Thursday, October 30, 2008

TV or not TV? (Should Kansas Citians Go See TV On The Radio Tomorrow Night?)

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It seems that many otherwise staunch supporters of exciting musics are avoiding the FREE TV On The Radio show in KC tomorrow night because it's at the corporate-logo-flashing quagmire known as the KC Live Stage at the Power & Light District. I was somewhat on the fence myself -- mainly because the 1980s polyester man-sized-penis costume I bought probably isn't flame retardant, and don't they have like, giant Tiki torches all over that bitch?

Anyway, watching this video just now, of "The Golden Age" off the new album, Dear Science, knocked me squarely onto the Hell Yeah I'm Going side. Like TVOTR's best stuff, this song summons the inner crunkwolf and makes it dance to "Shock the Monkey."

If you end up going and see a six-foot-tall cocks burst into flame, please, help the man inside of it to stop, drop and roll. The cock you save could be your own.

The other reasons to go: Beautiful Bodies, the motherfuckin' Detroit Dirtbombs and Shiny Toy Guns.

For set times, go here: Halloweenie Roast

Oh, and feel free to discuss your feelings on the Buzz choosing KC Live as the spot for its show.

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Political opposites share a wall

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Driving along State Line Road between 43rd Street and Shawnee Mission Parkway, you see almost as many Obama signs as Halloween pumpkins. That makes the one McCain-Palin sign stand out all the more. The next address over displays an Obama sign. What seems a little awkward, though, is that the two addresses are halves of the same duplex. It's one thing ro share a street with a bitter political rival. It's another to share a wall. Right?

Actually, says Bill Griffiths, owner of the McCain sign, it's not so bad. Then again, he's the landlord for the address next door. His renters, the three young women with the Obama sign out front, all graduated from Bishop Miege High School.

"I like them a lot," Griffiths says. "I won't have any problems with it [the Obama sign]. I used to be a waiter at the Capital Grille, and there, I was referred to as the staff Republican. I'm used to dealing with people whose views are contrary to my own. I used to joke that I was an affirmative-action hire in terms of my political beliefs."

Griffiths works at Sprint now. He says he used to be a pretty rabid Republican, but these days he's pretty moderate. "When McCain picked Palin, I told my wife that I was really happy. We'll either have our first black president our our first female vice president. Either is a good thing for the country."

So there won't be any furniture thrown through the duplex's common wall on Election Day. But things could get a little heated next door to Griffiths, where the Obama sign stands. "It's probably more awkward within our household," says Genevieve Schlake, who put up the Obama sign. One of her roommates is a staunch Republican. Roomie Molly Lindquist says she's undecided. Lindquist tries to stay in the middle as her roommates duke it out. "It's crazy," Lindquist says, laughing.

Just two of many households whose occupants will breathe sighs of relief on November 5 -- assuming there's a declared winner.

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Drive-through coffee: We need Java Girls!

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I was talking with a source over coffee when the conversation turned to -- what else? -- coffee. We wondered whether there was a Java Girls in Kansas City. Java Girls is a coffee chain described by its founder as "Part Starbucks and part Hooters."

Basically, it's girls in skimpy outfits serving coffee out of a small drive-through coffee store. Wherever one opens, though, it usually causes a ruckus amongst the community's so-called moral leaders for about a day before they change their rubber underwear and everyone goes back to living life. But that's been on the West Coast (it's no big surprise that Java Girls started in Seattle). I could see it actually being Controversial here in the belly button right above the Bible Belt.

Just to confirm: We do not have a Java Girls. (But St. Louis does, those bastards!) Moreover, my research revealed that not only does Kansas City not have a Java Girls, it has a dearth of drive-through coffee places altogether.

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Breakfast buffet: Thursday, 10/30

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Hey -- some Kansas Citians were recently running the Dublin Marathon in Ireland. What a great place to work up an appetite for some beer while also disproving the notion that we are a fat city. After all, how do rumors like that get started? (Irish KC)

Uh-oh. Companies are already promising to cut back or cancel holiday parties and it's not even the end of October. I guess if there's a silver lining, it gives employees a long time to plan a party at their own houses. (South Florida Biz Journal)

Attention bacon lovers: This is the holy grail of alcohols and just in time for Halloween. Bacon-infused vodka. (AV Club)

So this article is called "Grown-up Tricks for Treats" and features a big picture of a brownie. Being NPR and all, they didn't follow through with the obvious story from there. (NPR)

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Missed Connection found!

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Back in June, my co-worker Justin went to Barnes & Noble on the Plaza and found a handwritten note stuck in a book. As he documented in this Plog entry, he unfolded the note and found something akin to a missing persons ad. The writer, a young woman, left the letter for a guy she spotted on a previous visit.

“You were on the second floor of B and N. I saw you looking at me and we made eyes a few times,” she wrote. “It looked like you were with another woman, so I didn’t want to be too obvious, but I wanted to say, you’re very handsome. I have black hair. If she wasn’t actually with you, tell me what I was wearing.” The note, which was written on flowery stationery, included a Craigslist e-mail address at the end.

Well, we finally found the note writer (kind of).

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Studies in Crap: Do Cats Have ESP?

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Each Thursday, your Crap Archivist brings you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from area basements, thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets. I do this for one reason: Knowledge is power.

Do Cats Have ESP?

Author: Jeane Dixon

Publisher: Aaron Publishing Group

Date: 1998

Discovered at: Salvation Army, 1223 Santa Fe, Olathe

The Cover Promises: If you own this book, you own no others.

Representative Quote:

page 55, “I spoke to the cat the way one does when meeting an attractive stranger. 'Hello,' I said. 'Where did you come from? You are very beautiful. Do you understand me?' ”

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mayor's office officing at Chez Funk

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This photo, taken Wednesday at around 10:30 a.m., confirms the rumors that Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser now conducts a significant amount of city business at home. Last month, the City Council passed an ordinance that more or less banished his wife and primary adviser, Gloria Squitiro, from City Hall.

The cars were photographed outside the mayor's Brookside home. They belong to Kendrick Blackwood, Funkhouser's chief of staff, and Joe Miller, his communications director.

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The Download: New Travis MP3

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Despite charting well in Europe for over a decade, Travis has won over American audiences the way contemporaries like Radiohead and Coldplay have. The Scots’ sixth LP is its first on Fontana Records and it’s noticeably grittier than their usual acoustic fare. Ode to J. Smith is already out overseas and will be available in the States next Tuesday. Stream the whole thing on MySpace and download the album’s second single below, thanks to Spinner.

MP3: Travis, “J. Smith,” from Ode to J. Smith (Fontana/Universal)

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Top Ten Kansas City foods to eat before you die: number five

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Of all the foods on my list, this is the only one I could conceivably eat with every meal. It is the perfect side to any breakfast, lunch or dinner, and also a completely 100 percent Kansas City classic.

I am, of course, referring to the rolls from Stroud's, which make up my fifth food in this series.

Make no mistake, the cinnamon rolls are just as unhealthy as the pan-fried chicken and the mashed potatoes and . . . well, just about everything there. The cinnamon rolls taste somewhere in between coming straight from the oven and coming straight out of a fryer, and they're a mixture of crusty, gooey, bready and moist. Each bite is like eating a new piece of cinnamon roll until the basket of rolls is empty, only to be refilled again!

The best part is the encrusted cinnamon sugar on top that is heavy on the sugar and relatively light on the cinnamon. Besides the sugar and some butter, the rolls are allowed to speak for themselves, which is the way it should be. Too few restaurants offer cinnamon rolls on their menus; of the ones that do, the cinnamon rolls are too often covered in cinnamon or cream cheese icing or worst - powdered sugar icing.

A serious steakhouse would never dream or covering its filet mignon in a heavy sauce, so I don't understand why so many bakers and restaurants cover their cinnamon rolls in heavy icing. By not doing so, Stroud's has taken what traditionally is a breakfast or a dessert item and turned it into another part of the meal.

In picking Stroud's cinnamon rolls, I am going on history because I haven't been to the new Stroud's in Fairway. My mentor, The Pitch's food critic and fellow Fat City blogger Charles Ferruzza, did make it there recently for a review, and I was thankful to read that Stroud's hasn't lost much of the atmosphere and food of the old location. Charles described the rolls as fantastic and "fat squares of yeasty biscuit dough encased in crunchy, buttery cinnamon sugar," which is a much more succinct and poetic way of putting it than I could write and confirms that I'm not the only one to think they're darn-tootin' good.

I still reminiscence about the original location on Troost. If ever there was a restaurant that dispelled the theory of "location, location, location," it was the old Stroud's. When my parents first took me there as a youngster, I remember not being too impressed by the chicken itself but loving the cinnamon rolls and loving the entire experience. What kid doesn't love unlimited cinnamon rolls?

Looking back, I think the reason I didn't enjoy the chicken as a child: I was already too full by the time it came out. As my taste buds have grown older (though maybe not wiser but at least more experienced), I've learned to savor the delicate flavors of pan-fried chicken. I've learned to love the lard-covered green beans and their delicate flavors. With all that said, I still get most excited about Stroud's for the cinnamon rolls.

Image via the amazing website Road Food

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Concert Review: Alanis Morissette at the Midland

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Alanis Morissette

October 28, 2008

The Midland Theater by AMC

Better Than: Morissette’s “funny” cover of “My Humps”




Click Here for Slide Show

In the mid-1990s, before Britney and Christina slithered onto TRL, a female rock singer could get away with just being angry or introspective. And they could actually rock, not pop. Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, and a pre-MILF Sheryl Crow flooded Top 40 radio with barely a naval in sight. Queen of them all was Alanis Morissette. Her twitchy, don’t-fuck-with-me anthems raised the bar for the Lilith Fair Generation. Say what you will about her now, 1995’s Jagged Little Pill still stands up as a quintessential post-grunge album.

But then she went soft, and so did her album sales. A few minor hits and a couple acting gigs later, she’s playing for sit-down crowds like the one that showed up to the Midland Theater last night.

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