Letters for the week of August 3rd, 2000


Letters for the week of August 3rd, 2000

Fight or Flight
Great article on Richards-Gebaur (Bruce Rodgers' "Flight Canceled," July 27)!

There is serious consideration being taken about recalling Teresa Loar because of this very issue and many others. There has even been talk of recalling the entire council as well as the mayor, wild as that might seem. Kind of like a great big "do over." The flow-through of that concept needs to be thought through extremely carefully. It seems that maybe the politicians and big businesses have pushed people a little too far for way too long. Maybe it is time to get back to "of the people, by the people, for the people" instead "of big business for big business." These career politicians are totally out of control, in my opinion.

Again, thanks for writing such a wonderful story. It's really inspired and given hope to a lot of good people.-- Mary-Margaret De Shon

Kansas City, Missouri

Blind Man's Bluff
You know, it's pretty bad when someone wants to work but no one will give her a job (Allie Johnson's "The Blind Leading the Blind," July 20). I work at a bank and we have two employees I know of who are blind, and one of them is a manager.

I have dated a blind man, and he was VERY self-sufficient. No one -- no matter the handicap, personality, race, religion, or even the way he looks -- should be denied employment. Look at McDonald's -- they hire people who are mentally challenged, and Wal-Mart hires retirees. But Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) can't keep someone who has lost her sight because of a medical condition. What's wrong with that picture? Everyone who wants to work should have every opportunity to do so. I stand behind Loretta O'Connor and hope that she finds a job very soon, so that she can tell RSB to go jump in a lake. I am not saying that they are not doing a good service, because they are when they do their job. It's just that I feel they did her wrong, and they should be made to apologize on their knees to her. Not that that will ever happen.-- Name withheld upon request


You Take Your Chances
I am a 20-year-old student at UMKC, and I was walking to class today when I noticed the new edition of the Pitch. I saw a black man's face on the cover and it immediately caught my attention ("One More Chance," July 20). I wasn't sure what the article was going to cover, but as I read the lengthy article, I grew increasingly interested. I was particularly interested in the sections that discussed the Mayday Beach Party. If I ever felt bad about spending $20, it was that day. I was relieved to find that Shawn Edwards had taken the time to do the research and look at all sides of that day. I, and everybody with me, had never been more upset. That was the most horrible experience I have ever had.

My anger was geared at KPRS 103.3 because I didn't know exactly who had put the concert on. They heavily advertised it and Sean Tyler hosted the majority of the event. There was no Greek stepshow as advertised, and it was hot. The thing that pissed me off the most was that I didn't see anything that was advertised. I get no joy out of seeing black women portrayed as pieces of meat. I get no joy out of standing in smoldering, still heat for over four hours. My thing is, if the concert is said to start at 2 p.m., then that's when it needs to start. If we were told that the acts would be on at 7:30 p.m., then we wouldn't have been upset. But we weren't told anything, and although Chance may think he's helping us out, he's doing us a great disservice. And he's letting me know that he doesn't mind screwing his people over for a dollar. When Tuesday morning came around, I don't recall KPRS' making any comments about the event. My little sister told me that on the radio they were lying to listeners, saying that the show was great and that Black Rob had performed. You want to support the black people here but all they do is screw you with no Vaseline.

On the news, the take is that once again black youths get rowdy. They don't mention the water shortage, the fainting people, and the overcharging for a show that never happened. They don't talk about how any people, such as myself, went home and faced illness due to heatstroke or dehydration. The fact that Edwards reported that Chance still feels his event was a success shows Chance's blatant disregard for our feelings. I'll never attend another event that he throws, and I appreciate Edwards' taking the time to report on an important issue like this.

Oh, if it was Sandstone at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, there would have been coverage for days. But in Kansas City there seems to be no respect for the black youth. We're humans and we should be treated with respect. The cancellation of the concert on the news was portrayed as our fault for getting rowdy, when in actuality it was the increasingly bumbling mistakes, bullshit, and mistreatment from false advertisement that led to the concert's demise.

Thanks for keeping it real.-- Keichanda Dees
Kansas City, Missouri

This is the first time that I have read something that has made me this upset and angry. The whole article was filled with a lot of lies. There were no fire trucks there with water hoses to hose down the crowd. The Marching Cougars did not perform at 2:30 p.m.; they did not come on until after about 5. Local groups, and the women shaking, were on the stage; they came on around 5:30 p.m. The local groups did talk down on the crowd and the women. They were smoking dope from the time I walked in at around 3 until it ended at 8:30 or 9 p.m.

The fights that broke out were not small fights; they were big fights. The last fight caused a great rush, and people were knocked down and run over. I can't believe that Chance said that we should be thanking him for a mega-event and that no one got hurt. Yeah, right. It was a mega-disaster. People were hurt left and right, and they were scared. I know I was scared of being knocked down. I don't know what made him think that no one got hurt. If no one was hurt, then who was the man running out of the park with blood coming down his face? Who was in the ambulance being rushed off? Who was the man with the bandage wrapped all around his head? A lot of people got hurt.

If Chance is supposed to be a great promoter, then he should have expected more people to show up. Anyone knows that when you say "women and thongs," then men are going to come. No extra water was ordered. Security was at the gate when we arrived, but then they disappeared. People were throwing bottles because the crowd was angry. Just imagine standing outside in the hot sun for up to six hours waiting to see Nelly or The Ying Yang and then seeing nothing but the same ole niggas that you can see on the street or in the local clubs. It's not that we are hatin' on the local groups; it's just not who we paid to see.

I do believe that he is using the bottle-throwing incident for an excuse. Who would want to be out there at 10 p.m. trying to watch someone on the stage? If it wasn't safe in the middle of the day with the men touching on the women and taking off our swimsuits (yes, my shirt was untied), it would not have been safe then.

I am not taking my anger out on Edwards or the Pitch. I love your paper. I just wanted him to know that there are a lot of people who are really mad about the Mayday Beach Bash to this day. I think that maybe someone who was there should have shared his or her views of what happened that day. I don't know if he was there, but I was, and I think that the readers should have known what really happened.-- Shelion Howell

Kansas City, Missouri

Life in the Fat Lane
Robert Wilonsky has it all wrong. I've never read such a scathing review of a movie ("Waist of Space," July 27). Why all the anger directed at Eddie Murphy? By the way, Boomerang was one of Eddie's best movies ... read what the black newspapers and media say about him, his acting, and choice of movie subjects. They love him and understand his unique brand of humor. The first Nutty Professor was comic genius, even without considering that he used someone else's idea for it.

Eddie hits big with his audiences, many of whom are mainstream and most of whom are people of color and women. Hey, Wilonsky, stick to reviewing movies like Blair Witch, the Tom Hanks series, Mel Gibson crap, and the predictable romance novel genre. Better yet, put your pointy white hood back on and stay away from topics you don't know shit about.-- Esteban Renaud

Kansas City, Missouri

News of the Jeered
I have read Pitch for many, many years. I have watched the changes, and most all of them have been welcomed. However, when I opened up the latest issue, I was shocked -- no News of the Weird. As I always do, I opened the back page first, looking for my favorite feature. Of course, it wasn't there. I frantically turned to the table of contents. It wasn't listed. I thumbed through the paper, hoping I would find it. I didn't. Why, oh why?

Of course, this isn't the only reason I pick up the Pitch, but it was right up there. I held on through all of the changes over the years, but the dropping of this feature has put me over the edge. Thanks for many great years; it's been real.-- Dawn Simmons

Bonner Springs

I hate Quan Tracy Cherry's astrology column. I hate it, and I can't put my finger on why I hate it so much. Perhaps it reminds me of the little kid who always tried to use big words to impress people. Or maybe it was because it seems like each sentence is constructed using only words found stuck on those cute little magnets. Or maybe it's just plain terrible. It's a senseless anger I feel. Every time I see his column, I find myself cursing at this Quan guy. "How can a human being create something SO stupid? Even if they TRIED?" I'd ask myself.

Then last week, when I turned to the last page of the Pitch to read my beloved News of the Weird, I found that it was not only gone, but it also was replaced with ... Out of Time and Space Astrology, by Quan Tracy Cherry. My throat was hoarse from screaming "stupid morons," and my fingers bled from the paper cuts incurred from ripping your paper to pieces.

Without explanation, you've removed the last redeeming column in your paper, and replaced it with the worse geek filth imaginable. Uh, hello? Quan Moron versus News of the Weird? I'd like to shake the hand of the genius who made that decision.

Well, I consulted with my astrologer, and he said that your head was in Uranus and that perhaps you should pull it out before the Pitch goes under.-- Steve Tran


I know that due to the new publisher there are bound to be changes. (Lots of them too.) But can someone please acknowledge when and why these changes are happening? First, what is going on with your editorial staff? Patrick Dobson and Bruce Rodgers are now staff writers ... they used to be editors. (I might add that they did a fantastic job!) And when did C.J. Janovy come back?

Secondly, it would be much more reader-friendly to have a rating scale accompany your movie reviews. I really miss that feature, along with your local reviewers. (But that is a different story.) Last, what happened to News of the Weird? It wasn't included in last week's issue. What's going on?-- Kim Casey

Kansas City, Missouri

C.J. Janovy responds: Thanks for your thoughtful questions, Kim. Newspapers need to shake themselves up once in a while, and that's what's happening at the Pitch. We understand that our readers have a longstanding relationship with the syndicated News of the Weird, but we also know the column isn't alternative anymore when even The Kansas City Star carries it. So we've retired News of the Weird to make more room for local stories and entertainment listings. We want more space to write stories about Kansas City life and its own unique weirdness.


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