Letters from the week of April 26, 2001


Letters from the week of April 26, 2001

Breast in Show
Skin to win: This is in regards to the letter by Jason Neland of Overland Park about a naked woman on the cover of the Pitch (April 12). Damn! Must have missed that one -- and there were naked men inside? Double damn!

Well, what do you want? It's an alternative paper! Stick to your church newsletter next time, and you will do just fine.
Paula Wheat

Deviant Tendencies
Hello, dolly: After reading "Gays and Dolls" by Deb Hipp (April 12), I am appalled. One of the first lines deals not with Barbie but with collector Steve Harville's dog, Studley. "As Studley hops down and romps around the room, panting and HUMPING everything in sight ..." This has nothing to do with the article. This is blatant bias by the author against gay people. People can read into her choice to show this event as displaying gay people as wild sexual beings with no morals. Why talk about the dog at all?

Hipp goes into explaining the controversy about Earring Magic Ken, writing that Mattel realized "that the little necklace charm was something known among the oversexed as a 'cock ring,' a device that enables men to maintain prolonged erections." Again, this shows gay men as deviant and not normal.

Then Hipp explains that a Barbie obsession was responsible for a divorce. This article introduces the fact that gay men are wild sexual beings and divorce straight women for a sexual obsession for a Barbie doll!

Please, I hope the Pitch refrains from writing about the gay community until you stop writing with gay stereotypes. This article sets the gay movement back thirty years.

Just for the record, I am a gay male, and, strangely enough, I do not play with Barbie dolls.
Name Withheld Upon Request

Dance Cards
Rebel hell: I am stunned to learn that such an antiquated mentality is prevailing in Olathe (Casey Logan's "Where Would Jesus Dance?" March 29). I can understand the need for a safe haven in a world of increasing social violence, but targeting dancing? The image that springs to mind is the two drunken teens playing chicken in Footloose. Do they really believe that taking away a harmless means of release and social interaction will somehow improve the behavior of a generation?

I've got news for the Olathe city officials: Kids rebel. Especially when you take things away from them. If they can't party in a club, they're going to party in backyards and basements and bedrooms where there are NO security guards, NO bouncers and NO regulations. Then what kind of character do you think they'll be building?

I suppose I probably shouldn't comment on character, though, since I smoke, drink and dance. I've also never shot anyone, been in a fight or been arrested. Go figure.
Anastasia Locke
Kansas City, Missouri

Strange bedfellows: I read with some interest Casey Logan's story, and what it suggests is a somewhat improper relationship between the City of Olathe and MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Then, as I looked at it further, I found that every insidious action that Logan tries to attribute to this relationship could be mirrored by the insidious relationship that exists in other communities that are host to a large ultra-liberal university. Under the guise of political correctness, we see attacks on the right of free speech, right of assembly and freedom of press -- all of which he decries in his article as being tried in Olathe.

So I guess my question is: Just what is he upset about? Because from where I sit and look, there is not a tinker's damn worth of difference between this ultra-conservative institution and any ultra-liberal institution and the communities that they infest.
Richard N. Dyer
Tonganoxie, Kansas

Klam Dig
Show and tell: I had a great time at the Klammies (even more fun than the new Fatboy Slim video with Christopher Walken dancing -- now THAT rules!). We in the band Descension really appreciated the great job the Pitch did. Being nominated was such an honor for us, and we were so happy to get to hear the people lose their minds when our name was called. It was a dream come true.

The evening had a few technical problems, but I got to see some truly innovative (Jesse Jackson 5) and amazing (the BCR guys) music. It is not about who wins and who loses; it's about being recognized by the fans in this town. It is not easy being in a band like ours, but you guys sure made it all the hell worthwhile.

One drawback to the evening was during the hip-hop awards. The losers seemed rather childish and acted very badly, throwing chairs and smashing glasses. It was really uncalled for and only reflected a negative image on a field of music that everyone always says is treated unfairly. Overall, it was a smashing success, and we hope to be around a while and nominated in the future as well. We will continue to work hard and fight to keep your respect and support. And you have ours as well.

Hail Pitch!
Astoroth Occultus
Kansas City, Missouri


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