Letters from the week of June 23, 2005

Hippie Hippie Shake 

Letters from the week of June 23, 2005

Blunt talk: I'm reading the June 16 letters to the editor section (one of my favorite things to do, by the way), and I'm blown away at the reaction of a simple article regarding Wakarusa (Wayward Son by Jason Harper, June 9). Lighten up, smoke a bowl and then read the Pitch. Hell, maybe if you're feeling ambitious today, bake some brownies, eat 'em up and look up the word sarcasm. I went to Bonnaroo this year. I saw a shit ton of dirty hippies, I saw a lot of bands (while fighting for my ground against those oh-so-"peace-loving hippies." Peace, my ass -- try an elbow), and don't even get me started on the drugs ... they we're GRRRRRRRRRReat! Chocolate anyone? It was interesting and ironic to find that this supposed hippie fest was actually a capitalist pig's dream. Goombas, pipes, shirts, cigs, showers, more pipes, more shirts (these tie-dyed), and did I mention the drugs? Save the "why do you have to hate" bullshit and the "we are so peace loving; we contribute to society" attitude. My point is, these festivals are a parody of themselves. I was there and didn't take any offense to Jason's article. Truth hurts, but if you can't laugh at your dirty-hippie self, then who can you laugh at?

Name Withheld by Request

Drink Tank
Straight up: Regarding Jen Chen's Night Ranger column about the Drink (June 2): Just thought you should know that I'm a very big humor skeptic, very cynical. But her unabashed and fearless approach to this article and its interviewees cracked me up. It's refreshing to hear of someone approaching such a "prestigious" venue and undermining its patrons' tacky behavior, which is all too often accepted because of their stature. Score one for the other half -- thank you.

Alex Coursen
Kansas City, Missouri

Sliver of hope: In reference to Jen Chen's article about her visit to the Drink, Billy Baldwin is in Kansas City. I returned from Dallas on May 18 and was shocked to see him at the baggage claim at KCI. Seeing him wasn't the shocking part; my several horny female co-workers not noticing him standing 10 feet away was. Anyway, just wanted to let Chen know that her RA's friend may not have been completely full of shit. Too bad you couldn't have gotten a glimpse, because he looks even more gorgeous in person.

Thanks for the weekly entertainment.

Shannon Richardson
Kansas City, Missouri

Shot put: Jen Chen nailed the new whorehouse at 47th and Belleview. It's nice to know that the press is aware of what is going on. It's too bad that you don't live behind it. I work and live on the Precious Plaza and have since I moved here from the East ten years ago. I went through all the nastiness of every shithole that's been at that corner since the attorneys moved out. Last Friday night, it was storming. The "Stink" had traffic down to ONE lane in front of the place -- horns blowing, assholes screaming for "shelter," the "penitentiary bus" all liquored up and blocking even MORE traffic. Hey, I like to party as well and have a good time, but I have never been known to be rude to anyone's neighborhood. The icing on the cake is left for last. My new one-year lease just went up 10 percent. It may be worth it to watch this Plaza shithole get closed down, especially since they have a 1:30 license and most of the noise is after 3:00 a.m. It's time for 911 on that one, don't you think?

F. Kirsch
Kansas City, Missouri

Flower Power
Fit to be tie-dyed: Way to go, meatheads. Not only do you have some anti-jam-band dickhead do a writeup on an event that has a primary focus on jam bands, but you announce the wrong date not once but twice for the Son Volt appearance at Wakarusa (Mike Warren's "Fortunate Son,", June 16). Son Volt appeared at 3 p.m. Friday, June 17, not Thursday. Well, what can one expect from a paper that consistently prints the views of egomaniacal clowns like Curtis Anderson? (Letters, June 9). By the way, tell Jason Harper that if he doesn't want someone starting up a jam near his tent, then maybe he should consider staying home, where he can continue to pray for that long-awaited Winger reunion tour.

Neal Wolahan
Kansas City, Missouri

Band together: Jason Harper kinda missed the point there with his rambling rant. Of course, the use of all the stereotypes adds color to the article, but one must ask, "How many of these bands has Mr. Harper actually seen or heard?" Research is the cornerstone of good reporting -- try it sometime.

William Fenner
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Tackle Box
Go fish: Hi, I just had to write after forcing myself to read the Summer Guide article about fishing ("Gone Fishin'", May 19). I mused while reading the first two paragraphs, "Hmm, this person obviously doesn't know anything about fishing or fishermen. Let's see what this poor sap has to say." I have been fishing for almost 40 years and do not fit into either category the author has chosen to lump the whole of us. I talked to a few fishing buddies that had either read the story or read it after my inquiry, and to the last person we agreed that this person has not fished. We must fit into that "rare exception" of folks who just like to commiserate with one another or Mother Nature while in the pursuit of our finned quarry. There have been many times I and, by extension, my friends have sought just the "sports as medication" experience, nothing more. May I suggest to Christopher Sebela that he talk to or correspond with more people next time he has to write about fishing? May I also suggest that anyone fishing at Penn Valley Lake not eat their catch. I mean, there are signs that say "Do not come in contact with the water," for crying out loud! Well, I feel better having gotten that off of my chest.

Wayne Robinson
Kansas City, Missouri


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