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Theater of the absurd: Thank you so much for Nadia Pflaum's article about Rick West ("Horn Dog," February 16). My dad was part of his band for almost a year, and when he first started with Rick, he really thought that he had gotten himself into something special. He bought into Rick's belief that this theater would change entertainment in Kansas City. After several months of rehearsing six nights a week with no pay, the show opened with a thud, and I think that was the final realization for my dad that this guy was a joke.

I was lucky enough to see the show this summer. I thought Rick was smarmy and he reminded me of Fred Willard. If that movie ever does get made, someone has to call Fred Willard to play him.

Thank you for shining a light through the legacy he thinks he created.

Kari Knowles

Beat up: Thank you for your candid and true story about Rick West. I instructed my client, Jim Weinberg, not to be associated with this man or that club again. My only regret is that Weinberg's name was mentioned in your article. Jim is a well known drummer and performer and respected around the KC area and internationally. The great Louie Bellson said, after the death of Buddy Rich, "I have seen Jim Weinberg perform for the best many times all over Las Vegas, and to me he is the greatest, fastest drummer alive today after the passing of my friend Buddy Rich."

Jim was lending a hand to Mr. West just to be a good samaritan, "to help out." He had no idea what he was in for. He was never offered a thing for the many, many hours and days he dedicated to this one-night Saturday project of being asked by West to sit in on a photo session for the Pitch and play drums.

Thanks again for letting the public know the truth. You're terrific!

George Michaud
Kansas City Tail bait: I applaud you for your article! Bravo! Expose Rick West for what he is.

I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet him and audition for him when he first came to Independence. His quality of musicians sucked. He didn't care about good musicians; he just wanted someone he could control.

He also didn't want any girls that were experienced. He just wanted short skirts, high heels and long curly hair. Voice didn't matter! He is an embarrassment to the music industry.

Yancy Walker
Via the Internet

Mommy dearest: Your article on "Elvis" Clyde West was great.

I just wanted to clarify one thing: I work full time. The 20 hours I was referring to was the minimum time that Rick demanded for the band to rehearse each week, for $15. I had just gotten out of the hospital and told Rick that I needed to leave earlier for health reasons. He agreed. It was the next day that the gutless wonder had his mommy fire me. Thank you.

Mike "The Colonel" Sacher
Kansas City, Missouri

Bullet Proof
The Tupperware man: Regarding Gina Kaufmann's "Appetite for Destruction" (February 2): Brilliant article on artists shooting Tupperware. It's one of the few Pitch cover stories I've ever read in its entirety ... that is, without skimming at all.

Phil Cauthon
Lawrence Sword Play
If the Architects build it, he will come: Regarding Jason Harper's "Blood Brothers" (February 23): Wow! This issue is the first cover to cause me to rush to my office, slam and lock the door and masturbate wildly! The Architects are steamin' hot! Ohhh, that Zach! Offering his sexy young throat to the swordsman. Oh, mercy! I think I'll become a vampire when I grow up. I must see these guys perform. I can smell these sweaty dudes from here and my mouth is still watering. ZACH ATTACK!!!!!

David Johnson
Kansas City, Missouri

Reznor Sharp Muscle head: I was scratching my head as I was reading Andrew Miller's article on Trent Reznor ("With Beef," February 16). It appears that Miller is more interested in ripping on Reznor's physique than on Nine Inch Nail's music. The Courtney Love comment was stale and pointless. Their fling or whatever it was took place over 10 years ago so who cares. What is she doing now these days anyway? Sitting in rehab contemplating how to make a record fans will purchase.

Reznor's moved on from his past, releasing With Teeth in May of 2005, which went to No. 1 on the charts. It's obvious that fans are still interested in what he has to say. Sure, he's clean and sober and fit as hell, and no one can argue with NIN's live performances. If you wanted to demean Reznor's music, then go ahead, at least that is debatable amongst your readers. But ripping on Trent's body is insignificant.

You made one good point in your article — "Reznor's relentless performances are riveting." No argument there. The Kemper Arena show was riveting, intense, visually spectacular, and left every NIN fan in that arena satisfied and happy. As I was leaving the arena's main floor, one exhausted fan behind me said, "That was amazing." Reznor may have come with his bulging muscles to the Kemper Arena, but NIN's music and performance were what mattered most to fans.

Ruta Grigola


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