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Letters from the week of

Border wars: I was mystified by Greg Montgomery's advocacy of cracking down on illegal immigration and, concurrently, his allegation of membership in the Libertarian Party (Backwash, "Not Exactly Skinhead Spam," May 18).

Mr. Montgomery may be a Libertarian, but he is no libertarian. Borders, walls, papers, deportations and economic monopoly are inconsistent with human liberty. Period. It doesn't strike me that Mr. Montgomery is a reliable example of libertarianism, capitalized or not, in view of his imputed views on immigration. Any true lover of liberty would applaud the inaction of the Special Committee on Immigration Reform. Indeed, inaction by any member of any state legislature or the Congress, excepting votes to repeal something or other, would be welcomed!

I invite your readers to learn more about the concept of libertarianism and the noncoercion principle at www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/libertarianism.html#A3. I fear both you and Mr. Montgomery may have led them astray.

Scott K. Sherman
Prairie Village

Son Also Rises
In memoriam: It's been a almost year since my son's life was violently stolen from him (Bryan Noonan's "When Moody Ruled," August 4, 2005). Losing a child is the hardest thing in life a mother will ever do. I would endure childbirth a hundred times over rather than face losing a child just once.

Dominique Henderson was the third-born of four children. I will forever be incomplete. There are no words to describe the gut-wrenching anguish and sorrow a mother feels when she loses a child to violence. We comfort ourselves with knowing he knew and believed in the Lord. We try to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that one day soon, the cowards who so savagely and violently stole the life of an innocent 12-year-old will be brought to justice.

To them, I say: Remember this much when you're sitting around with your friends and you're talking about the lives you took and the neighborhoods you've held hostage with your drive-bys and ignorance. It may someday soon be your mother, aunt, grandmother or even your child's or children's mother who has to bury her child because of a group of cowards who hide behind masks and guns and drive through neighborhoods taking lives and injuring people at random.

Why is it so easy for you to take a life and think yourselves men, but you cry like babies and want for someone to understand and take your age and the life you've lived into consideration when you have to account for the life you've taken? You are not men. Stop running and be man enough to face up to the choice you made on June 15, 2005, when you murdered my son. I won't let this go until Nique O's murderers are found and prosecuted.

To say nothing in an effort to not "snitch" only invites trouble to your doorstep without want of someone to come forward to tell what they know about your family's tragedy. By not saying anything, you allow these animals to continue to wreck havoc and destruction on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Take back your neighborhoods! Send the message that if you see something WRONG happening, your neighborhood will SNITCH. It is the only way to stop the violence in the urban community: our community.

Charlese Henderson
Kansas City, Missouri

Banal Retentive
Blah blah blah: In an art capsule on May 18, Alexandra Fox writes of The Fetti Show, "For the most part, the smattering of art on the walls of the aAlice Gallery is uninteresting."

Thank you so much! That is exactly what my Eros and Aries series is about, the banality (that's another word for uninteresting) of mating and dating rituals, male egos, fusion of military and body politics, one-night stands and the plain-vanilla fuck. Again, thank you so much for being uninterested.

Lloyd Patterson Jr.
Kansas City, Missouri

Adult Table
Not kidding: Regarding Charles Ferruzza's "Child-Free Zone" (My Big Fat Mouth, May 25): Whenever I go into a restaurant and am asked "smoking or non?" I reply, "No smoking, no kids, and no cell phones."

Jim Layton

Robo Cop
Aisle say: Hey, Mr. Harper! I love the review you wrote of the Captured By Robots show (Wayward Son, May 25). Actually, the Pitch was sitting on my desk, open to that page, but I was working on something else while listening to CBR. When the song ended, I glanced down and saw a delightful little surprise. It was as if the universe was tickling me.

I was at the show that night and agree that it was awesome. I just wanted to note that there is an exclamation point in the band's name. [The group bills itself "Captured! By Robots."] And an itty bitty tiny point is that "I Melt With You" was the last song of the night. I remember because it's burned into my mind, and I'm in love with that song right now. I wish I could've married that song.

Audrey Meier
Kansas City, Missouri


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