Letters from the week of February 7, 2002

Red Herron 

Letters from the week of February 7, 2002

Sixteen years of solitude: To the Missouri Department of Corrections regarding Kendrick Blackwood's story ("Time and Punishment," January 10): As a citizen and taxpayer, I object to the manner in which Bill Herron is being confined. Sixteen years in solitary confinement is wrong.

From what I read, I formed the opinion that Bill Herron lacks a conscience. However, the citizens of this state have consciences. When we learn that solitary confinement is being imposed on one man for this length of time, we know that the discipline is wrong. Please discontinue this immediately. If some announcement to save face is necessary, make that announcement, but do this quickly, please. Each day that Herron is kept in solitary confinement is another wrong.
Stephen H. King
Kansas City, Missouri

City Slickers
After spark: Regarding Casey Logan's "It Only Takes a Spark" (January 3): I agree with Tower Properties and/or the Kempers for not wanting to let Spark's owner have a 3 a.m. license. What good comes from a bar in the first place?

If a neighbor doesn't want a bar to have a 3 a.m. license, then Mike Gouddou should respect that.

Regarding Andrew Miller's "Around Hear" (November 15) and the letter from Jeff Fortier (January 17): Mr. Duffin couldn't keep the shows due to a lack of parking and bad publicity. The only reason the real police officers are there is to respond to the nuisance violations, kids drinking beer in yards, loud music, parking in no-parking zones, urinating in yards, etc. The only neighborhood support is Hyde Park's neighborhood association, which is six blocks east of the Madrid on the other side of Gillham Road. Eldon Audsley of Liquor Control did call a meeting for Kerry Duffin and the neighborhood. The neighborhood showed up, but of course, Mr. Duffin didn't show up for the meeting. His lawyer came instead. Jeff Fortier is incorrect. We have no vendetta against the Madrid Theatre. Let Kerry Duffin relocate to downtown; then he and Mike Gouddou can revitalize downtown Kansas City together.
Howard Carson
Kansas City, Missouri

Editor's note: Mike Gouddou probably could have used Kerry Duffin's help. As we reported last week (Kansas City Strip, January 31), Spark Bar closed on January 13.

Bad Taste
Look sharp: I thought Charles Ferruzza's review about Sharp's was totally off base ("Absolutely Tedious," January 24). Sharp's is one of my family's favorite places to eat. The food is always good, filling and well-presented. The wait staff is always friendly, and they get to know you quickly. The service is always quick and responsive.

I don't know where your critic came from, but he obviously doesn't have much taste.
F.W. Taylor
Kansas City, Missouri

Mesh Tones
Raggedy Andy: It was with amused disappointment that I languished through Andrew Miller's piece on Mesh StL's debut album, lowercase (Hear and Now, January 17). Andy's obviously a clever kid, trying hard to polish a few words into sentences, grab a couple of published bylines for himself and bump his copyjockey take-home pay up and out of the 20K range. Problem is, he's young. He needs mentoring. The piece was contrived, callous and displayed only a cursory knowledge of the subject matter he was condemning.

He misidentified the very individuals he was criticizing. He suggested success (or lack thereof) based upon a sales ranking at an arbitrary Internet site. A more careful and mature music journalist would have gathered industry data. He contrived a "battle" which common sense would indicate never has existed. If Mesh StL's music was so lacking, and the tensions between the "intrastate battle of the bad bands" had been real, it's doubtful that POM would have offered to expose their audience to Mesh StL for two months straight on tour.

Finally, Andy's feelings and intentions to denigrate the band exist in direct contrast with the result of his work. His piece will inherently introduce more fans to the band, who'll investigate and form their own opinions. Thanks, young man.

Andy's opinion is his opinion, and that's fine. But the manner in which it was expressed made only one thing certainly clear.

St. Louis sports teams are indeed more traditioned, culturally relevant and successful. Mr. Miller's little ditty unintentionally (but abundantly) also made it clear to this journalism graduate that your journalistic ethics and oversight are lacking in comparison as well.

Slow down, Andy. You're not quite as clever as you think.
Bill Davis
St. Louis

Spirit of St. Louis: Yeah, Andrew, next time you want to totally rip a band apart, make sure you do your homework. Scott Gertken is the lead singer, Matt Arana plays guitar, and he's un-fucking-believable at it. And why do you rip guitar solos? In an age where 95 percent of new bands out there totally suck ass (i.e. Slipknot, Korn, Blink-182), Mesh StL is reaching back to true rock and roll (i.e. Zeppelin, Skynyrd, which you imply are out of style like they sucked) and playing guitar solos, which have become very rare in music nowadays.

Gertken's lyrics are thought-provoking and soulful. I know you probably think it sucks that they don't say anything juvenile like "I like the way you smack my ass." (Shit, guys, we need another line for this song ... uuummm ... I like the way you smack my ass; YES! We'll use it!) Mesh StL is clearly on the rise, and I'm sorry that you don't like them. You should just go back to listening to Master P or New Found Glory or whatever suck bands you listen to. Peace.
Jeff Nations
St. Louis


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