in your emotional wake. This week, decide precisely which resources you may gamble with. Amp up your speedboat on the lake of pleasure and joy! There will no vampires surrounding you, unless you want to be bitten, but you'll know when to stop the psychic penetration (are they real?).

Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating mind

Face it. You are an innovator. Society needs indigo star children like you. Some indigenous tribes (First Nation) would say you were born with your "lights on," aka an open and active third eye. The first society we belong to is our families. Estranged from yours? Turned friends into a familiar community? It is probably because you saw ways to improve relations, to speak truth when others wanted to suppress your voice. With Mercury slowing down in heart-centered Leo until August 8, listen to the viability of those mind-expanding ideas that seem to stream from out of nowhere. Your normally active intuition is even more so; therefore, find yourself a trusted sounding board. In this way, you won't go overboard before we are ready to assimilate what layers of truth you see and, knowing you, also say.

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

Three times a year, your ruler Mercury slows down to appear as if he's moving backward from Earth's perch. It's called retrograde. This astronomical phenomenon has entered into mainstream through TV and news. Retrogrades are not bad. Mercury wants you to shift your awareness from outside yourself to paying attention to inside. Your mind can easily get caught up in preconceived notions and assumptions. Mercury backtracks for this very reason, to slip up your mind, to get you to think outside the box. Even though you tend to have a well-oiled imagination, you do not often communicate what it is telling you. Make like you're in kindergarten and share. Be unafraid of those who laugh and scoff; this usually means that you've hit their not so-well hidden buttons.

The Rising Sign, aka Ascendant, represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what is in store this week.

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