Thursday, July 31, 2008

Russell Schultz and Lizz Weber at Paddy O’Quigley’s

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KC’s a pretty casual town, and we’ve all gotten used to seeing guys wearing baseball caps everywhere. That’s fine at, say, an actual baseball game or during a weekend errand run, or if you’re doing something that requires protection from the sun. But it really drives me insane when I see a guy in a baseball hat at a semi-nice restaurant (i.e. anything above the level of Applebee’s) or at a non-casual event. It’s like, come on. Try to make an effort.

So, when I saw Russell at the 119th Street Paddy O’Quigley’s on Saturday night, I appreciated the fact that he (a) sported a stylish hat, and (b) the rest of his outfit was nice and neat. And this at a sports bar’s karaoke night! His girlfriend, Lizz, was adorable, too; she wore a summery floral knee-length dress and these awesome cowboy-looking boots with a short heel.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heaven Can't Wait, Actually

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Why aren't there any Chiefs jerseys on the chosen?

The New York Times reported yesterday that Tyndale House Publishers, the publishers of Left Behind, are now publishing football books.

Left Behind, for those unfamiliar with the series of fifteen (!) books, begins with (spoiler alert!) the Rapture, describing a massive depopulation of the world that includes pilot-less aircraft and World War III. This is viewed by its readers as an event to be welcomed with anticipation (“at last: justification for my letters to advertisers on 'Desperate Housewives'”), sort of like porn for the excessively pious.

The Rapture then leads to the rise of the Antichrist, the Romanian Nicolae Carpathia, a charismatic head of the United Nations who seeks only to serve evil. This is clearly fiction, as I can think of no Romanian who is charismatic or an instance in which the United Nations is competent. Oh, and the protagonist is Buck Williams, who, much like the former Nets power forward with the same name, performs valiantly for a seemingly lost cause for years.

Some hate Left Behind. I welcome the publishers’ football venture for one major reason -- having the rest of the NFL swept up in a Rapture is the only possible scenario in which the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year.

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The Music Showcase Schedule, Updated

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The countdown has begun for next week's Pitch Music Showcase -- the 34 bands, $5 affair you've been hearing about that is going to rock you into a coma. Schedules have been printed up and are already making their rounds 'round the city, but I wanted to announce that there have been a couple of lineup changes.

First, download and print this year's Handy Pocket Guide.

Then, go and find a Sharpie marker and scribble in the following changes.


8 p.m. Rockesh Namelessnumberheadman


9 p.m. Dri The Noise FM

We're sorry Dri and Rockesh won't be able to make it, but we heartily and enthusiastically welcome talented newcomers the Noise FM and fantastic old comers Namelessnumberheadman to the show!

We'll keep updated if the schedule changes further.

Follow the jump if you want the instant gratification of seeing the whole lineup in black and white. It's going to be a hell of a night, for sure.

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Daily Briefs: The crucifixion that goes CRUNCH

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Giving good ideas a bad name:

Over at Prime Buzz, Jeffrey Spivak breaks down Clay Chastain's shifting succession of light-rail plans with a simultaneously informative and dismissive tone that you can't just learn from the AP Stylebook. I'm not saying it's a whirlwind tour-de-force of hilarity — we're talking about The Kansas City Star, not Crazy magazine — but it hits all the points I would have hit, including a bulleted list of Chastain's idiotic light-rail propsals. Only instead of using bullets for my bulleted list, I would have used Truck Nutz. Highlights:

Spivak calls out Virginian Clay Chastain for his unhealthy interest in Kansas City, Missouri, transit issues.


He also points out that nobody in local government takes Chastain seriously anymore.


Spivak points out that Chastain's cost estimates per mile are always ridiculously low.


Spivak comes very close to calling Chastain an attention whore, right there in the lede.

After the jump, a Truck Nutzed list of snack food deformities resembling major religious figures. Click here, or on this very valuable, very sidesplitting issue #1 of Crazy:


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Walt on Malts

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Walton Marshall Bodine will turn 88 years old next month – on August 27, to be exact. Although he’s still considered the elder statesman of Kansas City television journalists for his many years reporting news on the tube, the octogenarian broadcaster says he’s had the most fun of his career as the host of his namesake weekday radio show on KCUR 89.3 FM.

One of my favorite culinary quotes comes from Bodine, who told me, several years ago, “I prefer places where ordinary people eat. A gourmet is someone with too much money and not enough to do.”

After promising, for several weeks, that I’d take him to lunch at Fox’s Drug Store in Raytown (10004 E. 63rd Street), we finally set a date to sip a chocolate malt and eat a sandwich at one of the last pharmacies in the metro area to still offer a soda fountain.

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The Best Beer With Barbecue

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Unless you’re in the beverage business or you just love trade mags, you probably don’t read Draft Magazine. It’s not meant for us lay people. It’s meant for people for whom beer is a living. This month, they have a feature on picking the perfect beer from each famous barbecue city. The beer they pick as the perfect KC barbecue beer is…drum roll please…Zōn.

Yes, Boulevard Brewery’s seasonal Witbier is Draft's top choice. Really Draft Mag? Zōn?

Zōn is not even Boulevard’s best seasonal (that title belongs to Nutcracker Ale) and whenever I drink it, it never seems to go particularly well with any food, much less barbecue.

So what is the best barbecue beer? My top three choices would be in no particular order, Boulevard Pale Ale, Boulevard Wheat and Sapporo.

Sapporo, the Japanese beer is excellent with some spicy barbecue. Really though, there's no right answer, just better answers than others. But if I was picking a beer for a barbecue, Zōn would not be high on the list.

The Download Extra: New Mates of State MP3s

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University of Kansas alumni Mates of State visited the Interface studios at AOL to perform a few songs from Re-Arrange Us, out now on Barsuk. Download the video or audio podcast here.

Symphony Booster Helzberg Charms TIF Critics

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Philanthropist Shirley Helzberg knows how to win friends and influence people. Two critics of the lavish deployment of economic incentives came to City Hall this morning to support her plan to use tax-increment financing (TIF) to fix up a new headquarters for the Kansas City Symphony.


Helzberg wants to move the symphony into the old Vitagraph Building in the Crossroads. Helzberg and architect Jay Tomlinson talked about their plans for the building and other parcels along 17th Street at the Finance and Audit Committee meeting this morning.

Some usual suspects, such as developer and Crossroads Community Association President Shaul Jolles, spoke in favor of the plan. Even more encouraging for Helzberg, people who usually criticize TIF think her proposal has merit.

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Jose Guillen Asks Out, According to a Channel I Don't Receive

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I’m no journalist.

That said, when a reporter not well-known for in-depth Royals coverage quotes an anonymous source and both principals in the story deny it, should a local talk radio host devote hours of coverage assuming that it were true?

More to the point, as Sam Mellinger points out, if it were true that Jose Guillen wanted out, this would be the first time Guillen did not shout his wishes and thoughts to the first passing reporter.

Concert Review: Alina Simone at the Record Bar

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Alina Simone

July 29, 2008

The Record Bar


Here comes a bitter rant: The bummer about the rise of such awesome worldly rock acts as Gogol Bordello and Devotchka is that it's led to some really annoying bands. Like Boom – the jokey polka, thespian group that played Record Bar last night. It’s always cool to see people break out squeezeboxes and other less common instruments of rock. But I guess I just wasn't in the mood for Flight of the Conchords-style musical humor and a guy on stage wearing nothing but a green bath towel.

Apparently, pretty much everyone else in the bar was into that, though. Hence, the mass exodus after Boom marched off stage. The few stragglers who hung around caught something real special, though: Alina Simone covering the music of Yanka Dyagileva.

Dyagileva is a tragic, Kurt Cobain-like character for the tiny Soviet punk rock scene. I didn't know who Dyagileva was until I caught Simone a few months ago. It was a similarly empty night at the Record Bar, and Simone got on stage alone with her acoustic guitar and started singing in Russian.


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