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Songs I'm grateful for by my favorite female singer ... major props to Chaka Khan. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): Ooh, watch out, a Solar Eclipse in your sign at 12:10 a.m. Friday, November 25. Learning to live on less is general theme, and you have to do this without taking any scarcity consciousness out for a walk. Huh? Make crafts for holiday gifts. With Jupiter, this eclipse's lord (and yours, too) in the intractable (and materialistically oriented) Taurus, you've got to recognize precisely what inheritance you've received from your heavenly and earthly fathers. Get in touch with folks with whom you've lost contact. It's the inner spirit of what you give that matters. There's a healing going on, where you allow your largesse to speak for itself. Resist any and all temptations to extend yourself simply for show. The less real attention you got from your father and his side of the family, the more likely you are to overcompensate. Just check your motivations in the mirror, man. The more freely you cast your bread onto the waters, the more we are to reciprocate your giving. From our souls' viewpoint, there's no fairest of us all, no matter what images Vanity Fair or GQ promotes. I give thanks for Chaka's "Any Ol' Sunday." It is her softer loving side that's willing to hang out until love happens, organically. The lyrics speak to not if love will occur, simply when ... and she's receptive.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): This Solar Eclipse falls in your 12th house of retreat, self-undoing and mysticism. Expecting a miracle makes its more likely for it to occur and for you to be able to recognize it as such. The supporting cast to your vision versus the "real world" reality is Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Each of these energizing planets moves through the compatible earth signs of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, respectively. You are not allowed to mistrust the ease of connecting the physical and financial dots. These teachers ask you to investigate the spiritual and metaphysical laws upon which hangs the trellis of our universe. To dismiss what cannot be rationally explained halts continued progress in your ability to merge the spiritual and physical. Chaka's 1982 hit "What'Cha Gonna Do for Me?" Not in an exploitive way, but in a "Do you have my back when I need you?" No doubting, dear mountain goat, only knowing.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): In our galaxy, you cannot trust everyone you meet. However, with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in intellectually supportive Sagittarius, you have resources that your independent and rebellious self refuses to unearth. Continue to acknowledge your hidden talents. Even in their raw form, there are those in our galaxy who will value them (and you for offering them up). In fact, your spirit hankers for increased adventure with your "more the merrier" mentality. It's like the smartest part of you that strategizes to get you to behave from a more defensive position than offensive one. So when you invite others to increase your numbers to be perceived more gregariously than you feel, you've lost your advantage. Quality of your connections feeds the more introspective parts of your soul. How deep the love is exchanged beats notches on your belt. Chaka's "Through the Fire" lights up your soul this winter. It's about love's healing powers after being wounded (and those who know you realize how much you can disassociate after a trauma).

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): It's your sweet and magnetic mannerisms that make you difficult to resist. At fall's end, your charm increases in direct proportion to your confidence that you've been working on mastering your darker nature. Oh, one of your fishes desires the easy life of being a kept "other," and that "other" can be "otherworldly." You have the capacity to keep the uninitiated attached to serving your interests with little effort on your part. This Solar Eclipse illuminates your 10th house of professional ambitions, social standing, status and vocation. Invent ways to get ahead while being starkly aware of how many will be helped by your grander vision of making the world a better place. Synthesizing idealism with determination increases your sweetness and irresistibility. At your best, you swim around obstacles like a Capricorn or Aquarius knows exactly which rules to bend. Circa 1978, Chaka is with Rufus singing "Destiny." Lyrics: It's just us three/you and me/and destiny/I'd like to know/What it is that makes a man/the way they are.

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): Imagine a conversation between Mars and Athena. Both have a need to survive, but at what cost? Mars heats up your perfection-seeking side to pioneer your passions into a work of art. (No matter what you do for a living, you want to be first and best, or you're on to the next "cause.") Athena sits coolly needlepointing while she ponders how her actions can benefit the most people and their collective futures. Adjustments must be made, as you continue to expand your aspirations and desire to travel to distant lands. You do more than survive. You thrive when you serve for no other reason than to increase the radiance that emanates through you to others. Mars has to behave less than an aggressive brute in Athena's presence. And Athena has to resist the temptation to sternly judge him for just protecting those he cares about. Both energies exist to be integrated. This Solar Eclipse helps you temper these warrior aspects of yourself into an inspirational brand of self-actualization realized. You like anthems, right? "I'm Every Woman," her first solo hit (and you're the first sign) works your fighting spirit just so. Even if an Aries male, you'd want to believe you get anything done (confusion or rhyme in our mind, call rain to the seeds).

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): Being the most concentrated earth sign, you can cut off your nose to spite your face. This Solar Eclipse sets your face whole again. All you must do is see the bigger picture. Take the time to know where you get the support of others, but know why you're being helped. Sense strings attached to the Greek bearing gifts? Trust that instinct, after you've reflected upon said instinct. Huh? It's not "all or nothing," yet paradoxically it is. Those with whom you have no mutually recognized history, it is "all or nothing." And let's face it (pun intended), it takes time to unearth and create all with another soul. Soul-mate relationships (whilst romantic) required work, open and honest work. See that you let no headstrong notions of how "it's supposed to be" interfere with what actually is ... because this is exactly the type of behavior a true soul mate will call you on. Keep your attractive nose on your face. "Everlasting Love" by Chaka and Rufus work exceedingly well for your seeking permanence soul. That's why you can be so determined to not change (hello, Mr./Ms. Stubborn); you reason if it's everlasting, should you love me as I am now?

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): Making-out rules have to be clarified regarding the sexes, opposite, same or mixed. I've heard of straight men dating gay men (and not for pay) as well as lesbians who go out to make out (behind their partner's back). Your sign labels behavior with the clinical detachment of a scientist or scholar. Souls mature. An older soul gets miffed very little regarding someone's orientation. With your ruling planet camping out in your opposite (read: relationship-oriented) sign of Sagittarius until January 8, 2012, these holidays will prove extremely intriguing. Use that reporter's mind of yours to illuminate what will make your relationship sizzle through imagining what makes our heat up. Negotiate the rules from a position of power, equality and fairness. Chaka's biggest hit written by Gemini Prince "I Feel for You." I think I love you is a part of the hook, and when don't you think you feel? This sentiment can sometimes leave us cold.

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): Gratitude Day ... "Sweet Thang" by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Songs I'm thankful for ... Cancer rules mean feelings run supreme. I can still remember the young girl I had a mad teen crush groove love for. Also, I wasn't too fond of Mary J. Blige's cover (even hotly debated by my young cousins who hadn't heard Chaka's original version). I'm gonna love anyway/Even if you cannot stay/I think you are the one for me/Here is where you ought to be/I just want to satisfy ya. And how sweet can you be? So sweet that those who have underdeveloped love muscles don't trust you or they think you naïve. This Solar Eclipse can drive to gluttony and other appetites. Slow down to discern whether that next plate or touch gives you something back. Let us know that your "no" can be turned into a "slow yes" (outside of the bedroom).

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): This Friday's Solar Eclipse demonstrates to you the power of love. You have been learning how love triumphs over fear, pettiness and control. It centers upon your ability to stabilize your individual spirit. Sure, you can scorch us through being too enthusiastic and expectant of dramatic gestures and responses. You appear chilled, but your energetic field (aura/tone/facial expressions) undermine your self-assured persona. Take the risk of opening your heart in exceptionally creative ways. Be the person you desire others to be. Make the effort to manifest your exact vision of how you want all of your relationship, then proceed slowly, keeping focus on said vision. Like the last hit song by Chaka Khan and Rufus (legally they produced one more album) "Ain't Nobody," Ain't nobody/Loves me better/Ain't nobody/Makes me feel this way. That's you, being ain't nobody who can love better, all that has to happen is your heart to open. Causes you to love a double negative, huh?

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): The time between these major holidays where family is expected to travel to see other can be difficult for you. You need your introspective alone time, a.k.a. downtime. What's a busy Virgo to do? Absolutely nothing or enough less activity so you can really relax. It is relatively easy to commit to more responsibilities than you can efficiently take care of and keep your spirits up. Hell, during late fall, it's enough for you to stay moderate much less for spirits to soar. Get to Saturday. Make it past Black Friday. Venus, Ms. Spreader of Joy Herself, takes control from compatible earth sign of Capricorn (until December 20). To attract love and support, you must be simultaneously soft and open, but knowing what you want, what makes you feel vital and alive. To know what you don't want is not going to cut it. Solar Eclipses can be all about letting the past into your consciousness to fully eradicate its harmful influences. A lesser-known song on her "Naughty" album entitled "Nothing Gonna Take You Away." The lyrics speak to a soul who's different, and so is afraid of opening up to love. Ask for the reassurance you need. Do assume we know you need it.

Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): Your equivocation may increase your likability quotient in some friendship circles. Yet, there are those of us who desire more definitiveness. Having a neutral projection cannot be your standard "go to" position. Mix it up. Show some passion. Act out of character. Sway the masses. Even if you have to call a number of private meetings, demonstrate what makes you fire up and tell truths you've scarcely acknowledged to yourself. Self-awareness is a terrible thing to waste; it's even worse to not move it into self-expression. Chaka's first Grammy-winning song, "Tell Me Something Good," graciously goes to you. Written by Stevie Wonder, it tells a story of an enthusiastic lover making you wish there were 48 hours to each day. Imagine all the loving you can fulfill?

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): Being the sign that's most associated with loss, letting go is something you must learn. Gains follow losses, much like those disguised blessings and silver linings. As your self-esteem increases, so does your ability to get the hidden truffle. This Solar Eclipse has the added benefit of both your rulers (Mars and Pluto) supporting each other in practical earth signs. Mars helps you keep an eye on the larger picture, systematically creating your future through recognizing the longer-lasting value of teamwork, building community and professional associations. Pluto sharpens your mind and how to communicate your insights powerfully without scaring the bejesus out of less profound souls. Quincy Jones produced this song by Chaka and Rufus, "Do You Love What You Feel?" It was that last disco era, so it ran short on lyrics, but you get the point. Want a deeper one? "Don't Talk to Strangers." Don't forget to say your prayers at night/Don't forget to wait for a green light ... something, something about God making everything all right. What can I say, Prince wrote it as he was converting to being a Jehovah's Witness. Presumes there's a God, though ...

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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