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Mark Mallman Releases Audio Book Version of Comic Book

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Mark Mallman is releasing a graphic novel as a companion piece to his new album, Invincible Criminal. The Incredible Urban Myth Of The Invincible Criminal, with art by Steven Somers, isn't due out until early next year, but Mallman has created an audio book version of the comic book, and it was presented as five parts on Magnet Magazine's website last week.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Mallman plays the Replay on September 30. Perhaps one day he'll come through with Ruby Isle, his side project with Dan Gellar from I Am the World Trade Center. Much as I like Mallman's solo stuff, that Ruby Isle shit is dance-friendly stuff, and I can freak out way more over their craziness than Mallman on his own...even though that's still ridiculously crazy in and of itself.

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Concert Review: Peter, Bjorn and John at the Granada

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It's funny what a hit can do. Two years ago, I literally could not walk down Mass Street without hearing Peter, Bjorn and John's whistle-wielding surprise hit "Young Folks" blasting out of some boutique or pizza place. Suddenly, the song was everywhere. From clothing commercials, to sports video games, to Grey's Anatomy, to a sample in a Kanye West track. Rather than recreate the success of "Young Folks," with this year's Living Thing, the trio abandoned the anthemic sing-a-long pop of its breakthrough record, Writer's Block. Going into the Granada on Friday night, I was curious to see how the sparsity of the new songs would carry over in a live setting.


While the hyperactive antics of the three Swedes was entertaining to watch, half of the set was made up of songs sapped of anything close to engaging. Opening with Living Thing's first single and most upbeat tune "Nothing to Worry About" was a good call, but following it up with the album's weakest song, the Paul Simon-esque title track, gave the impression of a band treading water. And someone should tell Peter Morén that no matter how many times he runs, jumps and trots across the stage like a wind-up toy it's not going to make boring songs any more interesting.

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La Bodega and Sol Cantina busted for selling alcohol to minors

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Liquor control busted La Bodega and Sol Cantina selling alcohol to minors. For this bit of naughtiness, their liquor licenses will be suspended for two days.

Updated (The city sent out the wrong dates and times. These are the correct days and times.) La Bodega, 703 Southwest Blvd., won't be allowed to sell liquor as of 6 a.m. on Monday, September 7. The suspension ends September 9 at 1:30 a.m.

The liquor license suspension at Sol Cantina, 408 E. 31st St., begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday, September 6, and ends at 1:30 a.m. on September 8.

If you must booze, you'll have to find another watering hole.

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This morning's protest: Outside Kit Bond's health-care 'town-hall forum'

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Democrats immediately seized on the hypocrisy of a Republican health-care forum at Children's Mercy Hospital today. Across the country, conservatives have flocked to town hall meetings to jeer and deride Democratic policymakers because health-care reform is going to bankrupt the country and, uh, unravel all that is good about America.

Apparently, Sen. Kit Bond wasn't interested in hearing liberal advocates assail his opposition to a public option. The Missouri Republican, along with  Senators Mitch McConnell and John McCain, came to Kansas City this morning but gave audience only to a group of invited citizens.

But that didn't stop a small band of activists from voicing their opposition outside.

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Star: Royals extend contract of G.M. Moore

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Dayton Moore
  • Dayton Moore

Dayton Moore will be cashing more of those sweet, sweet Wal-Mart checks from David Glass. The Kansas City Star reports that Glass has rewarded Moore, the Royals' general manager, with a four-year extension. The Star tries to polish a turd:

Moore became the club's general manager on May 30, 2006. The club's record improved in his first two full seasons before this year's slide.

The Royals lost 93 games in his first full season with the club, 87 the next year and 80 so far this year. Overall, Moore's record stands at 242 wins and 317 loses. And FYI: The Royals are only 19 1/2 games out of first place in their division.

Bang up job, Dayton.

Update (3:05 p.m. Monday, August 31): It's official. Read the press release after the jump.

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Pairing wine with potato chips

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Potato chips and beer are like reality television. You're happy while you're enjoying them, but feel a slight bit of shame when you're done. Well, it's time to class up your couch -- or just take a break from the every day by pairing inexpensive wines with potato chips. 

The Dallas Morning News went through 19 wines under $15 and sampled them with a variety of flavored chips. The clear favorites were fruity reds and sparkling wines -- both of which would seem to pair well with the grease and pepper in chips. The Borsao Red from Spain can apparently be matched to Kettle's Buffalo Bleu chips and that suggests you can drink it with anything. At $6.99 to $8.99 a bottle, it's worth trying the next time you grill. 

The guiding principle for putting together a bowl of chips and a glass of wine appears to be strong flavor in one and a complimentary flavor in the other. For example, you'd want to avoid everything chips (the kitchen-sink variety available in Canada that includes sour cream and onion, dill pickle, salt and vinegar, and ketchup flavoring) and a peppery Merlot. Instead, substitute texture for spice -- like this sampling of krinkle cut potato chips and sparkling wine/champagne.  

If you're not ready to put down the beer or are simply uninterested in anything harder than cream soda, you can always opt for a potato chip taste test. Back in 2007, I reviewed a series of potato chip flavors for Serious Eats. Potato chip flavoring is becoming as sophisticated and complex as wine. Even better, you don't have to spit between tastings.  

[Image via Flickr: nutmeg]

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Incoming: Off With Their Heads at the Replay, September 10

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Being as how I missed Off With Their Heads when they came through all the way back in December at Club Mustache, I am bouncing up and down in my chair as I realize that I not only finally get to see Minneapolis' finest (yeah, yeah... after Dillinger Four), I get to see them a ten-minute bike ride from my house.


From the Bottom made half of the punk rock "Best of" lists last year, and for good reason. The guitars are crunchy, the vocals are gruff, there's some melody to carry things along...but really, it's like D4 if Paddy sang every song. The lyrics are fucking bleak -- it's like being stuck in a Northern winter for twelve tracks. I enjoyed the shit out of it, and pretty much every split they've put out (Lemuria, the Dukes of Hillsborough, et al) has been stellar, as well.

Off With Their Heads brings their take on Twin Cities punk rock to the Replay on September 10, with Lawrence prairie punks KTP opening. I know I tend to go a tad overboard when it comes to getting excited about upcoming shows, but this has got me spazzed like crazy.

MP3: Off With Their Heads, "For the Four"

MP3: Off With Their Heads, "Janie"

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Poco's is coming a buffet!

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​Last March, Fat City reported -- somewhat mournfully -- about the last breakfast served at Poco's on the Boulevard, the beloved cafe at 3063 Southwest Boulevard. The dream restaurant of Lorenza "Poco" Gutierrez (who had been the celebrity chef at the Broadway Grille and, later Poco's Latin American Grill), who served breakfast, lunch and dinner -- terrific dinners! -- at her namesake restaurant, a former Waid's diner.

Well, as soon as the city's health inspectors sign off on everything, Gutierrez is re-opening the restaurant, but as a buffet featuring both Mexican and American specialties.

"This won't be a typical buffet," said Gutierrez, "it will be very, very different."

Poco plans to change the items on the buffet frequently, but intends to serve many of her signature dishes, including salmon, carne asada, and bisteca a la Mexicano. She hopes to be open later this week.


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Room 39 celebrates new Green Dirt Farm cheese

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There are a few seats yet unbooked for Tuesday's special dinner at Room 39, 1819 W. 39th Street, for chef-owners Ted Habiger and Andrew Sloan's celebration of Queen of the Prairie -- the newest sheep's milk cheese from Green Dirt Farm.

"It's a Basque-style cheese," said Habiger. "I tasted it last week and it blew me away."

Tomorrow's dinner, which starts at 6:30 p.m., begins with lamb's liver pate -- made with Green Dirt Farm lamb, of course -- followed by ravioli stuffed with lamb and fresh sheep's milk ricotta, and stuffed roast leg of lamb. As a finale: Queen of the Prairie cheese with crackers and fresh fruit. The dinner is priced at $55; the dinner with wine pairings is an extra $20. Call 816-753-3939 for more information or reservations.

(Image courtesy Green Dirt Farm)


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Every restaurant's worst nightmare

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There are several restaurants in the family-owned Mi Ranchito mini-chain of full-service Mexican dining spots, but the Lenexa location received some major negative publicity this morning when local TV, radio and print news led with Sunday's incident at the Mi Ranchito restaurant on 95th Street: 22 patrons were taken to the hospital.

The Star just reported, a few minutes ago, that the illnesses were caused by carbonic acid poisoning from faulty water lines connected to the carbonated drink lines. 


(Image via Flickr: CJ Sorg)

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