Letters from the week of July 3, 2003

Bottoms Up 

Letters from the week of July 3, 2003

He takes a shot: I feel that the story on Congresswoman Karen McCarthy (Kendrick Blackwood's "Party Crasher," June 19) was a horrible piece of journalism, possibly a breach of journalistic ethics.

To admit that your life is powerless over alcohol is not easy. Most of us have had to hit bottom before we admit we are alcoholics. Congresswoman McCarthy did just that in a very stand-up way. A very difficult thing for anyone to do, let alone a congressperson of the U.S.A. She went to a recovery unit for help. For these actions she should be praised, not chastised. Sobriety is a very fragile thing, and being in the public arena and then having a threatening article like this come out is a threat to your sobriety. For a person first entering the world of AA, it is a very new and strange experience, so whatever her comments were on her first few days after release from rehab would probably be what she feels from her heart, not her political ambitions. As the "one Kansas City political aide" who is also a recovering alcoholic said, hopefully Karen is serious about her sobriety and it's not a PR spin. That person should know that the longer you are sober, the better it feels. Let's give her a chance and support her. Karen has my support as a person, not only as a congresswoman. She has taken responsibility for all of her ethical violations and is trying to make amends, step nine in the Big Book.
Jesse G. Camacho Jr.
Kansas City, Missouri

Head Cases
Blown call: Jen Chen neatly summed up the reasons many of my friends don't go to the DB Warehouse Complexx as often as they used to: Straight couples arguing in the parking lot, fashion victims wearing too much cologne, and leather-bar tourists who don't respect protocol for dark-corner blow jobs (Night Ranger, June 19).

For the benefit of other straights (or young gays) who may be inspired to go check out the action, proper procedure is to quietly observe from a respectful distance. Do not interrupt or try to interact with either of the participants while they are "involved." Don't make loud or silly comments about what is happening, and don't print what you saw in the local papers. We would like the DB to keep its liquor license and remain in business.

And for the record, "assless leather chaps" is redundant. If the ass region isn't exposed, then they aren't chaps, they are pants.
Name Withheld Upon Request

Gag order: The fact that Jen Chen has such an open mind that she's willing to go out to check out the gay scene in KC -- albeit with the security blanket of a gay man alongside -- is both uplifting and disturbing.

I remember when I could open up the Pitch and enjoy her ironic and biting style of reviewing the latest drinks and atmosphere of the area. I was quite irritated to find the tabloidlike, exploitative, crap piece that she wrote on the DB Warehouse Complexx, true or not. In one tiny weekly column, she managed to reinforce every homophobic person's misconception of gay clubs and make way for the possibility of more hatred and violence to be directed at those leaving that establishment. Why was it necessary to add that into the article?

Whether or not it's morally or socially acceptable to have the goings-on that do or don't happen at DB, it's nobody's business to REPORT it in the manner she did. Now DB has had a knee-jerk reaction, and if you are caught so much as kissing, you are warned once, then asked to leave. REAL NICE. Funny how the rampant drug abuse was overlooked at every STRAIGHT bar she has gone to. Of course, as the saying goes, don't shit where you eat, so why would she want to mess up her hangouts?

This could be interpreted as a rant by a bitter fag who took part in what she reported. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. Would that make it an obsolete opinion? Why are straight people so hung up and fascinated by gay sex?

While I appreciate a "writer's" inquisitive nature and even applaud Jen for looking outside the "box," it is saddening that her irresponsibility overshadowed what I need to believe were good intentions.
Shelby Mitchell
Kansas City, Missouri

More on ABJ
About the boys: Thanks for the great article about Anything But Joey (Geoff Harkness' "Joeymania," June 26). I met Bryan and Jeff through KRBZ 96.5. They are great guys and so into local music, not just the ones that are signed, etc. Bryan has shown up to several Fed Up and Gametime shows to show support for his fellow musicians. I hope nothing but the best for them in everything they do! And speaking of the Buzz, do you think you guys could say something about the pending change of format?
Jessica Johnson
Kansas City, Missouri
Editor's note: Your wish is our command, Jessica -- see the story here.


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