Friday, January 29, 2010

Luke R. Malcolm charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Brady Lowery

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Jackson County prosecutors charged Luke R. Malcolm with first-degree involuntary manslaughter in the death of Brady Lowery.

Malcolm, 23, told police that he accidentally shot Lowery, 23, at 1312 Southeast Austin in Oak Grove on January 22.

Court records say police found Malcolm on his knees, crying over Lowery's body.

"It was an accident," Malcolm told police. "I was putting my gun away. I did not mean to shoot him."

Court records say that Malcolm, Lowery and others were smoking marijuana and hanging out in a bedroom at the home. Malcolm had hidden his gun under the mattress of the bed to keep it away from children in the home. Malcolm told police that he grabbed the gun from under a mattress and went to put it in his back pocket, swung around and the gun went off, hitting Lowery.

Then there are witness accounts, which tell a different story.

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Tonight: Singer Songwriter Night at the Lawrence Arts Center

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Unknown quantities make for a show that can keep an audience on its toes. When blues-rock guitarist Fast Johnny Ricker plays host to a showcase of singer-songwriters tonight at the Lawrence Arts Center, he'll preside over a couple of newcomers and one well-reputed performer.

Fast Johnny Ricker
  • Fast Johnny Ricker

Daniel Quin Shay and Rayyan Kamal are fresh to the scene, while Preston Girard is an established player with two albums (Simple Life and Along Chicago) under his belt. Girard's thoughtful, poetic adult alternative should make for an interesting counterpoint to Ricker's Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired licks

Ricker and Girard guarantee high-quality entertainment, and the possibility of something new and exciting from Shay and Kamal makes the $5 ticket price well worth it. Failing that, the Arts Center has concessions and a full bar. The show gets going at 7:30 p.m. and is all-ages.

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Mario Marberry will ask for a recount of school board signatures

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Mario Marberry doesn't harbor any ill will toward Marilyn Simmons, the president of the Kansas City, Missouri, School Board. He decided to run against Simmons because he wanted to give voters a choice.

Mario Marberry
​"Not necessarily going into her or what she has and hasn't done, but the fact that she's gotten on the board and not gone through the community vetting process, is not acceptable," Marberry says. "Each time she's been on the board it hasn't really been the community saying, 'Hey, we want you on the board.'"

Simmons was first appointed to the board in 1996, but lost elections in both 1998 and 2000. In 2002, she was elected with 1,314 votes in an uncontested race for sub-district six. In 2006, without any challengers to the board incumbents, there was no need for an election at all.

So last year, Marberry started collecting signatures to challenge Simmons in 2010. He fell just short, but he's not counting himself out just yet.

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Cheap Pavement albums are on the way

Posted By on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 1:40 PM

In addition to the "hey, they're reuniting!" cash-in that is the greatest hits album Quarantine the Past, Matador's doing something else that -- while making them more money -- will actually help you out.


For Pavement fans tired of shelling out pocketfuls of money when they've wanted to get any of their albums on LP, Matador is repressing all five Pavement full-lengths on 120 gram vinyl:

Low-priced vinyl reissues of all five Matador LPs plus the Watery, Domestic EP will land on the same date - March 9 - and keep your eyes peeled for other interesting Pavement issues to come over the course of this year.

Hot diggity damn! You can actually pre-order all that stuff right now, and it's cheap: the EP is $8, and all the LPs are $10 (except Wowee Zowee, which is $12).

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Now you have plans for the weekend

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You need plans. Fat City has a recycle bin full of listings. In this post, all our problems are solved.

Another weekend, another rivalry. The men's basketball teams at Kansas University and Kansas State University battle each other on the

hardwood at 6 p.m. on Saturday. Lew's Grill and Bar in Waldo has drink specials on UV Vodka, bloody marys and Miller Lite drafts up until tip-off.

Even though it's winter, farms are still operating. The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm House is open on Saturday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. You can learn about soap and sausage making as well as corn shelling on this working farm in Olathe. It's $6 for adults, $4 for children.

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Ex-NBA player Shirley issues 'reaction' to Haiti column backlash

Posted By on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Paul Shirley
  • Paul Shirley

Former NBA baller Paul Shirley hasn't apologized for his column on Haiti -- the one in which he asks Haitians to wear a condom, if it's not too much trouble, and begs the question "Shouldn't much of the responsibility for the disaster lie with the victims of that disaster?"

This has proved an unpopular stance -- one that just cost Shirley his freelance gig with ESPN.

Shirley has instead issued "a reaction" in which he says his "goal was to question the psychology of donating, the way we react to natural disasters and the nature of responsibility leading up to and immediately after those disasters."

Yes, let us ponder the "psychology of donating" while people are buried under rubble.

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Friday Book Review: Patricia Catto's Aunt Pig of Puglia

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It takes a strong stomach to withstand the introduction of the first character in Patricia Catto's Aunt Pig of Puglia (published last year through Kansas City writer Debra DiBlasi's Jaded Ibis Productions). The titular aunt, born in the Italian-boot-heel village of Casamassima, arrives in the world "with boar bristles running up and down her infant spine" and looking "more four footed, more like a little pig with pink trotters than a human girl with hands, toes, etc."

Naturally, "Everyone was upset." Relatives and townspeople react to Aunt Pig's deformities with various judgments, theories, curiosities and maltreatments. Soon enough, though, we're mercifully beyond Aunt Pig (who dies young) and swept up in the opinionated and hyper-sensual world of Casamassima -- "a very small village ... designed with nosy people in mind" -- and the lives of characters who are much more engaging than Aunt Pig.

Catto teaches creative writing at the Kansas City Art Institute, where, according to her bio, "Her courses in folk literature of the world are her signature courses and reveal a deep interest in the archetypal forms and soul motifs of our species." Catto has described Aunt Pig of Puglia as a "magical realism novel." Its characters are the extended family members of a female narrator known as Pasquale -- and they do feel like archetypal forms steeped in soul motifs.

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The Top 5 Kansas City foods you'd want after the apocalypse

Posted By on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM


With the Book of Eli still going strong at the box office and Legion now joining it, I've been pondering the dystopian future. Which made me think about what five Kansas City foods I'd crave or miss most after an apocalypse.

Each post-apocalyptic film has a different vision of society, so you can consider these as suggested food pairings when you rent them from Netflix.

(5) If the The Road is right ...
Winstead's Cherry or Vanilla Coke. A father and son revel in the moment of discovering an unopened Coca-Cola. I was just overjoyed to discover that this simple but delicious drink came with crushed ice.

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Help Failures' Union press Sinker on vinyl

Posted By on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Failures' Union recently released their second album, In What Way on Paper + Plastick. It's a pretty darn all right piece of college rock, and worth checking out if you get the chance. The band does the whole mid-'90s alternative thing really well, to the point of getting Angie Hart of Frente! to do guest vocals on "Cubist Camo" and "The Fall Man."


Paper + Plastick is a vinyl and digital label, so In What Way is readily available on LP. Their first album, Sinker, never got released on vinyl, however.

One Percent Press released the album as a CD. We always wanted to put it out as an LP as well, but since we were never a full-time band and lacked the funding, the timing never seemed right.

Over the past year things have changed, and the band has become a priority for the members. Paper & Plastick released our new album "In What Way." We also have been touring a lot more, and are even going to be heading to the United Kingdom for two weeks in the spring to play. Now we want to put "Sinker" out on vinyl more than ever, but we need your help.

We are going to be pressing the LP at Pirates Press to ensure a quality product, and the project will cost a little over $2500. We are hoping to raise $2000 for the project with your generous help, and we will pay for the rest out of our pocket.

You can donate at the Kickstarter page for the project.

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Restaurant week lunch at The Drum Room

Posted By on Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 11:15 AM

The dining room was quiet on Thursday just after noon at The Drum Room, so that means Kansas Citians are likely missing the well-thought out menu of the sunlit spot in the President Hotel.

The $15 prix fixe for lunch at included a salad, soup and sandwich course -- and this could be your one meal for the day. It features items not on the regular menu with a generous salad to start and then manageable portions for the rest of lunch. 

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