Letters from the week of July 31, 2003

Bill of Rights 

Letters from the week of July 31, 2003

By the numbers: Regarding Andrew Miller's "The Numbers Game" (July 17): great article. Sounds like he had a good time hanging out with Bill James. It reminded me of a long time ago, when I was writing for a newspaper in Leavenworth and I drove out to Winchester to do a story on James. Couldn't have been a better subject for an interview. Great guy.

Again, great article; probably the best I've seen on him (seen the one in the New Yorker?)
Phil Ellenbecker
Joplin, Missouri

Junkyard Wars
Full of scrap: Regarding Ben Paynter's "He's the Scrap Man" (July 10): According to your headline, "If one landowner didn't preside over Troost's junkyards, the street might look different." One could always say that if things were different, things would be different.

Let's suppose Mr. Wright had never operated there, providing the area with a supply of used car parts (Broadway Ford is not cheap). Let's suppose that the junk man was never there and that the price of the Hooper and the Boley residences had not been cheap. Would these people have even been able to move into the area? The very thing they are fighting is the thing that enabled them to buy in the area. Gentrification is the thing: older areas being bought up by the gentry, then the running out of the poorer people.

We are all in it for the money. Buy low, sell high, to hell with the poorer people. They can go somewhere else. And the city will help the gentry run them out.

We could just leave these things alone. The days of this type of junkyard are numbered. It's called corporate America. In a few years, we won't own cars. The Big Three will lease us a car. Same with property. And up goes the price, just like gas.

Animal Farm and 1984 are here. Bureaucracies abound. These people have to have something to do.
Charlie Williard
Kansas City, Missouri

Booty Call
Avast, ye maties!: I really enjoyed Gregory Weinkauf's review of Pirates of the Caribbean (Film, July 10). I haven't seen the movie yet, but his article made me laugh out loud! I haven't laughed that hard since Charles Ferruzza's review of the Ameristar Casino ("Crap Shoot," January 9). And the quote from Friday was well-executed. I wonder if Mr. Weinkauf wasn't high himself when he wrote the review.

Also, thank you so very much for the return of Free Will Astrology. Furthermore, the art reviews by Theresa Bembnister continue to be cutting-edge and concise. She is tops!
Renée Robertson
Kansas City, Missouri

Expose Yourself
Thar he blows!: Well, to quote the opening line of the weekly Mama's Corner column in the July 10 issue of KC Exposures, "I just can't let this go." I cannot imagine how Mr. George Martin can write that he is appalled by the article written in the Pitch in reference to sexual acts at the DB Warehouse (Jen Chen's Night Ranger, June 19).

He writes that Chen's story was poorly written and would be something that the National Enquirer would write. Has this man not read his own columns? Just a few weeks ago, he wrote an article full of half-truths and innuendo about Heartland Pride (Kansas City's Gay Pride Festival). Does he think it makes him legitimate to say things like "rumor has it" or "the rumor mill is at it again," to make his points? That is EXACTLY what the National Enquirer does each week.

As far as saying the Pitch article was poorly written, again I ask, has this man not read his own articles? His articles are routinely written with bad grammar, bad punctuation and just bad material. I realize Mr. Martin is not a real journalist, but if you are going to point a finger, maybe you should turn that finger around and point to yourself.

As far as being one-sided, or a double-standard, again I say, does this man not read his own columns? C'mon, Mr. Martin -- I have been going out to gay bars and clubs in this city for almost twenty years, and to say that what happened at the DB Warehouse is isolated is most certainly not the truth, and you know it. I am sure that the DB management "technically" does not condone this type of behavior, but they have been "turning the other cheek," so to speak, for years.

I personally enjoy the DB and every gay bar and gay club in this city. And I say, to each his own. Now, what is fun and what is considered legal are sometimes two different things. I say that tongue-in-cheek, of course.

George Martin, I say to you, and to quote you, "Be careful where you stick your nose -- you could get a rude awakening!" Or better yet, take a journalism class; your column regularly offends me and many others!
Jeffery Hickman
aka Loreal (local female impersonator)
Kansas City, Missouri

Flaming Lips
Advice squad: Savage Love used to be one of the best reasons to pick up a Pitch. Unfortunately, he has decided to cater only to his "sexually sick" readers rather than raising sexually interesting questions or topics that gay and straight people could normally relate to.

Being gay is one thing, and being a Flaming Sick Know-it-all Fag is another. Dan, no one gives a shit about your personal life.
Name Withheld Upon Request


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