Letters from the week of August 25, 2005

Bridging the Gap 

Letters from the week of August 25, 2005

Just plain spokes: This week's KC Strip ("Spinning the Span," August 18) was particularly good, with the good news about the bicycle bridge. I, too, live in KCK and occasionally bike. My two favorite vistas: coming across 18th Street between I-35 and I-70 at night, where first you drive through a cut in the hills and see the layers of rock, and then above the railroad yard, which I think of as the "valley of lights"; and downtown, driving past the library on Minnesota and the EPA building (I always wonder why the EPA needs a big, conventional office building -- shouldn't the Environmental Protection Agency have a grass-roofed, landscaped showcase of green architecture?) to where I-70 starts and you can see KCMO up on a hill across the river. It makes my heart sing. But I suppose if you popularize it too much, the yuppies will move in and drive up the prices and change the zoning (right now, people can rent apartments on the second floor above stores on Central Avenue -- try to do that in Johnson County!), and they will buy all the old fixer-uppers, and instead of fixing them up they'll tear them down and erect new, shiny, overpriced places and eliminate all the funkiness that makes it nice to live here. Anyway, thanks for the news about the Woodswether Bridge.

Mike Bailey
Kansas City, Kansas

The Body Politic
Ho down: I found Justin Kendall's article on Connie Morris' autobiography absolutely delicious ("Unnatural Selection," August 18). I always knew she was some kind of repressed, hypersexual slut to be so gung-ho for God.

Chris Johnston
Overland Park
Con job: How sad for America that a blatant hypocrite like Connie Morris won 79 percent of the vote in her district. Ugh.

Jewell St. Clair
Via the Internet

Pop Art
That puts the pig in pigment: Regarding Nadia Pflaum's "Brush Strokes" (August 11): Anyone who has attempted to draw the human form understands the difficulty of that task. That is why a painting or drawing session must be free of all distractions, be it noise, heat, cold, interruptions or inappropriate models. An art session coordinator's goal is to produce a safe, clean and respectable environment for creative success and also to provide a positive work environment for both model and artist. Most of the art sessions in the KC area do just that. The vast majority of art models in this city are hardworking and respectful. They understand that an artist's success depends on their mood, energy and behavior. Your article has highlighted a rare occurrence.

M.J. Kelley
Via the Internet

Shamrock Shake
It's not easy being green: The Night & Day section in the August 18 issue included the regularly scheduled meeting of the local Irish Northern Aid unit, mentioning also that INA supports a free and independent Ireland achieved by peaceful means. However, the unidentified writer of the blurb seemingly couldn't resist a gratuitous dig, commenting that "INA is reputed to have used donations to purchase weapons for the IRA." The wholly unfounded rumor about the Irish Northern Aid supposedly being a money conduit for the IRA has been circulating for more than 20 years. Irish Northern Aid is an educational and charitable organization made up exclusively of Americans who support a peaceful, united Ireland, and it enjoys tax-exempt status as such. Inasmuch as the IRA went on cease-fire 11 years ago, and inasmuch as the IRA has provably decommissioned significant stores of weapons on three occasions since then and is about to fully complete that process, and inasmuch as the IRA last month publicly ordered all of its members "to assist the development of purely political and democratic programs through exclusively peaceful means," it seems reasonable to expect that scurrilous attacks such as appeared in the Pitch would have long ago been consigned to the trash bin.

Graydon Wilson, Chair
Green Mountain Unit, Irish Northern Aid
Burlington, Vermont

World View
Think global, act local: Thanks for the mention of Gamelan Genta Kasturi in "World Party" by April Fleming (Night & Day, August 18). I would like to offer a clarification: The instruments and style of music are from Indonesia; however, the ensemble itself is made up of local volunteer professional and amateur musicians from the Kansas City area.

Sam Hughes
Via the Internet

Station Misidentification
Radio daze: When I read "King Theory" (Night & Day, August 11), I was shocked to see that the author (Rebecca Braverman) got the sponsor's info incorrect. Everyone in KC knows that KYYS 102.1 disappeared years ago. KYYS is now 99.7. I was very disappointed that this was incorrect in your article. While seeing KYYS 102.1 brought back many good and bad memories for me, it's sad to think that this error wasn't caught during the editing process.

Kelly Floyd

Dance Dance Revolution
Stand by me: Regarding the Elvis Costello show: I really am sorry about the old farts (Wayward Son, August 11). You should have kept dancing. I am of the boomer generation, and that woman embarrasses me. I can't imagine making the effort to go out and see the great Elvis Costello and SITTING DOWN! JEEZ. Next time, ask her to dance.

Tricia Lamar
Via the Internet

Drop Spindle
Beeeby see: Regarding Jason Harper's review of Broken Spindles (Hear & Now, August 11): If it means anything, I bought an album of theirs a couple years ago. I really liked it just as beeeby Asianesque background noise. To those of us who don't know the technicalities of the drum machine, it sounds pretty cool. Whatever, man -- I like it.

Name Withheld by Request


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