Letters from the week of January 22, 2004

Bus Crash 

Letters from the week of January 22, 2004

Taxing thoughts: I just read Tony Ortega's Kansas City Strip about the ATA tax and the Star's lack of investigative reporting (December 18).

I was struck by the same sentiment when I viewed KCPT Channel 19's KC Week in Review segment a few weeks back. I don't remember who exactly was on the panel hosted by Nick Haines (Mike Mahoney, Mike Hendricks from the Star and a few others), but they were enthusiastically discussing the fact that Area Transportation Authority tax money would be spent on TIF and had been for years. Why wasn't this issue raised by proponents or opponents of the tax? All I could think was, whatever happened to investigative reporting? Why didn't any of the news channels or the Star report this? It wasn't, apparently, a deep, dark secret.

How utterly the "official" local news media has -- once again -- failed the citizens of Kansas City.

Kudos to the Pitch for having the instincts to uncover -- and the gumption to address -- important issues facing the KC metro area. Shame on the Star and other local media outlets for their lazy, kowtowing reportage.
Carol M. Johnson

Dancers in the Dark
Sex marks the spot: After reading some of the other responses to Ben Paynter's "Last Call?" article (December 11), I felt I had to add my two pfennigs.

I personally have an extreme dislike of that club (watered-down drinks and watered-down music), but by the end of the article, I was actually on their side. This may be partially due to the writing, but I didn't need much help seeing that Grow has nothing better to do than pass judgment on people and cause trouble for anybody he doesn't agree with (and maybe make a little money in the process.)

I think so much of it comes down to sex. If we're honest about it, we realize that almost everything most people do eventually comes down to getting or keeping sex, and you get these people who either aren't getting any or they just have all of these repressed desires and fantasies, and maybe some poison-semen backup (this phrase borrowed from Anthony "The Evil Genius" of Wavestation X). I'm honestly not trying to make a cheap dig at Grow, but I strongly believe that the more you try and repress something, it metastasizes into something uglier and rears its head more forcefully, and these people just want to make sure that nobody else is doing what they want to do and either can't or won't.

Unfortunately, it seems that, more and more in this country, they are getting their way. Of course, they would have you believe that, since sex sells and money talks, those who exploit sex for the almighty dollar are getting their way. All of the politicians, however, seem to believe that most people hold these self-righteous "family values" (it is quite apparent that the politicians can only guess), and so they cater to people like Grow.

If I think about it much longer, I might just have to roll down to "seXhO" for some watered-down drinks and cookie-cutter funk.
William Street
Oak Grove

Bond Market
Kit and caboodle: Joe Miller's article on Kit Bond was informational and gives pause to reflect on not only who we elect nationally but also locally ("Dude, Where's the Party?" January 8). It is an indicator of poor local leadership to consistently look to federal dollars instead of innovative use of local strengths. Those leaders who lament party lines and are yet seduced by Bond are not the clear-thinking leaders Kansas City or Missouri needs.

Federal dollars are not the free money local elected officials would want the public to believe. It is the same wallet funding local tax-base initiatives that fund the federally backed local initiatives.

The economic backlash on many communities, such as Excelsior Springs, the chaos in metropolitan housing organizations and residential areas, and discontent in Liberty of poorly managed HUD programs, Bond's calling card to the masses, support this article. Party affiliation aside, we are a self-determining nation in that we get what we elect. Elect wisely.
Kathy Guebara

Power failure: Kit pisses money away like a drunken sailor, as evidenced by his support of the IRS moving to the old post office downtown. What a waste of my money.

Slavery ended over 100 years ago, and big spenders like Cleaver, Clay and Wilson do not represent me. Bush, tax-cut guru, is the best man for all of America.
Name Withheld Upon Request

Range Rover
Night vision: Just wanted to say that I really enjoy Jen Chen's Night Ranger column. Her sense of humor is perfect and reminds me of my high school friends.

Her articles are a great, quick diversion during the week, when I can set aside some legal issue I am working on (I'm a lawyer; they aren't my legal issues) and enjoy the latest installment of NR.
Jim Allen

Beer me!: Am catching up on reading, so just came across Jen Chen's column on New Year's Eve and Miller High Life (Night Ranger, January 1). Couldn't agree more. NYE is a suckfest, but not in the positive way.

I can't remember the last time I had fun with a wife or date on NYE, and I'm a hell of a lot older than most of your readers. Thus, I remember Miller High Life in the little bottles from way back. Hey, at least they have the guts to let you see the real color!
Mark Lidman


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