Monday, November 30, 2009

Prepare for a peppermint invasion

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The cool rush of peppermint always accompanies the onset of winter, so be ready for the invasion of peppermint-flavored drinks and eats at fast food spots around the city.

Dunkin' Donuts, which just opened in Overland Park, has a chocolate mint donut and peppermint mocha latte. The chocolate mint donut is a chocolate-glazed, chocolate donut with crushed peppermint on top, spread out like sprinkles. 

Starbucks has peppermint mocha and peppermint white chocolate mocha drinks. You can also buy peppermint syrup directly from the coffee shop's online store.

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Cyber Monday is a scam

Posted By on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 10:56 AM

I'd never heard of "Cyber Monday" and the supposed boost in Internet sales that accompany the return to the office the Monday after Thanksgiving until NPR reported on it three or four years ago. Despite the fact that it seems to be something cooked up to bolster sales frenzies, people are always attracted to bargains.

And, frankly, who wants to get up at 3 a.m. and deal with shenanigans like these?

The problem with things like "Cyber Monday" is that it's difficult to support a local business. Happily, we've managed to find a local enterprise offering up a deal today. Head on over to Blue Collar Distro, and when you enter the code "GARFIELD" at checkout, you'll save 15%.

If you want to go extra local, you can get merch and music from bands like Coalesce, the Get Up Kids, Ghosty, KTP, and even radio stations like KJHK.

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Opening in December: Burritos, burgers and barbecue

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More burritos, burgers and barbecue are coming to the Kansas City area this month. 

Hot off the presses

Just like Santa, a new Chipotle is coming to town. The fast casual Mexican grill is opening a store at 1115 Coronado Drive in Blue Springs on Friday, December 4. People can get a sneak peek on Thursday when it opens for a fundraiser to benefit the Blue Spring High School's Booster Club. All of the proceeds between 5 and 9 p.m. will be donated.

Chipotle is also running specials during the official grand opening. The first 100 customers on Friday get a free T-shirt and a coupon for a free burrito (to be used any time after Friday) and customers after 3 p.m. can enter a drawing to win free burritos for a year. 

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Grinch steals Christmas cross

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Not even a cross is safe from thieves.

KSHB Channel 41 reports that someone stole the 5-foot-tall cross from Bob Mercer's yard in Liberty (pictured in the screen shot on the right). Mercer's sons helped him make the cross, and they've displayed it for more than 20 years. Until now.

Mercer told KSHB:

"I just hope the people who took it noted its weight, its coarseness and think about the price our savior paid."

I'm going to say check, check and, uh, no. But maybe a Christmas miracle will bring the lost cross home.

H/T to Crime Scene KC.

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A cereal decision tree

Posted By on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:45 AM


The cereal aisle seems to grow every year, making the choice for your bowl more difficult. Eating the Road has set up a flowchart to help you determine which cereal you should be eating.

It's a way to narrow down the options between gravel-like substances (Grape Nuts), pretentiousness (Kashi), and whether you care about the roof of your mouth (Cap'n Crunch).

Apparently, cereal has replaced the eyes as a window into one's soul, since breakfast-food choice is indicative of personality. What's in your bowl might help determine who's the right match for you. Even the marshmallows in Lucky Charms say something about your personality type. 

If you need some actual guidance, The Impulsive Buy reviews new cereals in the manner typically reserved for snarky celebrity coverage. It's nice to know that even Cookie Crisp can generate the type of enthusiasm typically reserved for Twilight.
[Image via Flickr: kinoko parfox]

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One well-hung man and his holiday lights

Posted By on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:30 AM

Kansas City weather was gorgeous over the long Thanksgiving weekend -- perfect for procrastinators who still hadn't gotten around to hanging their holiday lights. Unfortunately, it looked as if tragedy was about to strike at a house on the corner of State Line and West 61st Street:


Jeez, had this guy's ladder really fallen out from under him? Was he really hanging for dear life from the gutter?

Nah. Turns out whoever lives here was just enjoying some excellent holiday humor. We couldn't quite make out the exact wording of the sign on the ladder, but we think it says "Gotcha! He's fine. Merry X-mas."

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Concert Review: Bandit Teeth, Muscle Worship at the Jackpot

Posted By on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:22 AM

There's often a dearth of the "show must go on" attitude among opening bands when the headliner cancels. In last night's case, Brooklyn's Talk Normal and its tour mates, Wet Hair, got stranded in Denver due to a van breakdown and the stage at the Jackpot was given over to local bands.

Considering that it was a Sunday night and Talk Normal isn't huge or even very well-known by anybody in this town (myself included), the crowd probably would have been just as small had they showed. But the night was far from a total loss for the audience. I've noticed that when local bands top the bill, they seem more confident -- the pressure gets turned off and everyone seems to have a great time. And naturally, that's what happened last night.


Though I know basically nothing about Muscle Worship, this relatively new band fucking rules. Someone told me that one of the guys played in Wichita's Paper Airplanes, but other than that, I know nothing about these people, other than that they are really, really good. Think D.C. post-hardcore, notably the Dismemberment Plan and Q and Not U, and you've got a pretty good base for where these guys are coming from.

Singer/guitarist Sean Bergman is an insanely talented guitarist to the point of it becoming frustrating. No one in this town plays with such intricate detail and certainly no one uses as much whammy bar. The music is complex without being too full of itself, which is a hard thing to find these days and super exciting to see happening in Lawrence.

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Big, Juicy Photos: The Cranberries

Posted By on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:20 AM

Dolores O'Riordan and her fellow Cranberries came to the Midland last night. Our photographer Scott Spychalski was there for the down-front action.



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Breakfast Buffet: Monday, November 30

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This guide to making alcoholic cider details what you need and just how long it will take. [The Wort Hog Beer Blog]

The Westside Local has new Sunday hours beginning yesterday: 4 to 11 p.m. [Twitter]

The Feed It Forward promotion is back from, where you can send friends a free $10 restaurant gift certificate. [Blog Well Done]

A ranking of the top 10 cookbooks released in 2009 -- most of which are by chefs whose names will be new to you. [NPR]

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Rightbloggers find the real White House gatecrasher story: Obama's radical ties

Posted on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 8:30 AM


Last week's state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was

from the beginning fraught with controversy -- or what passes for

controversy among rightbloggers. First, the dinner menu was leaked. Right Pundits

was miffed that "such cultural oddities as potato and eggplant salad,

arugula, roasted potato dumplings, and red lentil soup" were to be

served. "No American beef was presented to our international guests."

(The Prime Minister is a vegetarian.)

"Let Them Eat Arugula," cried Moonbattery. "Fresh arugula in November? Really?" asked Red State Eclectic.

"Uh - how long does fancy lettuce keep? And they grew enough to create

300-400 salads? Exactly how big is that White House garden? Are they

creating jobs by paying people $50 an hour to pick lettuce there?" etc.

RSE also thought it was weird that there would be a tent.

Others were enraged that the Obamas were having a state dinner

at all, given the state of the economy. "Don't expect to find any

criticism in the liberal media of the Obamas throwing this lavish

affair with so many people around the country out of work," said Freedom Eden. "Taxpayers Fund Lavish State Dinner For Leftists," said Freedom's Wings. (Also: "Arugula was on the menu. This was an elitist crowd after all.") Michelle Malkin helpfully provided a list of "the cronies, czars & corruptocrats at Obama's first state dinner."

American Power told readers, "First State Dinner to Exclude Congressional Republicans." "Obama Stiffs Republicans," said David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog. Actually House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were invited and declined,

and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal attended, but that cut no ice with

rightbloggers. "And don't bore me with, 'Well, some Republicans were

invited!'" said Life With Monkeys.

" It is true however, it seems disingenuous since Obama has REFUSED to

meet with anyone from the GOP since APRIL, regarding health care," etc.

All this faded from view when it was revealed that a pair of gate-crashers,

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, attended the event without authorization,

which turned out to prove that Obama was in league with the

Palestinians in a plot to wipe out Israel.

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